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What money doesn’t like or how to properly stack bills in your wallet so that there are more and more of them


"Signs come true whether I believe in them or not." Do you know who these words belong to? Albert Einstein, a brilliant physicist and the greatest man of the 20th century.

So is it worth brushing aside signs, even if they cannot be logically explained. Especially if they relate to money – one of the most subtle and capricious energies of the Universe.

What money doesn’t like or how to properly stack bills in your wallet so that there are more and more of them

And you need to treat it with great respect, observing all the unwritten rules. Signs, like thoughts, tend to come true, according to Einstein 😊

But today I want to talk not so much about signs, but about the rules that help attract money to your wallet. After all, there is no extra money, right?

I think many have caught themselves thinking more than once: money is flowing away like sand. It seems that I didn’t buy anything special, I don’t have money, but it’s far from my salary. If you are familiar with this situation, then it’s time to check if everything is in order with your wallet.

About what wallet attracts money, with all the details, you can read in this article.

They say money chooses its own owner. And it is unlikely that they will like someone who will not love and respect them. And not figuratively, but literally.

Look into your wallet right now, please check how the bills are stacked in it. And in your pockets, by chance, were there any pieces of paper and coins lying around?

💔Money doesn’t like it when they put it somewhere other than a wallet: they put it in the pockets of clothes, put it between the pages of a book, drop change into cups with pencils, etc. Their home is a wallet. It has its own special aura. Only there, in the company of their "friends", they do not lose their strength.

💔Money does not like to be kept haphazardly. Only neatly straightened so that images and portraits are not turned upside down, the largest bills are in front, followed by the rest, in descending order of denomination.

And most importantly – only the front side!

💔Money does not like when there are an odd number of bills in the wallet. Everyone should have their own pair. It doesn’t matter what denomination, the main thing is that an even number. I don’t even know why this is so, but for a long time I have not tried to consider the signs that our grandfathers believed in from the point of view of logic.

💔Money doesn’t like being forced to make room in their house. Get rid of the habit of keeping old checks, business cards, lucky tickets, etc. in your wallet.

But most importantly, never carry photographs in your wallet. Even the most wonderful and close people to you. Every object has its own vibrations. Everything that does not carry the energy of money knocks down the fine settings of banknotes, depriving them of the ability to attract their fellows. Do you need it?

And a couple more tips. I think it won’t hurt.

Find your unique money talisman: a bill, the last 2 or 3 (ideally all) digits on which coincide with your year of birth. I agree, this is very difficult, especially considering that we are increasingly switching to electronic money. Nevertheless, who is looking for … If you are lucky enough to find it – take care, do not spend it under any circumstances and never show it to anyone.

Very soon we will all be giving and receiving gifts. And if, suddenly, they give you a wallet, before you start using a new thing, “teach" him to lure money: put your personal wealth code on it.

And how to calculate it, you can read in this article.

May your wallet always be full!

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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