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Theory and practice: the secret laws of money energy that work


Thinking about the best way to spend your weekend? We have found a new activity for you: get in touch with… money.

Theory and practice: the secret laws of money energy that work

Everything has laws, even money energy! We will tell about them now.

Money is the main measure of value and the universal equivalent. With enough of them, we become happier, more satisfied and more successful, and in their absence, we can be covered by fears and negative emotions. Few people know that money is energy that lives according to certain laws.

Theory and practice: the secret laws of money energy that work

Money is an energy that lives according to certain laws.

First, honestly and deliberately answer your questions and write down what happened:

  1. What do you think about money?
  2. What do you tell other people about your financial situation?
  3. When you borrow money, what thoughts and feelings do you experience?
  4. When you have to lend, what thoughts and feelings do you have?
  5. How do you feel when you have to set a price yourself for the work you have done?
  6. How do you feel when you receive a well-deserved profit?
  7. How do you feel when profits are undeserved (for example, you found money or you were accidentally given more)?
  8. Are you satisfied with your current financial situation?
  9. How do you see your financial position in the future? How "realizable" do you consider these dreams?
  10. What would you feel if you were given a million conventional units in your hands?
  11. What do you think when you see a rich person? What associations do you have?

Congratulations, here you will find your limiting beliefs and fears that are blocking your financial flow. Use the tips and change your attitude to money!

Theory and practice: the secret laws of money energy that work

What do you think when you see a rich person? What associations do you have?

Secret laws of money energy

Fundamental law. The universe is abundant!

Most people live in a state of constant lack of financial resources to meet their needs. They complain about fate and life for being unsuccessful or barely making ends meet. The problem with this approach is that the focus is on what is not there, and not on what the person wants. From ancient teachings, we have long known that where attention is, there is energy.

What if you found out that the universe is abundant for everyone? That everyone can have as much as they really want? Let me guess, you probably thought: “This can’t be, everyone can’t be rich!" And yes, I agree with you. The fact is that a very small number of people claim their rights to possess the energy that was allocated to them. For a better understanding, I can draw a parallel with inheritance. If the heir does not declare his rights within six months, he will no longer be able to receive the property that was his by right. It’s the same with energy: if you don’t claim your right, the energy just passes you by.

Practice to Law

Focus on abundance throughout the week. Observe the world and eagerly seek this manifestation. For example: look at the road and notice the abundance of cars, look at the forest and observe the abundance of trees, look at the shops and notice the abundance of businesses, look at the people and appreciate the abundance of opportunities. Purposefully fix the focus on abundance, and then miraculously change will begin.

Second law. What you radiate is what you receive!

Life reflects to you all that you radiate. Newton’s theory is outdated, and in its place came the proven theory of quantum physics, which says that atoms are 99.9% pure energy, that is, the whole world is pure energy. Based on this, we can understand that we are energy beings that radiate certain vibrations. Do you want to be respected? Respect others. Do you want to be loved? Love others. Want to get paid easily? Easily pay others.

Practice to Law

Take a large denomination bill, put it in your palms. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths in and out. After that, imagine how a thin and invisible, but tangible energy connection is formed between you and the bill. Now imagine that this bill is shrouded in a light golden haze. Close your eyes and take a deep breath, imagining that you are breathing this mist into the area between the eyebrows (third eye). As you exhale, mentally lower it to the center of your chest, at the level of your heart, and leave it there. After exhaling, take a short pause, visualizing the golden monetary energy accumulating in the center of the chest. Breathe in this rhythm for several minutes until you feel an influx of energy to the heart chakra: it can be warmth, a pleasant chill, tingling, a sensation of an energy ball, waves, a spinning whirlwind.

This exercise is very beneficial – it will make you available to the energy of abundance. Moreover, attractive to her. Do it as often as possible, as soon as you have a free minute.

Third law. Small steps rule!

Take a step towards God, and God will take a thousand steps towards you – this rule perfectly reflects the meaning of the law. If you want to reach a new level of income, you must introduce yourself to a rich lifestyle in small steps: surround yourself with rich and successful people (even on social networks – this will work), look for expensive things that you might like, at least start drinking coffee in a more expensive establishment – in general, do what you would do if your income was three times higher than the current one. Step by step, you will get closer to the life of your dreams, starting with a cup of coffee.

Practice to Law

Create a little ritual for yourself: for example, every Saturday go to the most expensive institution for a cup of coffee. This is done so that you begin to get used to the new space. Most people are afraid of luxury and thus repel wealth. Go to expensive stores and start at least trying on things, but it’s better to start buying something if you can afford it.

Using these tips will bring you much closer to the life of your dreams. Use them and enrich your life.

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