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How to make money on the Internet as a student?


Classmates walk on the street with girls, buy new smartphones, and you don’t even have pocket money? This situation is far from new! Not everyone has wealthy parents and not everyone is given a lot of money for small purchases. But today we will deal with this problem. After all, the student is quite capable of earning money on his own, although not very large. You don’t even have to get up to do this. Literally! In this article, we will list eight main ways for every student to make money on a computer, starting from the simplest!

Ways to make money on the Internet for a student?

Easy ways to make money online for students

Enter captcha

How to make money on the Internet as a student?I bet that each of you at least once faced such a phenomenon as entering captcha. Quite often, when entering a site, you need to perform certain actions in order to prove that you are not a robot. It is this picture with a graphic image or a window with symbols that is the same captcha. But you can display captcha not only for free. There are special sites where you can earn by entering captcha. It’s not for me to tell you how to do it! It is only necessary to find such sites with the help of a search and register on them. It is unlikely that you will be able to surprise the income of your parents. But you will definitely have enough money for pocket expenses.

Participation in surveys

Students love to chat. The World Wide Web acts as one of the platforms for such communication. Why not get paid for your own opinion by answering the simplest questions? This is far from a joke! Each student or just a person in need may well earn money on the Internet for pocket expenses with the help of such a simple way. The advantage of this type of earnings is that you can register in several projects at once. Of course, invitations to participate in surveys do not come as often as we would like. But still, participating in surveys will allow you to create another additional source of income. And that’s exactly what a student wants to do!

Participation in free lotteries

If you want to participate in the lottery, it is not necessary to buy a lottery ticket. After all, such a ticket can be obtained absolutely free of charge! You just need to know a few sites that allow you to participate in free lotteries. Lottery tickets can be filled every day. Of course, with the help of such a hobby, it is hardly possible to get rich from scratch. But the student will be able to win some money. And who knows? Maybe it is the young schoolboy who will be lucky in such a lottery!

Medium ways to make money online

Mobile applications

Nowadays, almost every student has his own personal smartphone. So any young person can install one of the special applications on their device. Such applications allow you to earn money without even getting up from the couch. By comparison, you should choose the best application for making money. And already in the application itself there are many tasks, completing which the student will receive a reward.


The pay may not seem very high, but if you complete a few dozen of these small tasks, you will end up with a pretty impressive amount.

So earning money with the help of mobile applications can be called quite a promising option for a student.

Administration of groups in social networks

A student may well try himself as a group administrator. To do this, you need to be familiar with the subject of the association at a sufficient level, as well as have the basic skills of the current language. Often, the administrator is not required to perform some unnecessarily costly work. It is enough to publish news and monitor compliance with the rules of the group. If the group is engaged in sales, then the duties of the administrator may also include receiving orders. But a high school student can easily cope with this work.

Review sites

Surely you have a favorite smartphone, computer, bicycle. You can leave a review about all this on a specialized site. At the same time, the site administration will generously reward you for adding new material. After all, the owners of the site make money on advertising. And the page with your review will become an additional platform for several advertising banners. Reviews can be written about absolutely everything, the main thing is to monitor the literacy of the texts. Most sites pay not only for the fact of writing the material, but also for each of its views. So in the future, you may well create an impromptu source of passive income.

Difficult ways to make money online

Working with graphic editors


How to make money on the Internet as a student?

For this earnings you need a graphic editor. A school student most likely cannot afford to buy Photoshop, so you can use one of its free analogues:

  • Gimp
  • Krita
  • Artweaver

Quite often, high school students can boast of good skills in working with graphic editors. But such services are in high demand! Every day, hundreds of new sites and thematic groups are created on the Internet, all this requires registration. Even the design of the simplest business cards is usually ordered from specially trained people. But in the world wide web, an impressive age does not matter. And the diploma is not so important. All you have to do is show the customer a sample of the work done. And then the student can easily get an order for a tidy sum of money.

YouTube and other video hosting


This method is suitable for high school students and graduates of the school. This type of earnings is complicated by the fact that you need to have a minimum set of tools to work on video hosting:

  • good camera;
  • screen capture software;
  • video editing software;
  • be able to find interesting topics and write scripts for your videos.

With the help of video hosting, you can also earn pocket money. Here you can add videos of any subject, the main thing is that they attract an audience. Commercials and banners are added to your videos. For posting such ads, you will receive a small reward. Taking into account the fact that the nature of income in the long run is passive, it is difficult to dream of something more, especially if we are talking about a simple schoolchild.


It is unlikely that without special training a student will be able to earn millions of dollars on the Internet. But the schoolboy will be able to get a little money for his daily needs. Quite often, such earnings occur practically in the form of a game. So the lack of a diploma or the status of a minor does not mean anything. It would be a desire to earn!

Post source: dovir-finance.ru

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