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Way to success. Psychology of success. Interesting facts about success. 14 rules of a successful person.


This article will give 14 rules on how to succeed in life. In the end, you will be able to adopt a special psychological technique that will allow you to walk towards success with confident steps. Enjoy reading!
Since success instills a sense of self-worth, imagining that you have achieved success will help you feel more confident in yourself. This process is beneficial because in this article, you will not only learn more about the possibilities for success, but by imagining that you have succeeded here and now, you will learn what it means to succeed. After completing the exercise below, you will feel more power, more dynamism, more purpose, more self-esteem – and all these feelings will help establish a sense of greater self-confidence. To begin with, let’s look at what prevents you from achieving success and what you need to do to avoid negative events that interfere with your personal success.

  1. Create positive scenarios for your life.
    A person who creates a positive program in his life. More often he expects success in all matters, and allows himself to be considered a lucky person. In order for you to do this, you first need to stop judging yourself as a loser or a bad person. Constantly blaming yourself for some kind of violations and shortcomings, presenting yourself as a victim creates and attracts this type of relationship with other people.

  2. Take other people’s statements critically.
    Eliminate from your contacts people who are not pleasant to you.

  3. Failures are always temporary, and their life experience will serve to achieve success.
    Focus your attention on those aspects of your activity that can already present you as a high-class professional. Constantly, in detail, recall those episodes of your life that ended successfully and brought success. Imagine in detail your clothes, environment, people who were nearby. They all radiated good luck, rejoiced with you, rejoiced at her. At this moment, your brain produces hormones, neuropeptides of success and good luck.

  4. Educate yourself. Try to train your brain with signals for the production of such neuropeptides, as it were, in a conditioned reflex way. Let it be some kind of impulse that will appear in the mind from a meeting with a person or piece of furniture that could accompany you in the past. In general, “seize the moment of luck" and your brain will learn to respond to it, creating a program of luck for you in real life. The Vashe-Soznanie.ru website invites you to learn more about how to start successfully communicating with people, increase self-esteem.

  5. Prosperity doesn’t have to be all about money.
    You should always feel that you have free time to fulfill your plans and desires. The ability to accept its beauty from the world, to feel the love of the people around you, to feel the joy of health, to show generosity in calculations and breadth of outlook in relation to all life events – this is the program of a person’s behavior, which is expected by luck and success, including complete material well-being.

  6. Like attracts like.
    Feel the delight of a lucky person, the unique aroma and mood of success. During this period, be interested in the features and details of the lives of those who have managed to achieve success, who are known throughout the world. Associate yourself with these people, find common features in behavior, habits, abilities, origins.

  7. Don’t be afraid to take responsibility for your decisions.
    A prerequisite for success is the ability to make decisions; this process cannot be avoided. Only in this case, active action in the right direction begins. You must learn to stick to your decisions, be able to defend them if necessary, always believe in them. This will allow you to apply the universal formula "I can" in real life.

  8. The decision-making process trains the brain to focus thinking on those problems that you directly need to solve. In this case, real actions begin to coincide with the brain program that you have chosen. Such a process must be repeated very often in order to achieve automatic playback of the program in all, even the most difficult situations. To consider yourself worthy of always achieving success is possible only if you have internal respect for yourself. But self-respect is not acquired with birth, it is taught. On the Vashe-Soznanie.ru website, you can solve your problems with self-esteem, sign up for a consultation and get a few lessons from a psychologist on how to start respecting and loving yourself.

  9. Be accurate, tactful, caring, sincere and reliable.
    You can avoid constant misunderstandings through strict adherence to your promises, accuracy, tact, caring, sincerity. Following such a program of behavior immediately attracts similar attitudes from other people.

  10. Communicate more often.
    It is necessary to avoid the fear of communicating with people due to the fact that they will observe too closely the shortcomings that you attribute to yourself. Self-affirmation and false pride all the time makes you thoughtlessly overestimate your personal abilities and capabilities in front of others, which ends in a deterioration in relations with employees and leaders, a collapse of hopes.

  11. Be yourself and give it to others.
    In personal relationships with loved ones, it is necessary to recognize the right of everyone to be themselves, and not the set of dubious virtues that you would like to see in it. Each person can find something good in another, discover unexpected abilities, a bright personality. Give your loved ones a chance to change. Good thoughts when communicating with them normalize any conflicts. No need to hide your intentions from them, learn to have a friendly discussion of all problems.12. The more you rest, the more opportunities you have to earn money.
    Creating an aura of usefulness, attractiveness, accessibility around money, the desire to accept it in your life – this is a program that will allow you not to think about them in real life events. You cannot mentally create digital values ​​of some minimum amount of money that you can or want to have. Your idea of ​​the possible receipt of money to you should not be limited to a certain amount, you need to use the maximum values.
    You can stop thinking about money if you have the ability to cover any expenses or if you lead a lifestyle that does not require much money. At the same time, your comfort is achieved by special requirements for life, determined by the worldview, created by the love of the people around you. Only in this case can we accept the famous aphorism that "being satisfied with the small, we know the great." This statement has to do with the worldview of a person, and not with the creation of programs for success and good luck for their implementation in real life.

  12. Rethink your concept of needs.

For example: the social environment of your childhood could have formed in you the idea that a person should get by with minimal amenities, pleasures, and achievements in everything. Such a program needs to be eliminated, it prevents you from enjoying the fruits of civilization and living a full life. Even the Buddha could not use the rules of conduct for ascetics.14. Don’t make excuses for yourself.
A serious obstacle to success is the habit of many people to come up with excuses for their failures. In this case, you unwittingly create unreal programs in your life that you cannot control, but introduce them into real life events.
The system of "justification" shifts responsibility for the events in one’s life to others. This causes helplessness and complete dependence on people and circumstances. At the same time, the psychology of success is created in those people who are in control of their own destiny, have confidence and independence of judgment. During any discussions, they express their opinion calmly and decisively. People of this type do not coordinate their opinions with others, but defend their rights even in small things.

This line of behavior helps them express their feelings, and not suppress them, which leads to a variety of diseases. The problem with expressing feelings can bring a lot of discomfort in communication, because if we are afraid to express our feelings, then we are afraid to express our desires and needs. Many people experience difficulties, this prevents normal contact and maintaining relationships. On the Vashe-Soznanie.ru website, you can sign up for a consultation with a psychologist and start solving your problems online.

Try to do this exercise on your own, at the same time evaluate your changed state. And remember, change yourself and the life around you will change too.

Success exercise. “Imagine that you are successful!”
Time: about 5 minutes
The following exercise will give you the opportunity to "taste" the success you want.
Repeat this exercise regularly for several days to reinforce this image of success and enhance your self-esteem. Later, you can turn these feelings into reality by taking new actions to achieve success or successfully using the opportunities that presented themselves.
In fact, you are using mental images to convince yourself that you have what you want here and now, and your feelings and actions respond by complementing and reinforcing this mental image.
First determine what success is most important to you—doing well in a new job, getting a bigger house, starting a new business, and so on. Then relax, close your eyes and imagine that you are reaching your goal.
Make the image of achieving this goal as vivid as possible and imagine that you have achieved success here and now. For example, if your goal is to perform well at your job, imagine that the job is fully completed and excellently done.

If your goal is to close a big deal, imagine that you threw a batch of goods on the market, sold it immediately, and are already shaking hands after signing the contract. If your goal is to acquire a large office, imagine that you are actually sitting in it and chatting with clients.
As you visualize your success, experience the satisfaction and sense of empowerment it brings. Feel the lift, excitement, strength, power, absolute self-confidence and control of the situation. Then imagine others coming up to you or calling to congratulate you. You feel warm and excited to receive praise from them. They tell you how lucky you are. And you feel great and are capable of anything you want to do.
Vashe-Soznanie.ru wishes you a successful day and good mood. Stay with us!

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