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“There is no success without mistakes”: Or what are the benefits of failure, and why mistakes will help realize goals


Hi friends. Let’s talk about mistakes, their value and impact on our lives. How often are you wrong? Answer: Rarely! – it does not paint you, because mistakes are the key to progress. It is necessary to err!

What is meant by the term "mistake"? With loss, negativity, something terrible. But here’s the advice from Hollywood’s highest paid star: "Fail early! Fail more often! Get ahead of yourself!" I heard it from Will Smith.

It would seem: what can be good in mistakes? Is this nervousness, a step back from the goal, an indicator of incorrect actions? What even earlier, more often, in advance?!

The beauty of mistakes.

“I have not been defeated. I just found 10,000 ways that don’t work."

Thomas Edison. American inventor and entrepreneur

Each wrong step brings you closer to achieving the goal, eliminating those options that do not work, and bringing you closer to the right solution. And giving you the experience that will help transform your future life in the right direction.

Even if the probability of success is 1% – you have to try!

When you come to the gym, you yourself, obviously, tend to fail, to make a mistake. Your goal: to bring the muscles to failure, to the limit, when it is no longer possible to act, when all the forces end. Isn’t this a failure?! Not a mistake?!

To build muscle, you need to get to the point where you are no longer able to continue the exercises. In maximum stress for the muscles. So they are destroyed, after they adapt, and become stronger, getting used to the circumstances.

Exactly how a person with every mistake becomes stronger, wiser and better than before.

Allow yourself to be wrong.

“The worst mistake you can make in life is to be afraid to make a mistake all the time.”

Elbert Hubbard

Success is 99 errors and 1 successful attempt. Give yourself permission to make mistakes all the time. I would even say: "Strive to be wrong." Almost any success involves many mistakes on the way to it.

If you are constantly afraid of wrong decisions, then you will not play in your favor. The time to achieve success will increase due to confusion before action, caused by the fear of making a mistake. It is necessary to love mistakes, and allow them to yourself.

"There is no success without mistakes": Or what are the benefits of failure, and why mistakes will help realize goals

“Your mistakes, your strength. On crooked roots, trees stand stronger.” author unknown

“Your mistakes, your strength. On crooked roots, trees stand stronger.” author unknown

Failures help identify the areas we need to work on in order to improve. They are our teachers, friends and advisers. Every failed strategy leads to success. Because there is no success without failure.

Like light without darkness, life without death, men without women, joy without sadness. Everything has 2 sides that complement each other.

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