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7 Spiritual Laws of Wish Fulfillment Written by Deepak Chopra


The famous writer is sure that only kind, generous, open and strong-willed people can achieve abundance!

Deepak Chopra, a 74-year-old American physician of Indian origin, has written many books on alternative healing and created his own spiritual meditation course.

Deepak came up with his simple formula for success. It goes something like this: “Everything you put your attention on acquires tremendous power in your life. And vice versa, if you stop paying attention to some things, they disappear and are destroyed." In other words, if you attach too much importance to something or someone, you become addicted to it. And if you, waving your hand, pass by, this “something” does not concern you.

In his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. How to make dreams come true” Deepak Chopra writes that success and happiness are actually synonymous. When we are able to set goals for ourselves and easily achieve them, and then we experience pleasure from this, this is real happiness.

Chopra has repeatedly said that many people associate happiness with wealth. they say, if I had a lot of money, then I would have healed …

And this is partly true. However, Deepak categorically disagrees with the generally accepted opinion that only an unprincipled, deceitful, dishonest and cruel person can become rich. But many of us have this attitude towards rich people.

Chopra is sure that the Well-Being is a state of goodness, peace, and it comes to those who know how to get joy from life and not strain over trifles.

Chopra in his book offered a special, spiritual path to success and abundance.

Law One: “Seek the strength within yourself”

No amount of status, power or position will give us the power we need to achieve what we want, Chopra says. Power will disappear and we will be left with nothing. But if you learn to find strength within yourself, then your success will not depend on external circumstances.

In order to develop this inner strength in oneself, Chopra advises practicing meditation (focusing attention on oneself and eliminating the internal dialogue in the head), silence (spending days without any communication with people and watching TV, the Internet) and non-judgment, lack of evaluation (getting rid of criticism of other people and assessing any situation from the position of “good or bad”).

Law two “If you want to receive, give!”

The universe is in harmony, writes Deepak Chopra, so if you want to get something from the world, you need to start giving in order to make room for it in your life.

The universe functions due to the dynamics of exchange. There is nothing immovable. Your body is in perpetual motion and is in constant exchange with the body of the universe, says Chopra. – The more you give, the more you will receive, because you will keep the abundance of the universe circulating in your life.

If you dream of wealth and success, start with joy and selflessness to help other people, animals, the world around you. Do not expect anything in return, just do good, give others kind words, send them good thoughts, make them smile and increase your level of happiness.

7 Spiritual Laws of Wish Fulfillment Written by Deepak Chopra

Law Three: "Sow the Seeds of Happiness"

Everyone remembers the saying “What you sow, you will reap!”, and so here it is – that we get in life exactly what we choose ourselves. For example, if a woman in line starts arguing with you, you make a choice: either enter into a skirmish with her and get an even greater flow of negativity, or try to calm her down and extinguish the conflict. We make a choice – to be jealous of a husband or to give him freedom and go about his life, whether to worry about prices or try to find an additional source of income … In any situation, Deepak Chopra advises to “sow the seeds of joy and positivity” in order to reap these fruits later.

Law Four: Use the Principle of Least Effort

Accept situations as they are without trying to change them, teaches Deepak Chopra.

Do not blame anyone for your problems – neither the state, nor your spouse, nor your children or parents. Take responsibility for your life. Treat any unpleasant person or situation as your teacher. Learn to accept the given and solve problems as much as possible.

Give up the desire to persuade other people to your point of view. In a word, try to be flexible in everything and not resist the world, then life will become much easier.

Law Five: Use the Power of Attention and Intention

You can materialize desired events and things in life by focusing on one desire and setting your clear intention, Chopra says. You need to know exactly what you want, focus on the goal and calmly set the intention to have it, then you will get it.

  • The only precaution is that you must use your intention for the benefit of mankind, the writer adds. And he warns: if you have something in mind, do not share it with others for the time being.

Law Six: Don’t Be Attached to the Result

If you make a wish and intend to make it come true, don’t get attached to the outcome. Think about what you want and continue to live as if nothing had happened. Do not force the fulfillment of desire. Then the desire will be fulfilled at the right time and in the form that will be most favorable to you.

Law Seven: Find Your Purpose

Destiny is the plan of the world that was invested in you at birth, your mission on this earth. Roughly speaking, your main talent.

If all your desires are connected with the fulfillment of your destiny, then they will be fulfilled faster.

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