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The story of the acquaintance of Robert Kiyosaki and his wife Kim!


The importance of good partners in life and business!

Years ago, when I was living in Honolulu, I met my friend Karen at TGI Fridays. We took two seats at the bar and she noticed her friend Robert who was there with his buddies. Robert and I then said to each other – Hello, that’s all …

Robert kept showing up in my life and asking to meet, but I kept saying no for almost six months. I explained that I moved to New York and I can’t even think about the possibility of a new relationship. My friend Karen used to date Robert about eight years ago.

But Robert didn’t want to take no for an answer. He called my friend Karen and said, “Karen, I know that you and Kim are best friends. Can you do me a favor?"

"What do you want?" Karen said.

Robert, being the salesperson, he replied, “I want you to recommend me to Kim!”

And so it happened. Of course, Karen began to tell what a wonderful guy, Robert. I wanted to make sure Karen didn’t have feelings for Robert anymore. I didn’t want to date a guy if my girlfriend still had feelings for him.

Another two months passed, and I was still working. We met again, but this time Karen convinced me that she was not interested in Robert and had no feelings for him. Over the course of several months, Robert sent me flowers, postcards from his travels, cards with personal notes, and even more flowers. Robert called me at work one afternoon and asked me to meet again. I was intrigued and loved the attention, so I said, “How about tonight?”

One thing I found out about Robert was a well developed skill – the ability to sell. Robert learned a few things from Karen that I really loved – good champagne and walks on the beach. That was all he needed to carry out his plan and win me over on the first evening.

Then Robert suggested, why don’t we take champagne and take a walk along the seashore?

I was shocked. I’ve been bought!

Business Partners at a Glance…

We talked and walked along the beach until 3:00 am on our first date. I still remember the key question Robert asked me that evening.

“What would you like to do with your life?” – he asked.

I said, “I want to have my own business.

“I can help you with that,” Robert said with a wink of an eye.

He then explained the business models that rich dad had taught him. He drew a quadrant on a napkin and called it the cash flow quadrant.

“He represents four types of people who find themselves in the world of business,” he explained. “‘E’ means employee. S’ self-employed. ‘B’ means business owner and ‘I’ means investor.”

He explained that a self-employed person could be a doctor, an accountant, a mechanic, or a beautician. They own the business and they work in the business. ‘s are often the only ones who work in their business. The business owner is dependent on other people working in his business. Microsoft, Harley Davidson, and Starbucks are examples of the "B" quadrant.

He continued: “Here is the difference between the sectors: If the representative of "E" and ‘"S" takes a month’s vacation, then his income stops for one month. When he rests, his income takes a break. If ‘B’ is away for a month’s vacation, or a year’s vacation, when he returns, his business will work just as well, if not better, without him. The peculiarities of the “I” sector are that it does not work at all, but only its money works.

That’s what Robert told me on our first date!
Within a month, we started our first venture together.

I love my husband. Together we have created a wonderful life. Robert taught me how a business works, but he has always inspired me to find my own financial freedom. This, in my opinion, is true love.

If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is that partners must be chosen very carefully and carefully. Good partners want the best for you. They will help you be better. You learn from them. And you like it when they are around.

Whether it’s marriage or business or anything else, it’s important what kind of partners you surround yourself with that will determine the quality of your life. You need to choose them wisely. Choose the bad ones and you will be miserable.

I got lucky with Robert. For me, he is a good partner in life and in business. I wish this for you too.

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