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How to make money on the site


Let’s look at profitable options for how to make money on the site. Because it’s a hot topic right now.

For many, a small income on an information site or personal blog has long grown into a business. And for some, even with a turnover of millions 🪙. But some prefer to develop a small resource and their brand. And others launch 10-20 thematic portals, receiving a monthly income of 200-300 thousand 🪙.

Therefore, we consider the main methods in this article.

Contextual advertising is a profitable method for honest web resources

Webmasters can work with the Yandex advertising network (YAN) and Google Adsense. Because they are ideal for both beginners and professionals. Those who wish must add a platform, wait for its verification, put the code of the selected network on the pages. And after that, visitors will see ads with thematic ads.

Let’s say you have a microcredit website. By switching to it, users will see offers from microfinance organizations. And as soon as they click on the ad, you will receive a cash reward.

There are several key benefits of monetizing a web resource with contextual advertising. Namely:

  • To start showing ads, you just need to add a little code.
  • Decent income.
  • Loyal attitude of search engines.
  • Conditionally passive method. You just place an ad and wait for clicks. But to increase profits, you need to conduct tests, experiment with the location of the blocks.

The only problem is the passage of moderation. Therefore, before monetizing a site with contextual advertising, you need to prepare it. Namely, to publish a sufficient number of articles, to arrange them beautifully. And collect a permanent target audience. You can get from 0.1 to 5 dollars per click. Therefore, earnings directly depend on attendance, the theme of the site and the country of the visitor.

Affiliate programs – make money by selling users

The point is to recommend goods/services to a specific organization. You can place links or banner ads on company pages. And each offer will have its own purpose. For example, sale, registration, application, call, etc.

For example, the My Business online accounting affiliate program is popular among webmasters. If a user follows an affiliate link from your site and registers, you will receive from 360 🪙. The resource indicates that the average earnings of partners reaches 25,000 🪙 per month.

Full product reviews work effectively. Therefore, you can create a separate page with offers from different affiliate networks. But in this case, it is advisable to work with CPA networks. For example:

  • Admitad. The largest intermediary system with more than 1,700 advertisers. For a convenient choice, there is the possibility of selection by region and type of action. Or by category, type of traffic, and so on.
  • EPN. Affiliate program from AliExpress – a global virtual marketplace. You can create an online store, upload products from AliExpress. And to attract the target audience, of course. By clicking on the "Buy" button, the user will automatically go to the product page on the trading platform. If he makes a purchase, you will receive a certain percentage.
  • Leads. CPA network with financial affiliate programs. Suitable for owners of sites (blogs) about loans, microloans, payment cards, mortgages.

The main task is to correctly offer a product or service. Because people successfully earn decent money. Even on a site with attendance of 500-800 people per day. Of course, the more users, the higher the profit.

Selling links is a permanently “dead" way to make money

For several years, there have been reports on thematic web resources that no one needs backlinks. Indeed, search engines have begun to give them less importance. But they still have a significant impact on the ranking in the issue.

If you want to save your site without being filtered by search engines, work with backlinks. Therefore, write a separate article for them, refuse temporary recommendations. And refer to thematic resources.

Previously, only a couple of indicators played a key role. People wanted to gain weight by increasing their link mass. And promoting pages to the TOP. But the situation has changed. Before you make money on the information site, you need to bring the project to certain indicators. Namely:

  • attendance from 300-500 visitors per day;
  • the presence of a sufficient number of pages in Yandex and Google search;
  • high SIC (Site Quality Index);
  • themed content.

One of the most popular link exchanges is GoGetLinks. Average link prices are 300-500 🪙. But a large number of pages on the resource will allow you to add many recommendations. Therefore, earnings directly depend on these indicators of the site.

Selling your own product – it makes no sense to give money to an intermediary

If you cooperate with contextual advertising networks or CPA networks, then you have to give a considerable percentage to the intermediary. But by selling goods/services directly to visitors, you save money. And immediately receive all earned funds.

Selling your own product is the perfect way to make money from your personal blog. Because you are developing the product yourself. And people trust you. Therefore, there will be a lot of buyers.

Problems arise at the stage of creation and sale. You need to think about the organization of payments on your site. And don’t forget shipping and taxes. Therefore, in this regard, it is more profitable to sell courses, manuals, scripts and other information products. In this case, you need very little. Just spend time only creating and packaging the material. And consider paying, of course.

Banners are a great addition to contextual advertising. Ads are effectively used in articles. But banner ads can be placed under the menu, in the side (sidebar) or bottom (footer) resource panel.

It is advisable to create a page with a description of the possible places for installing a banner from an advertiser. And specify the price and timing of the promotional offer. And the scheme of work is simple: agreed, received payment, put up a banner. And at the end of the term – removed.

If you don’t want to waste time looking for advertisers, add the site to two popular networks. For example:

  • AdvMaker is a large network with a focus on mobile advertising;
  • RotaBan – takes care of searching for an advertiser, discussing the installation conditions, receiving payment and a lot of other routine actions.

The main thing is to know the measure. After all, the presence of 1-2 banners will be a profitable addition to contextual advertising. But if the ad is thematic and safe, search engines and the visitor will be loyal to this method of monetization.


There are dozens of proven methods on how to quickly make money on the site. But you never need to hang a resource with advertising. Design content, collect a sufficient number of targeted visitors. And place 3-4 promotional offers per page. Moderate monetization will allow you to maintain a loyal attitude of users and search engines.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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