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Internet earnings: TOP ways to earn money on the Internet


Online earnings are now more relevant than ever. After all, more and more people are starting to think about switching to remote methods of earning. In unstable life situations, it is important to have an airbag that will help you survive difficult periods.

There are many options on how to get real simple online earnings, so everyone can find the right one for themselves.

Internet earnings: TOP ways to earn money on the Internet

The benefits of working on the Internet

Before you quit your usual job and go headlong into the Internet, it is worth considering what are the main advantages of working from home:

  1. Flexible schedule, allowing you to plan your own every day. For those who do not tolerate early rises, do not like to travel to the other end of the city in traffic jams, this way of earning will be a salvation. There is a chance to choose how many hours a day to devote to work. For some, this will become a part-time job for the sake of bonuses, while others will sit at the computer full time. Nightlife lovers will be able to pay attention to work in the dark.
  2. More time for your business and family. Force majeure situations will no longer be taken by surprise, this is especially important for those who have children. It becomes possible to independently take and pick them up from school or kindergarten, not to ask for sick leave. Skipping events and matinees will also be a thing of the past, having Internet earnings, you can completely build your day on your own.
  3. Work anywhere. There is no binding to a specific location, you can perform work duties wherever there is a computer with Internet access. You should not build illusions, remembering carefree photos from the network, in which people with a laptop sunbathe on the beach. Working in warm regions is different from a two-week vacation at a resort.
  4. Possibility to combine. Ways of simple Internet earnings differ among themselves, with enough time, you can cover several areas at once. Such self-development will add new skills and give a chance to reach a new level of income. The main thing is to do only what you like, and not grab onto everything at once in an attempt to earn money.
  5. The emergence of productivity. Not all people can immerse themselves in work while being in the office among colleagues. Being at home, in a calm, non-committal environment, it is easier to focus on business and perform duties better. It should be borne in mind that this requires at least minimal self-organization, only a serious approach will help you get a good income.

Real ways to make money online

Among the many offers where to find online earnings, it is difficult to single out working methods. Especially if a person is still a beginner in this regard and has not taken up such a format of activity before. Not every method allows you to reach income, it is worth considering proven options.


Internet earnings: TOP ways to earn money on the Internet

A good chance for those who like to write a lot and recognize only their own creativity taken from their heads. The popularity of self-published books is growing every year. A large platform on which the release of personal publications is available is Litres: Samizdat.
The site contains classic works, scientific papers and highly specialized books. The reader has the opportunity to recognize the chapters in the process of writing, the author has the right to upload drafts to the platform.

If writing your own books has always been a dream, and large amounts of daily work are not intimidating, it makes sense to try your hand at it.

Each author receives up to 35% of the book sold, the more sales, the higher the income. Therefore, to reach the regular receipt of funds, it is recommended to immerse yourself in the process.

Articles for Yandex.Zen

If your soul requires literary creativity, but publishing your own book is not yet to your liking, you can try your hand at writing articles and notes for the Yandex.Zen platform. Users of the site like short and informative notes, in which there is no extra water and there is a theme. You can write about anything, the main thing is relevance and regularity.

It is possible to earn income if you devote time to blogging every day. Thinking through content and writing high-quality texts will help you quickly reach the top of recommendations. Additionally, there is the possibility of earning income from advertising, this feature is available to advanced authors.

It is important to remember that only complete readings of articles are taken into account on Zen. For every thousand full views, up to 100 🪙 are credited to the account.

Copywriting exchanges

A place for those who want to earn money by creating content on given topics. This option is advantageous in that you do not need to wait for the account to be promoted. You can start earning income from the first day. It is enough to register and submit applications for topics of interest in the order feed.

Being a beginner, getting tens of thousands from the first month will not work. But with regular work, the performer is increasingly honing his skills and gaining experience.
This method of earning should also be taken seriously. Letting customers down, refusing to work, missing all the deadlines, you can get a negative reputation. Getting worthwhile orders to work with such baggage is almost impossible.

The cost of orders on exchanges starts from 5 🪙 per 1000 symbols. The number of submitted applications is not limited, the contractor has the right to choose suitable prices for himself. On average, you can get from 5,000 to 15,000 per month.

Blog on Youtube platform

Internet earnings: TOP ways to earn money on the Internet

This video platform has long ceased to be exclusively entertaining. For many years, Youtube has been one of the few platforms where you can monetize your content. This will require:

  • Create an account;
  • decide on the topic of future videos, the channels on which the “hodgepodge" is located rarely go to the top;
  • create and upload a video that meets the technical requirements of the site;
  • set up monetization.

Youtube has an intuitive interface, so even a beginner can gradually figure out all the subtleties. For every 1000 views, money is credited to the account – from 0.20 cents to 4 dollars. The more people see the video, the higher the income will be.

Likes and comments help promote a vlog, so bloggers often ask subscribers to keep their channel active.


Such earnings on your Internet will please avid gamers. Video content has been valued for a long time, thousands of people are ready to watch and discuss how others play video games. Twitch is considered the main platform for this type of content. You can also broadcast on Youtube if you have a promoted account there.

At first, the streamer’s income comes from donations, these are cash rewards from viewers. Each user of the site who has visited the broadcast receives the right to transfer any amount to the author’s account. The larger the audience, the higher the earnings become. The platforms themselves also encourage their active streamers by including them in affiliate programs.

Having become popular, the streamer receives offers for advertising collaborations, which brings an extra penny to the wallet.
The income of video streamers is unlimited, there are no minimum rates.

Passing paid surveys

This is a working method for those who need a side job, and there is no goal to receive large funds. There is no need to create personal content, no skills and abilities are needed. A couple of hours of free time is enough.

Many companies conduct paid surveys, this allows them to find out the opinion of potential consumers. They turn to specialized firms that run questionnaires on their websites with the necessary questions. The largest platforms are Surveys, Lifepoints, Anketka. You won’t earn a living in this way, but it’s quite possible for everyday little things.
Users of survey sites on average receive from 20 to 500 🪙 for filling out one questionnaire. In some cases, a commission is charged for withdrawing money to a card or electronic wallet.

Affordable work for those who want to get a simple Internet earnings. There are sites that reward users for writing reviews, reviews. Of these, Otzovik and iRecommend are the most famous.

There are no criteria by which reviews are required. You can post your opinion about goods, services, items. The more extensive and high-quality the review is, the more likely it is to become one of the top authors.

Payment is not based on the fact of placement, but for the number of views and the presence of advertising in the account. According to technical rules, each review should contain not only text, but also accompanying photographs, preferably step by step. The user gets from 50 to 500 🪙 for every thousand reads. The job is suitable for those who regularly try new things and are ready to share useful information with others.

SMM specialty

Internet earnings: TOP ways to earn money on the Internet

At the present time of active use of social networks, few people have not heard of the popular profession of SMM specialist. Everyone can earn on this, from schoolchildren to pensioners. Customers do not care about gender or age, the main thing is to have knowledge and creative thinking.

The duties of such a specialist include:

  • attracting an audience to the blog;
  • taking into account the opinions of users;
  • page statistics analysis;
  • the ability to establish and competently maintain cooperation;
  • increasing awareness of the store or brand;
  • building loyalty.

Often, such services are used by online stores and entrepreneurs who promote a page for self-employment. The income received will depend on the skills, the speed of learning and the creative mindset. Creating a content plan and taking your blog to the next level requires thinking outside the box.

Beginners in this field receive from 15,000 🪙 per month, the income of professionals in their field starts from 70 thousand and does not have an upper bar.

Creating your blog

There are a lot of Internet platforms for bloggers. Therefore, now it is not necessary to be able to write texts in order to receive money. Using experience, skills and interests, you can create a personal page with useful content.
Common destinations:

  1. Culinary blog. Suitable for those who like to cook regularly and always try something new. By getting creative with the design of recipes, there is a chance to attract a large number of subscribers.
  2. Travel reports. They can be made in both photo and video format. Such content should be made visually pleasing and at the same time useful for future tourists.
  3. Educational webinars, lectures. If a person has knowledge and skills in a narrow specialty, he will be able to find like-minded people and share this information with them.

Income depends on the ability to promote your page, the amount of time devoted to the account. Every blog requires a daily investment of effort. It will not be superfluous to study modern marketing, gain advertising promotion skills. Collaborating with other bloggers will help you grow your followers faster.

The main disadvantage is that at first the funds received will be minimal. It will take time to reach a decent level.

Online tutoring

Internet earnings: TOP ways to earn money on the Internet

Stereotypes that you can study with a tutor only in person have long gone. There are more and more people who, having knowledge and skills, monetize them through the network. Such earnings on your Internet can become a permanent job, the main thing is to correctly advertise your services.

Word of mouth will help in promotion, contacts of tutors are always shared with friends who also needed help.
You can prepare schoolchildren and students for exams, teach a foreign language, help to master the Internet profession. The subject is not limited, the income depends on the professionalism of the person.

You can get promoted on the Preply website, this is an American service that has a Russian-speaking community. There you will need to describe all your abilities and set prices. The first lesson is free of charge, in trial mode, then at the set price.

Referral program

Earnings on any Internet, suitable even for schoolchildren. To get started, you need to go to the VKTarget website, which is associated with Vkontakte, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. They pay for simple tasks that even a beginner can really cope with: likes, writing comments, joining groups, placing advertising links.

The main income comes from the affiliate program, it pays 15% of the income of each attracted referral. Having a lot of acquaintances, it will not be difficult to tell them about the opportunity to earn money and invite them to the platform.

The more and more often partners visit the site and complete tasks, the more funds you can get. On average, from 2 to 6 thousand per month.

Network marketing

Despite the controversial reputation of network marketing, you can make money in it. Well-known companies in this area are: Faberlic, Oriflame, Avon, Amway, Greenway. There are dozens of less popular firms.

It will not work to receive income from the very first days, because the principle of receiving money is based on creating your own team. The more people begin to work under the mentorship of the leader, the more he will earn.

Some manage to spin the case in a couple of months, others up to a year. It depends on how much time and effort is invested daily in this activity.
The income received is unlimited.


Some groups, sites or forums need extra supervision. The essence of the work of the administrator and moderator is to check the posted information, maintain order and resolve conflicts between users.

In Yandex, you can often find vacancies for moderators for their personal projects. Income from 5000 to 30000 🪙 per month.


This platform contains a lot of online tasks. For beginners, only simple orders with a payment of a couple of cents will be available. By increasing experience and ranking on the site, you can access more profitable duties.
Toloka should not be considered as a permanent place of work. On it, they receive a small regular income, which will be a nice bonus to the salary.

The main requirements: the availability of free time and the willingness to do a lot of monotonous work.
Average income from 100 🪙 to 3000.

Mystery online shopper

The Yandex.Market service periodically posts vacancies about finding mystery shoppers to check online stores connected to the Market. This method of earning money does not require additional knowledge and skills; you can work without leaving your home.

On average, such employees receive from 2-3 thousand or more, depending on the number of verified sites. Managers give a complete briefing of actions, so the method is suitable even for teenagers and students. This is one of the easiest earnings in the network.

Nuances of remote work

Internet earnings: TOP ways to earn money on the Internet

Everyone can earn money through the Internet, but it should be borne in mind that even such work has several limitations.

The need for time management. When there is no specific schedule and the need to get up early in the morning, then there is a chance not to immediately start your duties. This is a trap for people who like to procrastinate. Constantly postponing work for later, you can not notice how the day went. It is important to learn how to distribute work time and personal time. If making money on the Internet has become the main income, you will have to devote more time to it than 2-3 hours a day.

Lack of motivation. Those who previously worked under the strict control of their superiors and received clear tasks for the day will now have to find new sources of motivation for themselves. Freedom of action unties hands: sitting down to work, you want to be distracted by social networks, watching a series, reading a news feed. You will have to develop self-control and independently encourage yourself to fulfill your duties.

Low income in the beginning. If a large salary is required in the near future, then this type of income generation is not suitable. Only having skills and experience in a specific, required area, you can immediately reach a high level. Most people will need time to learn new things, to understand the process and readjust to a different lifestyle.

How not to get scammed

Not all online earning offers are safe. There are several rules on how to find online earnings and not become a victim of a scammer:

  1. Approach with a cool head. Ads that offer fabulous sums for simple actions overshadow the minds of many people. The desire to earn more without effort should not be at the head.
  2. The more information, the less chance of becoming a victim of deception. If the methods of simple Internet earnings have a poor description, there is no clear information about responsibilities and payment – for the most part, these are fraudulent tricks.
  3. No prepayments. Offers to make a deposit, purchase training materials, service packages, should be rejected immediately. Do not rely on luck, after payment, most likely, the matter will come to a standstill. Here there is only a desire for profit, and not a search for employees. Such ads are often found in Instagram mailing lists.
  4. Do not participate in dubious schemes. They are advertised in casinos, sports betting. On social networks, dubious users are calling for switching to Telegram channels, in which they offer to make money on hacked versions of gaming sites. They also include the sale of currency, bitcoins. You won’t be able to earn money here, but you can lose the money you already have. By agreeing to a gray matter, there is a risk of becoming an accomplice in a crime.

Do not be afraid to discover new things, even if the methods of receiving funds through the network seem incomprehensible. Making money on the Internet is real, as well as completely switching to a remote form of income generation. It is important to competently approach the job search, not to agree to suspicious schemes and not to wait for huge incomes. By developing skills and gaining experience, you can gradually reach a salary level that is comfortable for life.

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