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White schemes for making money on the Internet + gray + black


The previous generation find it hard to believe that white money schemes exist on the Internet. Making money online on a permanent basis and having even more income than on a standard offline job is possible in today’s reality.

It is better to start from the already existing knowledge in any field, your profession, experience, talent. Some methods are simple – they do not require any skills, imagination, literacy or knowledge. It just takes time and perseverance. Legal work on the network is real, but we must not forget about fraud. This article will analyze the features of white, gray and black schemes in the network. White hat schemes for making money on the Internet are legitimate options for making money.

White schemes for making money on the Internet + gray + black

Scheme Benefits

At present, earning schemes on the Internet are available to both professionals and housewives, students or pensioners. A diploma is not required – in many areas, knowledge and experience are in the foreground. Pros of making money at home on the computer:

  1. There is no boss – time planning, task setting is carried out and implemented directly by you.
  2. There is no salary ceiling – the amount of money per month depends only on efforts, endurance and desire.
  3. The work schedule is also developed directly by you – it is possible to alternate working hours with rest, combine earnings with traveling or caring for a small child.

People agree to pay money for useful services, goods, information. Payment is made by bank transfer to an electronic wallet or bank card, which is then cashed out.

White money schemes – Freelance

White schemes for making money on the Internet + gray + black

Many have skills in their luggage – drawing, programming, knowledge of foreign languages, writing, writing stories or poems, drawing logos, processing photos in a graphics editor, etc. A hobby, if desired, turns into income – everyone 🪙 is earned with pleasure. Freelancing is an easy option to get from a couple of thousand a day by completing orders for clients. This scheme for making money on the Internet is available to people of the following orientation:

  • copywriter, rewriter;
  • journalist or editor of texts;
  • designer – work in a graphic editor, creating presentations, videos;
  • interpreter;
  • programmer – writing websites, applications, one-pagers;
  • photographer.

Freelancing is free, that is, without initial investment. It is better to start working on freelance exchanges, of which there are a lot now. The exchange cares about the safety of the user – it is more difficult to deceive a client or contractor on it. With the accumulation of experience, it is recommended to switch to a freelance forum and contact the customer “one on one" without an intermediary exchange.

Estimated earnings of an “average” freelancer are 15-50 thousand 🪙/month. Employment – from 3 to 7 days a week.


White schemes for making money on the Internet + gray + black

The mediation manual is simple – you find a client who needs a service, but you cannot perform this service yourself. Having agreed on the budget, you find a contractor working in the right area. You set the price for the contractor by 20-30 percent less than agreed with the customer.

This is a white money scheme, which becomes more effective in the “online-offline” bundle – the client is searched offline, and the performer is online, on the freelance exchange or on the forum.

White Money Schemes – Resale

White schemes for making money on the Internet + gray + black

Today, there are many ad sites selling things, interior items, etc. The essence of this money making scheme is to buy a product for one price and sell it for 30-40% more.

Any product on the market has its own average price. The task of resale is to purchase it below the average price limit, and sell it slightly above the average price tag. One of the important aspects is a beautiful “wrapper”, attractive photos, a detailed description. Resale generates good income with the following product categories:

  • computers and components;
  • digital technology;
  • goods for children;
  • brand clothing.

Orientation goes to the group of goods that is in demand among the audience of buyers. It is desirable that the topic of the purchased products is clear to you, otherwise it is difficult to find out whether the deal is profitable for you or not.

Purchasing goods in a set is a good way to earn money. For example, buy a camera complete with a lens, and resell them separately.

Another profitable scheme is the purchase of a broken product, its repair and subsequent sale with a high price tag. Convenient sites for resale are not only classifieds sites, but also groups on social networks, forums.

Partnership programs

White schemes for making money on the Internet + gray + black

Affiliate marketing is a scheme for making money on the Internet, based on the promotion of someone else’s product or service. The money comes from commissions for every purchase made. An important point is the referral link. Its address contains an identifier indicating the partner who recommended the product.

Your task is to share your affiliate link with as many people as possible. Goods are distributed in social networks, on forums. The level of income is formed based on the product group and the brand of the seller. Products from online stores deduct from 3 to 5 percent, on Amazon.com the commission is 10 percent. Other large sites also have an affiliate program – for example, Aliexpress.

In the CIS countries, the affiliate scheme is called CPA (clickperaction), which translates as payment for actions. You get money not only for a purchase, but also for registering, downloading an application, and other user actions on the site or in the partner’s application.

If you have your own blog, website, channel or public, you get additional income from advertising your partner. The amount is credited after people click on the advertised links or after a purchase. One such platform is ShareASale. The described passive type of earnings allows you to receive from 10,000 🪙 per month to $ 10,000 (for professionals).

In order for the salary to be higher, it is necessary to connect to those partners whose services or products are new on the market and meet the needs of the consumer.


White schemes for making money on the Internet + gray + black

It takes a lot of imagination, inspiration, and time to create, fill out, advertise and promote your own blog. This method will pay off only after a certain period of time. A blog only transforms into a business over time. It is worth taking a closer look at your hobbies – cooking, photography, travel, design, etc. The topic of the blog should correspond to what there is passion and interest in.

The money comes from published posts with a subtle promotional nature, as well as from the placement of banners. How to monetize a personal blog:

  • placement of contextual, banner or teaser advertising;
  • partnership programs;
  • paid placement of links or links to other paid articles;
  • sale of their services or goods;
  • maintenance of paid subscriptions.

A blog that gets 5,000-7,000 unique visitors per day brings in 30-100 thousand 🪙 per month. Advertising is the main source of income. With several hundred thousand subscribers, the blogger has a good profit from placing advertising banners and links. Google AdSense is used to receive ads.

Starting a blog starts with installing WordPress – it’s a free "engine". It is also recommended to purchase an attractive and convenient paid theme, the price tag of which does not exceed $50-60. Next is the search for advertisers whose material matches the subject of the blog. The advertiser takes the blog as a platform for information.

White money schemes – Clicks

White schemes for making money on the Internet + gray + black

Clicks do not allow you to earn as much as you can get from a blog, personal website or freelancing. But there are foreign resources that are willing to pay for viewing their ads. The limit is 15 cents per click. Time and effort will be spent searching for several dozen sponsors. But there are programs that help automate the process – for example, a bot for making quick money on the SOCGAIN cheat service and others.

All that is required of you is to follow the links where necessary. Clicks are not a particularly profitable scheme for making money on the Internet, suitable for schoolchildren and students. This also includes profit for clicks and likes, reposts in social networks. Time-tested resources that allow you to receive money for clicks: Vktarget, Wmmail, AdvertApp, Seosprint, Seofast.

The sites have a “other tasks” section that allows you to earn a little more on the following actions:

  • posting;
  • registration with or without activity;
  • vote for something
  • watch video;
  • upload a file;
  • other.

For the performance of one such task, they pay about 10 cents. It is desirable to use several resources at the same time. To earn a tangible amount, you will have to spend 3-4 hours a day. The method does not require special knowledge and skills. It takes a lot of free time and patience. Resources that offer to earn several thousand a day on clicks are scammers.

White money schemes – Paid surveys

White schemes for making money on the Internet + gray + black

Schemes for earning money on the Internet are striking in their diversity. Because you can find here everything that your heart desires. But what is a questionnaire?

The questionnaire is a website owned by a marketing firm that conducts paid sociological surveys.

There is an option to earn a small amount of money by answering questions in online questionnaires. But often the services are paid with money or discount coupons for large online stores. Best survey platforms: Questionnaire, Expert Opinion, Toluna, OnePoll, Surveys, My Opinion, i-Say, Vivatic.

This online earning scheme is one of the easiest ways to start making money online. Because it does not require special skills at all.

You just need to register and understand the platform interface. After registering, the user receives letters with possible options for profiles to his mail. By filling out one survey, they earn from 30 to 150 🪙. But participation is free, without initial fees. It is recommended to create an account on several platforms at the same time.

Online tutor

White schemes for making money on the Internet + gray + black

Tutoring is relevant for people who have specific knowledge in their main profession and are ready to share it with users for a fee. Because you can teach clients anything, without restrictions. But the first thing to do is to register on a proven resource and offer your services.

It is important that the information you provide is in demand and in demand. But the lessons can cover any area – from mathematics to origami folding or yoga.

Knowledge of foreign languages ​​or other academic disciplines is in demand. And now it’s all very affordable. Because outside of tutoring exchanges, you can post your ads on social networks and forums, start a personal public or channel. But the sites to start are as follows: Preply.com, SkillsShare, Udemy.

Selling online books and stories

White schemes for making money on the Internet + gray + black

Online authorship is a fun way to make money that doesn’t require any initial fees, but requires writing skills and imagination.

Suitable for people who have an exciting, informative, catchy story that grabs the audience’s attention. To tell it to people, it needs to be written and then posted on the following platforms – Apple’sAppStore, GooglePlayStore or Amazon’sKindle.

White Earning Schemes – Designer Goods

White schemes for making money on the Internet + gray + black

Users with creative abilities and talent can sell illustrations, postcards, designs, layouts by creating their own online store or through an intermediary exchange. Because now this option is rapidly gaining popularity.

For example, Zazzle.com will help to implement ideas. Sites such as Behance and Dribble will allow you to create and fill out a portfolio. But Instagram or Pinterest becomes a resource for promotion. Although, of course, you do not need to start with them. Because it is recommended to start selling illustrations on stocks and online stores for selling digital goods.

Gray earning schemes

White schemes for making money on the Internet + gray + black

A gray way of earning money is a “shadow” business on a not completely legal basis, based on conditional deception. Its essence is that the user receives money in the form of an advance, but the order is partially fulfilled or with an increased price tag.

Another gray method, which is located on the verge of the law, but is not defined as criminal acts, is the advertising of fraudulent resources and portals. As a result of the purchase of a product or service, the user loses a certain amount. But one of the options is advertising a miracle drug, after the application of which all diseases are eliminated. And this happens everywhere. Because gullible people are also led to online scams, casinos, lotteries. Here are some other types of fraud:

  • a financial pyramid that promises quick wealth and an increase in invested money (they evaporate after being credited by the user to the resource);
  • sale of goods at an inadequately low price with a mandatory prepayment – the seller and / or the site disappears after the prepayment is invested;
  • microcredit as a payment for a service with the receipt of passport data or credit card data;
  • HYIPs (HighYieldInvestmentProgramm) – depositing funds at a high percentage;
  • game portals that block the account after depositing money;
  • sale of prohibited goods;
  • online casino – for the first time, the player is provided with a small amount of winnings, and then all the winnings go to the casino;
  • financial investment.

When a user transfers an amount to a fraudster’s website or application, the owner of the resource disappears immediately after receiving the money. But for deception, certain algorithms and nuances of the psychology of society are used. It is difficult, in fact, impossible to prove the guilt of a fraudster. Because the user voluntarily transfers funds.

black schemes

Black schemes for making money on the Internet are outright illegal fraud. Because here the user deposits large amounts or loses personal data, passwords from credit cards.

One method is to lure the “client” to a phishing site designed to convey personal information. Deceptive software is also common – downloading a program that does not look different from a proven counterpart, but is aimed at investing money to access the full version.

But authority-based scams are sites that appropriate the design of a popular brand and offer to buy goods or services. Or an online store is created that is an imitation. Because the buyer loses all the money transferred for the purchase of goods.

The most popular options for black schemes:

  • file hosting – the user downloads a file with a virus that steals passwords from online wallets;
  • loans;
  • insurance premiums;
  • imitation of an online store;
  • paid scam courses;
  • charity – the organizers promise to financially support the user after he joins the community for a fee.

Fraud is also common on freelance exchanges. But the algorithm looks like this: the customer provides the terms of reference, the performer fulfills it. While the text is “hanging” for verification by the customer, it is already being used by him, and the customer’s page is deleted.

Another option is to create a channel on Youtube that offers to earn a large amount without much effort in a short period of time. You just need to register on the site and pay for false courses that teach how to make money.

The black way to make money is also the sale of illegal substances, weapons, videos on the Darknet on the black market. But access is possible only through special browsers Tor or I2P. Because crypto markets sell or resell drugs, weapons, counterfeit money, fake documents, illegal medicines, etc.

The difference between a fraudulent scheme and an honest method of earning

White schemes for making money on the Internet + gray + black

The Internet is not only access to countless useful information and profitable business, but also a danger. The mechanisms of deception turn out to be quite primitive, if you are careful. Most often, those who are looking for ways to make money without leaving their computer screen fall for fraud. In order not to join the group of people who can be deceived, it is recommended to study common indicators of gray and black methods of earning:

  1. Uncomplicated working conditions, no requirements for skills and at the same time high salary. Not a single employer is pleased with the opportunity to pay a beginner a large amount for simple actions.
  2. Initial contributions that are made before the start of earnings are 95% fraud. The exception is the acquisition of a VIP account on freelance exchanges.
  3. Excessively emotional appeals or time limit, attractive promises, the presence of exclamation marks.
  4. Lack of contacts – attackers rarely leave information about their organization, addresses, phone numbers.

Protecting yourself from intruders is extremely simple. Because first of all, it is important to remember about prudence. And the fact that money cannot be obtained without effort.

But when taking part in promotions and sweepstakes, you must ask the organizers for all the information about the conditions of the event and the rules for holding it. Because the veiled or straightforward condition of the first monetary contributions for participation is alarming.


The secret to success is to sit down and start working. Here are the first steps. The second step is filling out a personal portfolio, the presence of regular customers. Because it will eliminate the problem of finding new customers.

The conclusion suggests itself that online earning schemes exist in large numbers, you just have to make a suitable and convenient choice for you. But investments are required where it comes to large income. And for this it is important to determine the scheme that is most convenient and understandable.

Getting involved in gray methods of earning money is a matter of having or not having a conscience. In the long run, this will damage the reputation, and may attract the attention of law enforcement. It is better to use only white methods, after a while they allow you to have good earnings and increase your income. The most important thing is to maintain your professional growth and get moral pleasure from work.

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