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How to make money for a pensioner: tips


Wondering how to make money as a pensioner? After all, retirement is associated with a decrease in income, as well as with an increase in the amount of free time. A common psychological problem for retirees is that after a life of a minute-by-minute schedule, they don’t know what to do in retirement and spend time wasted watching TV, sinking more and more into depression. If you don’t sit back, then retirement can become an exciting period of life when a person does what he likes, and with the right approach, it also brings income.

When choosing an occupation, you should focus on priority indicators, and no longer chase a career, position or the opinion of colleagues. The criteria determining the sphere of earnings should be the convenience of activity, its compatibility with health, as well as pleasure and the opportunity not to work when it is not necessary.

Use of existing experience and professional knowledge

If a person knows how to earn a pension while working in a certain position, then he can continue this same activity after retirement to provide additional income. Continuing the profession may have the following directions:

  • providing advice (suitable for accountants, lawyers, journalists, builders, etc.);
  • performing certain tasks in the professional field (writing reports for a small company, helping students prepare for sessions and defending diplomas in their specialty, etc.);
  • writing books, courses, work algorithms based on their own experience and their further sale.

For those who are tired of their specialization or do not see how to apply it without an official place of work (for example, it is difficult for doctors to organize a private practice not officially), it is recommended to think about changing activities and look for the type of employment that will suit the work schedule or bring joy from activity process.

It is necessary to look for such proposals that will be a continuation of the interests of a person – this is how employment is organized and additional income will appear. For those who do not yet know what to do in retirement, it is recommended to review the already prepared lists of suitable vacancies, read the reviews of pensioners who have taken off their business. Perhaps there will be an example that will inspire, or perhaps prompt your own idea.

Professions for people of retirement age

How to make money for a pensioner: tips

When choosing what to do in retirement, choose what you like and what you can do. Changing activities does not always mean learning a new business from scratch, since a sufficient number of vacancies are posted on the sites, where pensioners are happy to take. Available and common professions for pensioners are given below.


A position that does not require special education, without heavy physical exertion and with a work schedule that takes into account the need for rest. For those who love to read, this is a godsend as you get free access to the books. And at the end of the month also a salary.

cook for the family

Suitable for those who love to cook, but do not have the appropriate education. There are many ads where a cook is required to cook homemade food on weekdays or in the evening. Conditions for different families may differ in the number of dishes and servings, as well as the need to purchase products on their own.


An excellent job for those who, with retirement, begin to suffer from a lack of communication.

The work does not require specific knowledge or physical effort, the whole difference may lie either in the need to call clients according to a certain algorithm, or to answer incoming calls.


Suitable option for motorists. In order to get a job as a taxi driver, your own car, knowledge of the city and a driver’s license are enough.

The schedule is most often given to choose independently, since the salary is tied to a percentage. Getting a job as a personal driver can also be a suitable option – in this case, you have a schedule and a lot of free time.

In both options, people of retirement age are given preference, since the employer does not worry about safety and compliance with traffic rules.


A common option is how to make money for a pensioner, as the negative experience of being raised in kindergartens is increasingly forcing parents to look for options for home education.

Recruitment agencies and bureaus that provide assistance services post vacancies for nannies for women of retirement age. The priority, of course, is former employees of the pedagogical or medical field, but depending on the situation, the ability to cook deliciously can come in handy if the child still needs to be fed lunch, or knowledge in narrow areas when a tutor is needed.

Landscaping master

Cool idea how to make money for a pensioner who knows how to fix and repair. For some, it’s suitable to get a job in some kind of family, then there is a fixed territory, and all that needs to be done is to monitor the serviceability of all the listed areas (faucets, locks, front doors, gardening may be included).

If you are a master in only one direction, then you should give personal announcements about the provision of services. Use for this not only the usual bulletin boards and advertising on physical media, but also register on the relevant sites. There are many platforms that engage in intermediary activities for a minimum percentage only of the completed order.


Calm and predictable work option. The duties include a minimum list, while getting a large amount of free time that you can devote to reading your favorite books or hobbies, which were not reached at work with permanent employment.


This option is suitable for both former teachers and professionals in any field. Teachers can prepare in a core subject for admission or help to cope with the program in those subjects where the student does not have time.

At the same time, classes are held in a comfortable home environment, with one student and the time that suits. Those who were not connected with teaching activities can do it and give lessons on their topics. This includes programmers, drivers and many other professions. The idea is to explain in practice the theoretical course or improve skills.


The repairman of equipment or electricians is always a sought-after job for those who, by the nature of their activities, were engaged in this. The number of service centers is not enough to carry out prompt repair of equipment, in addition, people often face unreasonably high prices.

To do home repairs, you need to register on special sites, advertise or use word of mouth among neighbors and friends.

The opinion that pensioners are reluctant to hire is erroneous – the main thing is to choose the right area. Many enterprises or private employers, on the contrary, will give preference to a person of retirement age, since they are more reliable, scrupulous and have experience not only in the chosen field, but also a reserve of life wisdom.

With official employment, pensioners are required to give a percentage of their income to the state, which is not always profitable. In order to understand how to earn a pensioner and how much it will be, it is necessary to take into account all the features of the current legislation.

Some understand that when they get an official job, they again lose free time, have many responsibilities and duties, but at the same time do not increase their income much. In such situations, you should think about monetizing hobbies and hobbies.

Making money from hobbies

How to make money for a pensioner: tips

When people choose what to do in retirement, then all unrealized creative plans, hobbies and ideas that took a lot of time always come first. Retirement gives you the opportunity to devote a lot of time to your favorite business, and so that it not only requires material investments and storage space, it is better to turn any hobby into a source of income – both pleasant and useful.

A sample list of what to do in retirement and how to earn a little bit below.

Embroidery and knitting

Handmade items always remain popular due to their originality and quality. You can choose any direction – from folk style to the latest modern fashion trends, because there is a fan for each such product.

In order for a hobby to generate income, you need to show people your work. For this, there are various exhibitions of hand-made goods, specialized platforms for the sale of handmade goods. But those who also take pictures and write texts can start a thematic page on social networks. Dedicated, for example, to their own creativity or the creativity of others.

Making toys

This direction is gaining popularity among handicrafts. People collect collections of designer toys, mothers choose them because of their environmental friendliness and safety. And creative individuals order thematic characters.

If you know how to sew, then finding a pattern of various dolls and animals on the net is not difficult. Selling such goods is ten times more expensive than the cost of materials for their creation.

Growing vegetables and fruits

Growing vegetables and fruits, as well as various greens, is an option for how to make money for a pensioner if growing is a pleasure and relaxation.

At a certain stage, products can not only be eaten and distributed to relatives. But also start selling in any format. Someone enters the market and exhibits their products, someone makes an announcement and delivers directly to orders. For some, it is more suitable to make preparations from dried and pickled foods.

Making furniture or accessories from wood

Hobby option for men. There is no need to chase large circulations, but it is better to rely on the original design and your own direction.

Present the first few works to friends who will tell and show your work.

Making handmade soap or candles

It is realistic to learn such production in a few days – there are a large number of master classes available on the Internet.

All the necessary materials are not expensive and are available for order. You can sell finished products on the Internet or give them to a themed store for sale.

With such compositions, it is worth considering thematic moments and creating products with a special decor, such as New Year’s or Easter.

Leather wallets and hairpins

As an option, a hobby is suitable for both men and women, and possibly will become the basis of a new family business.

Try to start with small items, because leather has a long service life, and often not everyone can afford to buy new bags, but accessories can come in handy as gifts for the holidays.

There are a lot of options for what to do in retirement from creativity. Here and drawing, and weaving from beads, and modeling from clay. All this is an opportunity not only to develop creatively, but also to replenish the budget. For those who are closer to nature, animal breeding is a suitable option. Suitable aquarium fish, hamsters, insects, thoroughbred puppies, geese.

When choosing whom to grow, think in advance where you will look for buyers. To then not contain fifteen dogs of a rare breed. The cultivation of rare domestic plants, the creation of florariums and flower arrangements quickly pay off. You don’t have to stick to the list. Because the main thing is to find your favorite thing or remember what it was.

Do not expect that after you posted your work on the Internet for the first time, orders will fall on you. Because word of mouth and the cumulative effect are more likely to work here. But if you do not tell anyone about the results of your hobbies, then they will never be bought. In making money on a hobby, the main thing is to have fun. And only then the organization of the process in such a way that income comes.

Earnings on the Internet

How to make money for a pensioner: tips

Freelancing is the most popular area of ​​work, and it opens up new opportunities for retirees without additional risks. You can work when you have time.

On the chosen topic, gradually increasing your own level. And that means the cost of doing the work. Working on the Internet has a different level of complexity. And therefore, it opens up new opportunities for pensioners who practically do not know how to use a computer.

And for those who are fluent in complex programs, the main thing is to choose your own. Options for how to make money on the Internet for a pensioner, as always, are a little lower.

Participation in surveys

Participation in surveys involves passing various tests and social surveys, for which small amounts are paid.

Earnings are legal, since the research data will be important for a particular company. And the more such questionnaires a person passes, the more money he will receive.

Registration on sites, posting information

In fact, this is a promotion and advertising activity aimed at distributing a product. You are given a task on which sites you need to register and post an ad.

The amounts are small, but additional knowledge is also not required to complete this task.

Writing reviews

What to do in retirement. The experience gained can be easily transformed into passive income. It is thanks to special sites that pay for the number of views of a particular review.

By writing about a fragrant or useless cream, a doctor’s job or a building materials store, you can get money all the time. The amounts for each view are small. But given that you only need to do this once, such reviews can bring tangible additional income.


Writing articles to order is suitable for those who competently write and retell topics. He also likes to work with texts or learn a lot of information on various topics.

It is better to start working through special sites and the exchange. Where there is access to choose not only the complexity of the work, but also its theme. Further after the copywriter, some choose to become an editor who checks the texts.

Photo processing

It takes less time than creating a new photo and is very popular – people want to beautify themselves, remove unnecessary things from the frame and come up with many new ideas.

Owning special photo editors, you can easily secure an income.

Maintaining your own blog or website

These can be master classes in needlework, baking, stories about a healthy lifestyle. Or psychological courses – whatever you understand.

Earnings come from additional advertising. Or from the number of views, depending on where the information is posted.

When choosing what to do in retirement from the options for making money online, give preference to trusted sites. Certainly with a proven reputation and a clear algorithm for withdrawing money. Any offers from individuals may be fraudulent. Where you will not receive the promised payments for the work performed.

To withdraw funds, you may need to open an electronic wallet or set up a transfer of money to a card. There are reviews and instructions for any payment system on the network. For example, how to independently set up all the necessary payments. Even if you see that site for the first time.

Passive income

How to make money for a pensioner: tips

If there is a need for additional money, but it is not clear what to do in retirement and there is no desire to get involved in any activity, then passive income can be organized. There are several of the most options, easy to design and accessible to everyone.

Deposits (bank deposits)

A certain amount is transferred to the bank account, on which interest is paid every month.

Various payment terms and interest rates are offered. Some systems allow you to earn an additional bonus, others keep money adjusted for inflation. Management of all operations is possible through the phone or in your personal account from any computer. A banker’s advice can be obtained by calling the hotline.

So, without leaving your home, you can quickly make a deposit and continue to receive small amounts without doing anything.

Buying and selling currency

You can make a profit on the difference in rates. To do this, you must be able to buy and sell currencies on favorable terms. Or follow the financial trends in the market.

Provision of housing for rent

Suitable for those who own several apartments or are ready to move out of town. And give housing in a busy center to tenants. The option is also suitable for those who need a company – then you can rent a room.

Any passive income requires some kind of initial investment, but is tempting with the prospect of doing nothing further. Although for pensioners, not only the question of where to get money is relevant. But also what to do in retirement. A proven option would be to combine passive income with the development of your hobby. And bringing it to a professional level that generates income. Those who managed to implement this strategy note that their level of satisfaction with life has become higher at retirement age.


Thus, there can be a large number of options for earning money in retirement. Which one to give preference depends on the characteristics, needs. Or the level of a person’s knowledge and willingness to spend their time.

To finally decide on the choice of activity, it is recommended to choose several directions. And learn more about them, and possibly discover a new direction, understanding along the way. Something will turn out right away, for something it will be necessary to learn new things. And some ways of earning will be practically established.

For example, if you have been drawing all your life, then all that remains is to frame the paintings and put them up for sale. But along the way, creating your own account on social networks dedicated to painting.

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