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Where to get money – TOP 5 quick ways


In the life of every person there is a sharp need for financial resources. Paying rent, buying food, or treating a sudden illness. Many processes require urgent costs. And in such situations, people ask themselves: " Where to get the money ?"

There are many legal ways to get the required amount. But we will only talk about some of them. And after reading this article, you will know exactly where you can get money.

Money on credit

Consumer lending has long been a popular financial product. And banks offer customers to apply for a loan in just a few minutes.

Express credit is issued for a period of 12 to 36 months. And the rates on it reach 80%. But a loan for larger amounts (from 300,000 🪙) is issued for a period of 5 to 7 years. And it has a smaller overpayment (9-30%).

But how do you get money from the bank? To do this, you need to fill out an application form at a bank branch. And, of course, provide a package of documents:

  • identity document (passport, international passport, driver’s license);
  • certificate of income from the last place of work;
  • employment history.

But sometimes banks refuse to issue a loan due to the insolvency of the client or his bad credit history. Therefore, this option will not be ideal for everyone.

Where to get money – Contact microfinance organizations

A microloan is another way to get financial help on an urgent basis. Microfinance institutions (MFIs) quickly issue small amounts at huge interest rates (200-500% per annum).

Frequent clients of MFIs are not only people with a bad credit history. But also ordinary employees who borrow money “before the paycheck". To apply for a microloan, one passport is enough. An application for a loan is submitted both at MFI branches and online on special websites. The issuance of money occurs directly on the day of treatment.

The microcredit option has its advantages:

  • no need for guarantors;
  • availability of bonuses for regular customers;
  • no need to provide additional information;
  • possibility of early repayment without overpayments.

But keep in mind that this is a very addictive system. And we don’t recommend using it. Because it will only lead to loss of money and, possibly, nerves.

Pawn shop visit

Where can I get money urgently if a person does not want to contact banks and MFIs? A pawnshop is a reliable commercial organization where you can rent valuable jewelry, household or office equipment for money.

The attractiveness of this method lies in its rapid implementation. Not wanting to part with an expensive thing forever, a person can hand over the value for temporary storage at interest. The appraiser always acts in the interests of the pawnshop. He carefully checks the item for wear. And understates the estimated value of things by 20-40%.

The pledged item can be surrendered permanently. But you can use the money, and then redeem the thing with the accrued interest. To transfer various items to a pawnshop, only a passport is required.

Sale of valuables

Selling property is the oldest way to make money. Every person has things that are out of use. And they take up extra space in the house. There are many sites on the Internet that sell such products. Using these services, people put up for sale different things:

  • electronics;
  • children’s products;
  • rare technology;
  • handmade goods;
  • unknown photographs;
  • gramophone records;
  • old coins and stamps;
  • Clothes, shoes, accessories;
  • printing products;
  • furniture and interior decor.

The most popular bulletin boards are Avito, Youla and Hand to Hand. Through these services, you can conduct profitable transactions with the sale of things in different regions of the country.

Renting a car

Renting out movable property is where you can get money for a business, wedding, or birthday. If a person has a personal car, he can become a car sharing participant. Car sharing is a service that offers private individuals a per-minute car rental.

In this area prices are very variable. The amount that you can get for returning a car depends on the make, condition and year of manufacture of the car.

A special case of carsharing is renting a car to a taxi company. Because large stationary taxi services always need transport units. And car owners can capitalize on this feature. Legal taxi organizations provide not only a decent cash payment. But also the safety of the rental car.

Where to Get the Money – Recycling Materials

Where to get money on credit without contacting commercial organizations? Collecting various materials for their further processing is an idea for easy money without getting into debt.

The following materials are subject to collection:

  • plastic;
  • glass (broken glass, bottles, cans);
  • scrap metal (non-ferrous, black, precious scrap);
  • waste paper (old magazines, newspapers, books, printing waste).

Collecting recycled materials is the main source of income for many people. And running such a business does not require special knowledge. It is enough to collect the necessary material, take it to a special collection point and receive a reward.

The annual turnover of the industry for the collection and processing of metal has recently been 800 billion 🪙. Therefore, the collection of scrap metal is very popular. And a particularly profitable occupation is the delivery of non-ferrous metal: aluminum, copper, tin and lead.

Participation in a talk show

In pursuit of ratings, television channels are willing to spend a lot of money. Participation in entertainment TV shows is another way in the TOP list of easy profits. You can become a spectator of dance shows, sports competitions and socio-political programs.

And television allows you to combine business with pleasure. Because it is very easy to earn money for free for participating in extras and to see the filming process from the inside. In this case, earnings will depend on the sponsorship of the project in which the person decided to take part. We already talked about this in an article on how to make money in a day. Ordinary studio viewers are paid about 300 🪙 per hour, while actors of massive serial scenes get up to 1000 🪙 for one shoot.

In order to get to the shooting of the program, you need to go to the program’s website, fill out a questionnaire and wait for an invitation to the studio. You can also start cooperation with agencies that are engaged in the selection of actors for crowd scenes for various programs.

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