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What does success depend on?


Hi friends! How many times have you asked yourself the question – “why do others succeed, but I don’t?" “Why is everything like clockwork for the rest, but I constantly have difficulties?” “Why is everything for someone and nothing for me?” If you ask yourself such questions, then you are faced with an obstacle that seems insurmountable to you. Now I will tell you about what success is made of.

So let’s go!

What is success?

My friends, what is success? What do you understand by this big word? Financial well-being? Happy marriage? Well-bred children? Five in school? Getting rights? All of these are correct options. Each of us personally determines what success is for him. It can be a small victory or a big project, it doesn’t matter. Success is when your efforts produce results that bring satisfaction and give you a sense of joy and accomplishment. Success is something you have been working towards for a while. Naturally, the longer and more difficult the path, the more pleasant it is to enjoy the victory. However, the criteria for complexity, interests and occupation are different for everyone, which means that success is achieved in different ways.

Let’s say you’re a Formula 1 driver. What will be important to you? At first, you will try to show the best speed on the track. After that, you will want to win the Grand Prix. Then there will be a desire to win the championship.

Another example. You have a small celebration company. Do you want to receive orders? After that, your goal is to improve the quality of services. Having achieved this, you begin to receive proposals for organizing large events. Then become a large company operating internationally.

What do these examples have in common? That’s right – constant work and skill improvement. Planning to achieve certain heights, we work on ourselves. Ultimately, when a certain amount of work is done, we achieve success.

What does success depend on?

You probably heard more than once or twice that everything just happens only in fairy tales from Ivan the Fools. This is a very simple truth – if you do nothing, then nothing will work.

So, dear friends. It takes skill and experience to succeed in your career, business, school, relationships, and anything else. This means that you need to constantly work and develop. There is no need to lament that someone else is doing better. Work, improve and the result will definitely come.

There is an expression in English: ” Keep your head down “. Literally, it means: “Lower your head.” It essentially means, “Just keep going and don’t get distracted by anything.”

To succeed, free your head from obsessive questions and searching for the reasons for failure – this is a useless waste of energy. Focus on what is really important and move forward without being distracted by trifles.

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