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Passive earnings on the Internet: income + ways + options + experience


Is passive income possible on the Internet? Indeed, thanks to forced self-isolation, many have discovered affordable ways to earn money remotely. Passive earnings on the Internet in 2021 makes it possible to receive finance on a regular basis and not work.

However, in order for this method to be as effective as possible, it is necessary to look for new sources of cash receipts and choose the best one for yourself that will work. In this case, a person will receive a certain amount every month. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most productive methods to improve your own well-being.

What is passive income

The salary of a person who goes to work every day is active income. You can lose it if you get sick or are laid off. Passive income is the regular receipt of funds to a person, regardless of his age, ability to work and health. The most elementary example is writers. A successful author writes a work, having spent a certain amount of time on it, and then receives dividends for each copy sold for more than a dozen years.

Probably, many people are familiar with people who do not go to work, but constantly replenish their well-being. This way of earning allows you to live by your own rules, travel, fulfill your dreams and just be free. Many people do not dare to earn passively, citing the lack of time. However, at the same time, they continue to go to a hated job for years, spending their life resource and getting a penny.

Success in passive income is achieved only by those who are confident that they will achieve their own goal and stubbornly go towards it. Below we will analyze what are the types of passive income.

Types of passive income

Passive earnings on the Internet: income + ways + options + experience

Passive income is divided into four types.

  1. According to law.

This category includes pension payments, social assistance, subsidies. In a word, all those finances that are provided to a person by the state. Childbirth allowance, stipend and more are also included here.

  1. financial investments.

This is a method that involves some investment. For example, you can buy an apartment or some other real estate and rent it out. It is also available to put money on deposit and receive interest or buy shares of any company. In other words, money works for a person.

  1. Marketing.

This refers to the creation of a system that will bring profit in the future. It can be a site with catchy content or a trademark. This method is very productively used by show business stars who make a brand out of themselves and their name, and then receive impressive fees for advertising goods or services.

  1. Intellectual property.

Here, too, everything is simple. An intellectual product (a book, a training program, a scientific discovery, a song, a script, and so on) is created, which is subsequently implemented, and the author makes a profit.

After a more detailed examination of the main types of passive income, we will deal with the most effective and real methods to improve our own well-being.

Option number 1 – maintaining your own website or blog

Passive earnings on the Internet: income + ways + options + experience

Creating a website or blog is one of the most real methods to get passive income on the Internet. It has three main benefits.

  1. Achievable good profit.

If the resource is competently and efficiently designed and built, it will certainly attract a lot of visitors. This will provide interesting promotional offers and so on. In addition, it is always available to make adjustments to the site and predict how it will function.

  1. Elementary.

Developing your own blog or website is not difficult at all. The main thing is to make every effort at the beginning of the journey in order to reap the fruits of success later.

  1. Long lasting result.

If you initially resort to honest ways of developing the resource (without cheating subscribers, and so on) and people are really interested in the site, then for some time it will generate income without your intervention.

This is a really effective method, especially since there are a lot of recommendations and training courses on the Internet for developing your own website. Below we will analyze the options for earning on the created resource.

Passive income – Contextual advertising

This is the simplest way to make a profit, the main idea of ​​which is to place ads from blocks of leading search engines. A visitor to your resource sees ads on the site in accordance with personal queries in a particular search engine for the last period of time. For example, if a person is fond of cars and often writes certain queries in the search engine line, then he will be “chased" by advertising related to cars, spare parts, and so on.

The owner of the resource simply provides space for ad units, and the system itself determines what to place there. Each time a visitor clicks on an ad unit, your account will be credited with a predetermined amount. Such passive income without investments directly depends on the number of visitors, the place where the advertisement will be placed and the theme of the resource. A thousand visits of subscribers per day will allow you to receive from $50 to $100 per month.


Now search engines do not favor links intended for sale. That is why we will consider only "eternal" links, which to this day are considered an effective means of website promotion. Placement on a high-quality, visited resource will certainly interest developers who will gladly buy a place for advertising.

It is easiest to implement links with the help of specialized resources (they are easy to find on the Internet). Such sites independently look for buyers for you. To attract customers on your own, you can state the relevant information on your resource.

The idea is that the advertiser provides you with unique material with a link to their own site, and you post it, for example, on your blog.

Option number 2 – investment

This method is not suitable for those who are looking for passive income without investments. The essence of earnings is a competent and thoughtful investment of funds. Finances work while you enjoy life. But it should be understood that this method of making a profit requires certain knowledge about where you can invest, and which areas are better left untouched. Otherwise, it’s quite risky.

If you are interested in this particular option, but you are a beginner in this area, it is recommended to give preference to areas with lower incomes and investments, but, accordingly, with minimal risks. And when the experience is enough, you can pay attention to something more serious. For example, selling goods in an online store and so on.

Option number 3 – affiliate programs

Now back to such a topic as passive income without investments. Taking part in affiliate programs and attracting new customers by posting referral links to a product or service from a manufacturer is a great way to make a profit.

For example, a company produces and sells exclusive sportswear or luxury perfumes. The manufacturer is interested in advertising and attracting the target audience through affiliate programs. You place a link to a product, and if a potential customer makes a purchase by clicking on it, you are credited with the amount of money.

You can search for referrals using:

  • own site – just write an article about a product or service, which includes a link, and place it on your resource;
  • pages on social networks – the main idea is identical to that described above, the only difference is that you can post this text not only in your account, but also on other pages (the main thing is not to engage in excessive spam).

The greatest benefit can bring multi-level affiliate programs. Their main idea is that when your referral brings others, you will also receive additional passive income without investment.

Option #4 – YouTube

A channel on one of the most sought-after resources can be an excellent source of income, but initially it will take some work. To attract subscribers, you need interesting content. To do this, you need to shoot videos that will attract a potential viewer, and it is not at all necessary to do this on a professional camera. Not the most expensive smartphone is quite suitable. The main thing is the idea, the topic of the video and its presentation to the target audience.

There are several options for making a profit:

  • sell advertising;
  • partnership programs;
  • number of video views.

Advertising sales will become available only when the number of subscribers grows steadily. You should also know that the YouTube resource itself has its own network, and after the channel is monetized, it will automatically receive ads.

When there is enough content on the channel and the number of subscribers begins to grow steadily, it is quite possible to switch to passive mode, only occasionally adding new videos.

Option number 5 – business on the worldwide web

Passive earnings on the Internet: income + ways + options + experience

A business created directly on the Internet is a great option to earn passively. Thanks to the automation of almost all stages, this became possible. But at first, you still have to work to start your own business, develop it and establish all processes. However, then you can take minimal participation and receive passive income without investment.

There are two main types of profit: dropshipping and the provision of services, we will consider each of them.

Selling online without investment

Dropshipping is the most suitable and profitable option. To organize your own online store, you do not need to rent a room, purchase goods, look for a warehouse, and much more. The main idea is to sell products that are in other outlets of the worldwide network. The task of the seller is only to find customers and promote the product.

The dropshipping scheme is quite simple:

  • creating its own trading platform (website, landing page, social network page);
  • cooperation with online stores is being established with a preliminary discussion of the size of the discount on products and delivery terms;
  • the seller selects certain products from the catalog and uploads them to his trading platform;
  • promotion of both sold products and the trading platform itself is carried out;
  • after the buyer has ordered the goods, the information is transferred to the supplier, who packs it and sends it to the customer.

If payment is made immediately, the seller collects his earnings and sends the rest to the supplier. When payment is made at the post office, everything is exactly the opposite. The supplier takes his amount of money, and sends the margin to the seller.

Passive Income – Service Provision

Among the main services that are provided through the worldwide network, legal advice, an accountant, foreign language training and much more stand out. Passive income without investments, based on the provision of services is possible, even if you yourself cannot provide them.

To resell legal advice or English lessons, you need to complete the following steps:

  • create a resource;
  • find profile specialists (accountants, tutors);
  • to promote your site;
  • redirect customers who need the service to the right specialist.

Part of the money goes to the person who provides advice or lessons. The rest of the funds remain with you as the owner of the site, who is looking for orders and provides work.

Option #6 – Teaching Other People

If you have a good amount of knowledge in a particular area, it is possible to profit from training courses. Naturally, at first there is a large amount of work to be done, but subsequently passive income on the Internet is quite accessible .

Such online courses are very popular due to the fact that a person does not need to leave the house. He can practice calmly in a familiar, comfortable environment. However, you will need to work on creating your own reputation, a recognizable brand. It is best to try to prove yourself as an expert in the chosen direction, this will take time.

The amount of profit may depend directly on the area you have chosen. It can be either $100-300 or $1000-1500. Popular courses are marketing, website promotion, online business, design, and so on.

Of course, this method cannot be called completely passive, since online classes are the most popular. However, you can prepare a number of records with lessons, and then the receipt of funds will be passive. The main thing is to update training materials in a timely manner.

Option number 7 – newsletter

Perhaps this is the easiest method to get passive income without investment. But in order to earn in this way, you will need an extensive customer base with their electronic mailboxes that people left of their own free will. You can collect it using a special form (posted on the website or blog). In exchange for contact information, it is best to offer something useful for users so that they are more willing to leave their data.

To prevent people from blacklisting you, two-thirds of the emails sent should contain useful, interesting information, and the rest can be advertising or your affiliate links, which we already talked about above.

Option number 8 – social networks

Another fairly simple method on how to create a profitable passive income on the Internet. The general algorithm of actions is identical to those that are carried out on the site or in your own blog, but there is no need to create a resource, do programming. All work is aimed at promoting an account on a social network. It can be a personal page, a public page or a community that needs to be filled with interesting, catchy and constantly updated content. When the number of subscribers begins to grow, you can go in search of advertisers and earn passively from posting.

The effectiveness of this method lies in the fact that now it is very difficult to find a person who is not registered in at least one social network. An interesting public will quickly gain subscribers consisting of a specific target audience, thereby stimulating advertisers to make you profitable offers.

The most common mistakes when creating passive income

Passive earnings on the Internet: income + ways + options + experience

Organizing a passive income on the Internet, many users make some of the most common mistakes.

  1. Mistake number 1 – lack of faith in success.

This is the most important mistake that can completely destroy all undertakings. It is quite natural to doubt success, but it is faith in oneself that does not allow one to give up and move forward towards the goal. In addition, numerous "experts" are quite capable of confusing anyone. It is worth listening only to the opinion of really experienced people in this area who have been able to succeed.

  1. Mistake number 2 – looking for a magic wand.

Each person sincerely wants to find that same magic wand or button, by using which an inexhaustible source of money will open. The idea that the Internet business is a freebie and earning a million in a week is quite possibly actively exploited by scammers. In order to organize passive income, you have to work hard.

  1. Mistake number 3 – laziness, lack of discipline.

Any of those who left their regular work for free bread, so as not to depend on the schedule, the whims of the leadership, is independently responsible for the results of the work. Now the process of quality control of the actions performed is entirely in the power of a freelancer who does not always want to do something. Therefore, you need to explain to yourself that only hard work can lead to passive income and a free, secure life.

In addition, beginners may quite naturally lack some skills and knowledge. There are two solutions to the problem here. The first is independent study of the subject. The second is the help of professionals. In the latter case, by making a contribution to your own knowledge, you can not only get the maximum skills. But also save nerve cells.

Passive Income – Conclusions

We have analyzed some of the most popular ways to passively earn money on the worldwide web. In conclusion, it is worth considering some conclusions based on this material.

  1. There are several variations of passive profit making. Each person can choose for himself the optimal generator of earnings. But if something doesn’t work out, don’t give up. Maybe it wasn’t your niche. And, for example, instead of training courses, you can start promoting a YouTube channel about animals. The main thing is to understand what you can do. And what are you better and more interesting than others.
  2. Labor and only labor. To then live in your own pleasure, initially you have to work hard.
  3. Still not without investment. And it’s not always finance. Temporary resource, perseverance, willpower, self-confidence – all these are investments in the future, which should not be forgotten.

Nowadays, the average age of a working person is 25-50 years. This is a continuously busy person, often with a lack of money, loans and a complete lack of time for themselves. Even John Davison Rockefeller, a dollar billionaire, once said: “He who always works has no time to earn!” It is the effective distribution of your own time and hard work that will allow you to create a source that brings passive income on the Internet. And as a result, a free life.

After all, according to Robert Kiyosaki, the real wealth of a person is not in the amount of money in a bank account. And in the time that he can spend without working!

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