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Human success in life: what is the key to success and what does it depend on?


The concept of well-being in life has a lot of definitions, characteristics and components, all of which are united by the natural desire of every person to become successful. This desire becomes a driving force, pushing people to amazing achievements and discoveries, climbing and conquering high peaks, which is easy to do, knowing the secrets of victory.

Human Success: Popular Definitions of Success

Philosophers of antiquity and thinkers of the Middle Ages, even the bright minds of our time, fought and are fighting over a common definition of happiness, trying to bring all the components to a common denominator. By systematically moving towards the formed goal, you can become prosperous by realizing independently created opportunities, rejoicing at the results achieved and constantly raising the bar of triumphs.

Well-being depends on the bar set by the individual, on the environment where he grew up and was brought up, what kind of education he received and how much he was able to expand the scope of consciousness, succeeded in self-development and self-improvement.

A triumph in life is everyday work, setting goals and their implementation, a goal leads to it, breaking barriers and captivating through life, changing everything and bringing satisfaction from lived moments.

Criteria for success or how to measure success

Recognition of others, material well-being and popularity belong to the concept of well-being, this is a small part of its components, there is a set of criteria that help measure a person’s success:

  • Change of priorities. For a prosperous person, getting unusual sensations and an opportunity to experience vivid emotions is more valuable than buying a popular car or smartphone. The thirst for original experience is quenched by travel, hobbies and hobbies far from the events of everyday life;
  • Refusal of complaints. Complaining about difficulties and failures takes time and effort, they are better spent looking for options and solutions. Successful people do not complain, they make every effort to achieve the set targets and gradual self-development;
  • The goal is above all. Fully immersed in the process of implementing a given installation, one can see the shortcomings of the planning and the chosen tools. Having achieved the next victory, one’s vision is defended on the basis of the experience gained and the stages passed.

Fear of failure and failure holds back on the path to well-being, a justified and thoughtful risk, this is a success factor that helps to overcome fears through excellent preparation and the development of certain qualities of character.

Key qualities of successful people

The achieved triumph cannot be attributed to luck or luck, it is work, it requires the use of certain tools, they are qualities or character traits honed by self-development. It is difficult to replenish your own tools, so all efforts are directed to self-improvement, thanks to which the character is armed with the main qualities of a prosperous person:

  • Rationalism and prudence in the ability to take a balanced attitude to the current situation, awareness of personal responsibility for balanced decisions;
  • Objectivity in assessing one’s own strengths and capabilities, which reduces the level of emotionality of reactions to the negative and positive results obtained;
  • Self-discipline with prospects for self-improvement, highlighting the main and secondary, full, but not blind return in the process of work;
  • Passion and enthusiasm, helping to generate new ideas, effectively seek and find ways to implement them with minimal energy;
  • Decisiveness, with a certain degree of risk taking, balancing excessive enthusiasm, fueling with a sense of purpose for accomplishments.

All these features are united by inner harmony, its basis is creative abilities, but it is not necessary to be a brilliant artist or a virtuoso musician, it is enough to be able to improvise.

Flexibility of character, the ability to make a compromise decision and an analytical forecast of future developments, these are signs of a harmonious personality, beautiful in its purposefulness.

Human success in life: what is the key to success and what does it depend on?

Does success in life depend on appearance?

“They meet by clothes, but see off by mind", this saying does not illustrate the attitude towards accomplished people, but allows us to reconsider our values ​​u200bu200bfor appearance and the created image, according to which others perceive us. External attractiveness is evaluated according to generally accepted norms and rules inherent in fashion trends, there is no evidence that success depends on it, there are many factors that affect its achievement.

Having a beautiful appearance, it is impossible to achieve recognition without purposefulness and the ability to achieve the set goals, perseverance and self-organization, although it helps to endear oneself.

Forming a social circle, no one focuses only on beauty, and the determining factors are common interests and enthusiasm for ideas, the ability to communicate and correctly express thoughts, support and accept someone else’s point of view.

Charisma, or a complex of individual character traits, is inherent in people with different types of appearance, height and weight; in order to be successful, you need to take care of yourself, be neat and maintain the moral values ​​of modern society. Self-sufficiency is determined by an attentive attitude to others and to oneself, the ability to operate with internal character traits and external factors that have a certain influence.

To what extent success depends on external conditions

It is difficult to underestimate the degree of influence of conditions that do not depend on a person on his success; on the way to the realization of one’s own needs, one can encounter a variety of external factors divided into two categories:

  • Unfavorable. Negative conditions are a great incentive to look for exclusive solutions and creative risk mitigation options. The collapse of the financial market will be an opportunity to start a project from scratch, work not accepted by the manager can be finalized, in bad weather you can spend time with your family;
  • Favorable. Good conditions will help you achieve your goals faster, determine the next ones and start implementing them. Being born into a wealthy family will allow you to focus on financial stability, successfully passing exams guarantees an increase in the level of education, business profitability gives impetus to its development.

Of course, in favorable conditions, everything seems more predictable and safe, but almost all successful people agree that it was failures and difficulties that really shaped them, and that they received the most valuable lessons through trials, sometimes in the most adverse conditions. Everyone can swim in calm water, but only those who have been through the storm more than once achieve real success.

People who have achieved certain victories perceive any conditions as an opportunity to realize their abilities, because in difficult situations the will and character are tempered, and under favorable conditions there is a prospect of self-improvement.

What it takes to be successful in life

The concept of realization is expressed in the famous saying of the ancient Chinese thinker Confucius, who formulated it with slight elegance, saying: "Even the longest journey begins with the first step." The first and subsequent steps will become the path leading to the conquest of the established peak, and for conscious success it is enough to follow your own path using self-development tools:

  • Clear setting of goals and division of their tasks. By breaking down one goal into several small tasks, it is easier to achieve what was conceived, this principle corresponds to the principle of the state power of ancient Rome, a huge empire that conquered many countries;
  • Definition of funds. Tools useful for the implementation of the plan are always at hand, skillfully operating with their own abilities, developing them and engaging in self-improvement, they will help to use all existing perspectives;
  • Effective motivation. Success is associated with certain victories in various areas of life, so it is important to motivate yourself by analyzing the stages passed, overcoming barriers and understanding what the path of purposefulness will lead to;
  • Planning and control. According to the words of the German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, “If you want to subjugate everything, subjugate yourself to reason”, balanced control of the situation, subordinate to reason, guarantees timely adjustment of plans.

Starting the path of victories in life, the main thing is to correctly set a goal, upon reaching which you can use all personal characteristics and skills, and their improvement and self-development will help in motivation and changing plans. The adjustments made, taking into account external parameters and internal factors, will make it easier to overcome barriers and reduce the time required to implement the plan, which will certainly bring satisfaction.

Human success in life: what is the key to success and what does it depend on?

How to become a truly successful person

The formation of personality is a long and painstaking work, which largely depends on who you are now and who you want to become in the future. Therefore, on the one hand, it is important to be able to fantasize and dream, visualize and imagine the best options for your possible future every day. And on the other hand, soberly and objectively assess their strength, skills, talents and capabilities. But what can be said exactly and unambiguously, and for which there are many examples in history:

Success can be achieved at any age, and it is pointless to give up and give up as long as your heart is beating. Why? Yes, because you still have nothing to lose! But there is always a chance, and this should be remembered!

Your personal effectiveness and success directly depends on your ability to use your own advantages, the ability to activate internal resources, improve personal qualities and characteristics. Focusing on future accomplishments, it is important to accept the upcoming changes, changing yourself and consciousness, pushing the boundaries of the usual, enjoying the process of conquering peaks.

By systematizing the factors of success, it is necessary to hone your natural tools, opening your mind, developing creativity and flexibility, purposefulness and self-discipline. Internal motivation and the use of external factors will help to achieve success, having previously determined for yourself its main components and individual components.

Life Strategies for Success

The desire to gain well-being and happiness, which have become synonymous with success for many people, involves the implementation of strategic directions related to changing oneself and one’s perception of the world:

  • Trust in life as a basic strategy. We never fully know how this or that situation, this or that experience will turn out for us. We are not always given the opportunity to see the whole picture. Trust what is happening and try to get the maximum experience and benefit from it for your development;
  • The joy of other people’s achievements. Getting the desired result releases from negative emotions associated with disappointment and anxiety. The energy of other people’s victories charges with positive and inspires confidence that the development of the goal is not associated with losses and losses. Rejoice for others, and you will have someone to rejoice with for yourself;
  • Openness to change. Fear of the unknown limits, does not allow you to take advantage of the opportunities that open up. From the formed idea, grandiose accomplishments or higher levels of self-improvement are realized, opening other paths. Be open and ready for the brightest opportunities that you may have never even thought of before!;
  • Recognizing and letting go of failures. On the way to happiness, a prosperous person perceives failures as opportunities, using every chance given by fate. Realizing that not all life factors can be controlled, it is important to let go of a situation that cannot be changed. In case of another failure, accept this situation, draw all the necessary conclusions, and let it go, like any other outgoing experience;

Admitting mistakes and taking responsibility for your actions, as well as carefully weighing each next step, will help increase the likelihood of realizing your most cherished dream. But always remember that no matter how serious the moment is, you can’t always take everything too seriously! After all, life is a game, so play it in full!

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