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Success vs Luck: What’s the difference?


Good day to all!

Today we will talk about success and luck. We often consider these words as synonyms, not understanding the fundamental difference between them. Nevertheless, there is a difference between them, and, moreover, it allows you to understand many life nuances. But, we will talk about these nuances in the following articles, and now we will delve into the meaning of the words “success" and “luck”.

As usual, let’s look at them from the point of view of the current language, breaking them down into components and delving into the meaning of each of them. Both of these words are united by the fact that they have the prefix "y". This prefix, according to Ozhegov’s dictionary, forms a noun, with the meaning of the totality of the product of any activity. Simply put, it means a certain result (for example,). And the prefix “y” can be understood to mean “about”, “next to”.

Then it turns out that “success” is the result of “haste”, that is, “hurry”. If you are close to the rush, you will have a result – “success”.

And “luck” is the result of being near a certain “cottage”. But what is this "cottage"? It is clear that this is not a hacienda, but what? The word "dacha" here should be understood as an abbreviated version of the word "distribution". That is, “luck” is the result of the fact that you are near the source of the distribution of certain benefits. We can say that “getting under the hand is good luck” 🙂

And what is this “source of distribution of certain benefits”? And how to be near it? This source can be called differently: you can call it God. Maybe Egregore. It is possible – the Collective Mind. In any case, whatever you call it, you can always get thoughts, ideas and guesses from it, by implementing which you will become lucky and lucky. You can even just get the joy of life from him. But in order to be near him, and to receive these “bonuses”, you need to follow certain rules. In short, these rules can be formulated as "be honest" and "be grateful." Speaking in religious language, in order to receive bonuses in the form of good luck, one must live according to the commandments. As soon as a person ceases to be honest and grateful, he gradually “disconnects” from this source and ceases to be lucky.

Let’s get back to "success". It turns out that success, unlike luck, implies some positive results of human activity only as a result of haste. The saying “if you want to live, know how to spin” is dedicated to success. But success cannot always come as a result of haste, since a person cannot know everything. He can take a risk, go for broke and win. But, with the same probability, a person, having gone for broke, may lose. It is precisely the probable loss in the pursuit of success that the proverb “if you hurry, you make people laugh” is dedicated.

Summarize. It turns out that “success” is a consequence of human activity in a hurry and at random with a positive outcome. If the outcome is negative, then it will no longer be a success, but a failure. And “luck” is the result of living according to certain rules, which leads to the fact that a person has thoughts, ideas and guesses, realizing which, he becomes happy and joyful.

Here is such a difference between words that, at first glance, seem to be synonyms.

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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