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Success and success. The difference between concepts


Success and success are such close concepts, but how far they are from each other. Does this phrase seem absurd? Let’s say it differently:

Success and success are such close concepts, but having such a different understanding in the modern world.

Immediately make a reservation that the conversation is about success and success, in relation to a person.

What is success?

The most common, however, and the most correct interpretation of this word: the successful achievement of the goal. And, as they say, comments are superfluous here.

What is success?

It turns out that there is no unambiguous and intelligible definition.

In the modern interpretation, a successful person is called a person who has achieved a certain financial wealth, has reached a high position in social structures, has a family, and provides himself with comfort.

Do you like this interpretation?

I’m gone. Too many questions arise in response to such a definition:

Is it possible that a person, in order to achieve success in such an interpretation, is engaged in a business that he does not like?

Is it possible that a person is successful, but completely unhappy?

Or is success a kind of stamp of prosperity that we have successfully licked off from the West?

Can a bum be called successful? And if he sets himself the goal of getting food every day and at the same time achieves it every day? Every day he succeeds! So he is a successful person?

In general, success is movement along the path of success. Success is the achievement of a set goal. Everyone’s goals are different. Does this mean that everyone has their own success?

There are very unusual approaches, such as this:

“The “success" of a person is a completely false concept, artificially formed according to all religious methods. This concept is very successfully (!!!) used to create cult concessions focused on fooling and then swindling money from especially gullible recruiters. This strategy occupies a special place in MLM structures. Therefore, to use this term, in connection with its discrediting, does not make much sense.

(Unfortunately, I can’t credit this opinion)

I propose to recognize that there are infinitely many definitions of the term "success" and each of them is correct. Discussing the correctness of this or that definition is like choosing the first beauty. You can choose, but after a while and under other circumstances, they will still choose another.

So, it remains, just find the answers for yourself. Answers that will be absolutely true, but only for themselves. Answers, both simple and complex, to the questions:

What does the word “success” mean to me personally?

Do I consider myself a successful person?

The second question can only be answered by answering the first. Why?

Because successful according to the criteria that I define myself! I am successful because I achieve my goals. What are my goals? – This is a completely different question.

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