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I counted approximately all the money in the world and divided it equally by 7.89 billion people: how much can everyone get (in dollars)


Have you ever wondered how much money is in circulation? Believe it or not, I had an interesting dream: the brain invented that all people received an equal amount of money from the total number and someone turned the pieces of paper into a business, and someone missed the opportunity to get rich with start-up capital. The law of the market that worked even in my illusions. Waking up in a cold sweat, I realized that I have no idea how much money each person received and how much money is currently in circulation.

It turns out that everything is simple – the first link in Yandex answers my question. The authors of the wonderful "Around the World" approximately found out that paper money (kopecks were also taken into account) in circulation around the world is about 4.5 trillion dollars. Somehow not enough. The US national debt and even more – 28 trillion dollars. Then the logical question is – even if cash does not cover the national debt, then where to get the money? And here we remember that there are non- cash accounts, metals, deposits, cryptocurrency and so on.

I counted approximately all the money in the world and divided it equally by 7.89 billion people: how much can everyone get (in dollars)

Silver and Gold

I never understood the value of these metals, and with the advent of cryptocurrency in the future, after full mining, they will completely lose their meaning. Not counting their cost would be a huge mistake. According to the World Silver Survey 2019 (.pdf ), the value of all available silver is $44 billion. Approximately 198 thousand tons of gold were mined at the end of 2019. According to the Gold Council 2020, the value of gold is in the region of $10 trillion. Significant numbers, you will agree. It’s a sin not to include them in the general standings of all the money in the world. Who will buy? It’s not a problem to print new money.


I will not dwell on the most revolutionary instrument for a long time. In April 2021, the crypto market capitalization exceeded $2 trillion – that’s like Apple alone.

Billionaires around the world

A lot of wealth is concentrated in their hands. For example, according to Forbes, ~2,800 billionaires have managed to increase their wealth from $8 to $13.1 trillion. We add this money to the treasury of the funds of the whole world.

500 largest companies in the world

There is such an interesting website Fortune 500 (probably a company) that fully calculates the value of companies and their income. Their list includes the 500 largest companies from around the world and their total assets reach 22.6 trillion dollars. In this list in the first places are: Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft – all famous guys. As you understand, I am going to increase assets. Where is more money?

stock markets

According to the WFE , $89.5 trillion has been invested in the stock markets. This money supply is owned by funds and people. For a second, I have 200 thousand conditional units in the stock market in Apple shares. Of that $89.5 trillion, my money seems like a so-so investment. Even if they are taken away, the figure will not change much.

world wealth

To be honest, at first I did not understand what the term was until I stumbled upon the official website of Swiss Credit. You can also feel the world’s wealth if you become a dollar millionaire. The world’s wealth belongs to 56.1 million dollar millionaires – their fortune at the end of 2020 is equal to 418 trillion dollars. World wealth is owned by 1% of the population of the entire planet. To be one of them, you need to have $1 million in your bank account. By the way, bank deposits and pension contributions are another ~75 trillion dollars.

The main money of the world is derivatives

This is a type of contract between parties who undertake to transfer a predetermined amount of money at a certain time and at a certain price. So, if you do not delve into the terms, but start to understand the numbers, then the unofficial number of derivatives reaches 1 quadrillion dollars. There are no sources, only rumors. But there are also official figures: a gross derivatives market value of $ 15.8 trillion ; notional amounts of OTC derivatives $559 trillion – data from the Bank for International Settlements.

Perhaps, after such official figures, I am free to believe in ~ 1 quadrillion dollars of money around the world. This is a number with 15 zeros. Let’s divide this money for every person on Earth. Wikipedia data – 7.89 billion people.

~126742$ each person can get if they share all the money in the world.

The material will be both educational and entertaining. Because all the information is taken only from official sources, and I made an approximate calculation. The mission of my dream came to an end and my soul calmed down. Now you roughly understand how much money is on the planet and that most of it is concentrated in the hands of 1% of the population and derivatives.

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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