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How to make some money and not lose money


How easy is it to make some money and not lose your money?

After all, the Internet enables people to improve the quality of life: the resource has opened up a new cognitive world for many. He influenced all aspects of human life, not only private, but also public. The Internet gives the potential to a large number of people to shape their own lives using open opportunities. The Internet is a platform for interesting methods of earning and a way to get money quickly. In this digital world, you can earn extra money using your laptop or phone, so let’s talk about how to earn some money without leaving your home.

How can you make some money online?

For most people, an easy way to make a quick buck online is to do user testing of websites combined with market research. This is one of the best sources of income without having to start your own business. Because it:

  • accessible: no entry barriers. No special skills, software or hardware needed;
  • profitable: you get paid for the time spent;
  • fast: the time between work and getting paid is short, so you can immediately start earning extra money.

If you want to get a lot of money over a longer period of time, build a stream of passive income – you can organize your own business on the Internet. There are several easy ways to make money and long-term business ideas for making real money from the Internet.

Before you start:

  • set up a PayPal account. This is the standard for online business – bank accounts do not work for overseas transactions.
  • create a new online-only email account to receive alerts in one place.

How to make some money: affordable methods

How to make some money and not lose money

User testing

User testing is a service that tech and product companies use to collect data about how people use their websites, apps, or products. After registering, you will receive notifications of new testing vacancies available for use.

All you need is an internet connection and a microphone (most laptops have one). This method allows you to earn some money without large investments, and the main point is that employers give the user content that needs to be tested. The task of the user is to adequately assess the advantages and disadvantages of the resource.

It can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to complete the test, depending on the site, and you can earn anywhere from $10 to $60. If you are going to use this approach, we recommend registering on several sites, since the availability of test tasks will allow you to accept more tasks from customers.

Marketing research

Market research and focus groups can be more profitable than user testing, but they are also more difficult to obtain because you must meet a specified set of criteria. They require longer work – from 30 minutes to a couple of hours, and pay correspondingly more for it.

The user will answer questions and provide opinions on various tasks related to shopping habits. The company will then use this data to develop products and services. Register on several websites to receive emails about vacancies if you want to earn fast and make some money at home.

Data input

If you have skills such as design, digital marketing or coding, experience in business administration, this method will be a good choice. You can make money on online platforms such as Upwork and Freelancer, and sometimes Airtasker.

The outlook for virtual assistants is better, and you can expect to earn around $27 an hour. Prices are often fixed for a certain amount of work, so decide how much you can realistically do and whether it will be worth it. Working as a virtual assistant is a job at a convenient time if you want to work from home or earn extra money.

One of the best ways to make money on your smartphone is to take online surveys. You can use your opinion to earn money by visiting survey sites. Try to share thoughts that are very valuable for companies and they are willing to pay money for such data.

Most often, work will be paid for with gift cards, but some sites pay directly to PayPal. Register on many websites and applications. All you have to do is fill out surveys, which is possible even on a smartphone.


Looking to make some money on/off the internet and have an in-demand skill set like graphic design, writing, accounting, digital marketing or coding? Do you have experience in business administration? Then freelancing "online" can be a choice for income without investment. It takes a little more time to start earning. If you know how to work quickly and efficiently, you can start with online platforms such as Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, Airtasker.

If you use these platforms, you will earn less than independent freelancers. Price competition in international online marketplaces is high, which often leads to competition.

Invest in stock markets

If you have the capital and don’t mind a little risk, investing in the stock markets can be a good way to make some extra money. Alternatively, you can use an online stock trading platform such as IG Share Trading, eToro, Bell Direct, or CMC Markets.

Drop shipping for e-commerce

Dropshipping has skyrocketed in popularity due to its ability to generate a steady income. The idea is that you need to open an online store. For trade, you cooperate with wholesale suppliers who send goods directly to the buyer. So you are buying goods in bulk at wholesale prices rather than the traditional pattern of buying in bulk and then in charge of selling them. It is much easier to create a business, because you need an Internet connection and a little marketing experience.

Blog and social networks

If you have influence in the world of social networks networks, on the page of more than 10,000 members, you run a popular blog from the offer to monetize your hobby:

  • influencers can promote a product or service in posts;
  • bloggers can make sponsored posts i.e. product reviews for brands;
  • bloggers can place ads on websites and social pages.

While it can take 1-2 years to create content, a solid brand, and followers, there is potential to be a full-time blogger or use it as a springboard for your blogging career.

Online tutoring

Unlike online courses, tutoring focuses on teaching a skill or subject area. This includes hosting webinars with small groups, which will give you the opportunity to earn money faster, instead of giving lessons.

This is an affordable way when you have teaching experience or are knowledgeable in a particular area. For example, if you were an accountant, you can mentor people preparing for exams. If you play a musical instrument, conduct online lessons with “students".

Surfing the Internet and Watching Videos

A large number of websites and applications pay money for the fact that the client visits the resource, for viewing ads, short video clips.

Swagbucks: A popular app where you can earn money by shopping, watching videos, and answering paid surveys. In the end, it is possible to receive money through PayPal or use gift cards.

Fronto: An application that allows you to read news articles, product offers and reviews, watch ads to earn points. Earn bonus points for downloading free applications.

Play games

For game lovers, there are apps that pay for users to be in games and leave reviews. An example of an application that pays for participation in the game:

Qriket: In the application, you need to spin the wheel to win money. Choose colors and spin the wheel. This is not the best app for making money, but the user will get decent pay.


This is a common method of making money at home, which can be made both complete and additional. Exchanges offer to edit and write texts to fill sites, and payment for one thousand characters is from 20 🪙. You can also become a writer of abstracts, graduation theses, and make translations. Thanks to the experience gained, you can get positive feedback from customers and increase the cost of writing texts.

Create YouTube videos

YouTube is known as a site where you can earn extra money. You can make short sketches for fun, online cooking lessons, sew a dress and earn a sum of money. You need to create a YouTube channel where you post videos and encourage people to subscribe to the channel and earn money from it. This is a good source of income even using one smartphone.

What apps can you earn money on?

How to make some money and not lose money


It is an app that works on both iOS and Android operating systems. Focused only on photos that are uploaded and sold on the Foap Market, where companies and individuals can buy images as long as they are of high quality. The advantage of this application is that each photo is sold unlimited times, and there are no restrictions on the photos that you can upload to the site.


The app rewards you for searching the web, and when you earn a lot of points, you can exchange them for money, which will be transferred to your PayPal account. You can earn money on Swagbucks by taking surveys and viewing ads.


The application pays for unlocking the smartphone. The app places paid ads on the lock screen. When you turn on your phone, swipe in one direction to view ads and in the other to access your phone. There is a tracking algorithm that takes into account how many ads you view during the day, and rewards according to this number.

Receipt Hog

Application for iOS and Android smartphones that collects data on spending habits by analyzing the information contained in downloaded receipts. This could be a receipt at a gas station, grocery store, department store, or restaurant. When you upload a receipt, the app rewards you with virtual coins that you can turn into cash and transfer money to your PayPal account. Even a beginner can cope with such work and will be able to get money in 🪙.

Easy Shift

Companies use this application to find out how goods are sold in retail outlets. All you need to do is use your phone to scan barcodes and enter the price at which the product is being sold.

My Likes

An app for making money that is suitable for a smartphone. Allows you to participate in advertising campaigns and rewards the user for likes and posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. But people with a lot of followers can make big money with the My Likes app.

There are easy ways to make money on your smartphone. Whether it’s playing games, completing surveys, freelancing, or watching ads, you’ll earn extra income to keep your earnings going. It’s beneficial to use your smartphone for something productive than reading other people’s posts and comments online. Making money with the help of the phone does not promise wealth and hundreds of thousands, but it will help to satisfy the needs and invest extra money in the "pocket".

What methods of earning are there off the Internet?

How to make some money and not lose money

If you don’t like making money on the Internet or doing “incomprehensible” things, then there are ways to help you get money quickly:

Rent a car

If public transport doesn’t work or people need a car, make money by renting a car. Websites help connect car owners with renters. Another last option is to register your car as a vehicle for transporting passengers to and from the airport.

It is important to weigh the risks taking into account your own trust, because the likelihood of an emergency is high.

Become a delivery driver

There is a huge demand for delivery drivers right now, both for delivering online purchases and for food delivery services. But despite difficult prospects in a number of industries, there is still a need for deliveries. This is one of the most risky ways to make money in today’s world.

Animal care and dog walking

Animal lovers can make friends with new dogs and earn money. If you have free time during the day, this can be a great option. Many ask dog breeders to come and look after the dog for some time. Take a pet or even a home care job for a better chance of making real money.

Sell ​​old or unused items

This is one of the simple ways that allows you to quickly get money. Many people who collect old things offer a lot of money for a rarity. Do not throw away the old thing, and if you find something interesting, soberly assess the condition and put it up for sale. Probably, in the old pantry there is a rare camera, a Singer typewriter or embroidered tablecloths. Such retro items are expensive, and some theaters or collectors are happy to buy such things.

Homework in the call center

These types of jobs are common. And even Tinkoff Bank offers a similar vacancy, which earns up to fifty thousand 🪙. The job is to take incoming calls from customers. As well as advising them and solving banking issues. It is also necessary to acquaint bank customers with new types of services and offers.

Income from a hobby or hobby

The amount of funds received depends on the level of skill and talent. You can sew and knit to order, paint pictures, make furniture. Or make figurines and decorations, bake cakes. Because if you have such skills, you can earn. Do not forget that for development it is necessary to create a page and promote it. Be sure to constantly increase the volume of orders and attract future customers.

Buying and selling used items

There are a lot of ads on the Internet where they give away equipment or things in poor condition for a penny or even “for nothing”. The way is to buy such items. But do not sell in the same form. Because you can put them in order and performance and sell several times more expensive. You can also do repairs if you are tech savvy. Buy technical devices with breakdowns, restore them and get income from the sale.

Part-time work as a furniture assembler, equipment repair and others

If he has the skills and knowledge that will allow him to work with equipment, this is a pleasant opportunity to receive additional funds. Repair of appliances, plumbing, furniture are paid normally, so the method will not only allow you to earn extra money, but also improve your skills.

What methods of earning should not be used?

How to make some money and not lose money

If you want to get money quickly, be on the lookout, because in addition to earning money, there are many traps aimed at enriching scammers. Do not trust those who offer easy money-making schemes such as MLMs, pyramid schemes or bets. Fraudsters lure money from people and others, and then leave “nothing”. You should not start working with sites where gold is traded, because there is no earnings there. If they offer to become a member of a earnings group and ask to invite a large number of friends, this is most likely a hoax.

Also forget about getting money when it comes to health. Donating blood, plasma, cutting hair and other ridiculous ways that are not worth the money paid. The person receives the money. But the consequences are not always positive.


How much money can you make online? There is no complete answer to the question. After all, it depends on the desire to work, the amount of time and effort that a person is willing to spend to receive funds.

The article offers popular methods of receiving money, but not all the possibilities. It can help out in difficult times. But using these methods as full-fledged types of work will not work.

Try an activity that you consider a reliable source of income and constantly move forward. Test niches, create your own sources of money and work hard. Find your niche of activity and start earning income, which can even become a source of permanent income. Because that’s the only way to make money.

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