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Part-time work on the Internet: for students + at home + online


The need for additional income arises in each of us. Well, who doesn’t need a part-time job on the Internet? Various sites and part-time services, of which there are many in the global network, can act as sources of financial income.

Many of them offer adequate conditions for cooperation and have proven themselves on the positive side. We have collected the most popular ways to earn extra money on the Internet without investments, both for people who are good at PCs and for novice users.

Working on social networks

If you need work on the Internet at home, social networks can be a great way to make money. Such resources offer monetary rewards for completing the following simple tasks: spreading the necessary information, expressing approval in the form of likes, joining certain communities, etc. Such a simple work accomplishes many tasks, creating an increase in the account in the form of 20-100 🪙. The main condition for a part-time job is registration in social networks.

There are several sites providing kalym :

  • VKTarget is one of the most popular resources for making money on social networks. There are a lot of tasks here. Among the advantages of the service, it is worth noting the instant verification of tasks, responsive technical support, prompt crediting of funds to the balance. Examples of tasks: like, publish a post, join a community, subscribe, share a post, etc. To withdraw money, you need to accumulate at least 25 🪙 on your account. Tasks in Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, etc. are completed from a single VKTarget account. To expand the capabilities of the Internet site, the developers have provided a mobile version of the site and an affiliate program.
  • V-like.ru is another site for part-time work in social networks. This resource allows you to earn money on Twitter, Vkontakte, YouTube, etc. Tasks vary depending on the complexity: adding friends, posts, joining groups, etc. Payments are made to a mobile phone, Webmoney, Yandex Money. Minimum withdrawal amount: 15 🪙.

Working on surveys

Part-time work on the Internet: for students + at home + online

Polls are a fairly simple way to work on the network that does not involve any financial investment. It is more suitable as an additional income on the Internet. Basically, surveys are carried out by large organizations through specialized resources in order to find out people’s preferences. So, by answering questions within 10-30 minutes, you can earn 20-60 🪙.

Recommendation: Register for several questionnaires at once. This will allow you to receive more surveys and, accordingly, earn more.

There are several trusted sites that send surveys:

  • Internetopros is a validated questionnaire that has been around since 2007. First you need to register, which will not take much time. The average cost of a survey is about 50 🪙. Your task is to answer all questions honestly.
  • Platnijopros is an excellent questionnaire that you can safely trust. Polls are conducted within the recent time, Belarus and other CIS countries. It takes no more than 15 minutes to complete the survey. As a rule, letters come by mail. The cost of such a side job is 50-60 🪙. Funds are withdrawn to a PayPal e-wallet.
  • Rublklub is one of the most popular questionnaires that pays 150 for filling out a profile 🪙 You can make good money on this resource. There is also an affiliate program on the site, which can serve as an additional source of income. The average cost of a survey is 30-50 🪙.
  • The questionnaire is one of the most reliable questionnaires on the Internet that has existed for over 10 years. For filling out profiles, you can get a dowry in the form of 80 🪙. On average, for completing surveys, from 20 to 70 🪙 get into the wallet. Recently, the site has undergone the following changes: it has become possible to receive cash rewards with withdrawal to an electronic wallet, bank card, etc., and not just cash via mail recently.

As a rule, on such survey sites, the number of surveys is limited, so immediately after receiving the survey by mail, you should proceed to its implementation.

Part-time work on copywriting exchanges

Part-time work on the Internet: for students + at home + online

Exchange of content or articles – a site that is an intermediary between the employer and the copywriter. The existence of such Internet sites is fully justified, since they allow you to earn extra money on writing texts and get a dowry. We will describe some of them, where you can make good money.

If you know how to write articles, Etxt.ru can be a great option for you to earn money. Responsive technical support, a huge variety of orders, a personal channel for communication, a program for checking the uniqueness of texts, and our own article store make the resource one of the best on the Internet. The transaction fee is 5%. The minimum withdrawal threshold is 250🪙 You can withdraw funds to a bank card or electronic wallet.

TextSale is one of the oldest copywriting exchanges. The most comfortable conditions for work are created here. Any author can put up a text for sale or take an order to work. The minimum withdrawal amount is 200🪙 Copywriting exchange commission – 10%. You can withdraw money on the second day.

Workzilla is a service that brings together webmasters and freelancers into a single information network. In order to earn extra money on this exchange, you need to register and pay for access to orders. Withdrawal of funds is carried out to the WebMoney wallet or to Z-payment. Among the advantages of the site should be noted a decent salary and a huge variety of tasks. All this makes the exchange a worthy alternative to similar services.

Additional sites

Advego is one of the most optimal copywriting exchanges. There are a lot of customers here. The site’s own programs that check a number of indicators, as well as many tasks, put this resource among the leaders on the network. Access to all software products is free. Payment for work can be received in 🪙 and other currencies that you need to specify in the settings of payment systems. The minimum withdrawal threshold is $5.

A very popular exchange is ContentMonster. There is a free school of copywriters here, which allows each author to try his hand in this area and receive a dowry for his work. After registering on the exchange, you must pass a test. When your test work is approved by the admins, access to the site opens. Many people ignore this Internet site, but in vain, since there is rather low competition among authors. You can earn much more on this exchange, since the rates for copywriting are much higher. You can receive the earned money using a number of payment systems. The minimum withdrawal limit is 150🪙 If you have experience in writing texts, start with this resource.

A closed copywriting exchange, which you can become a part of only if you successfully complete the test task, is CopyLancer. The advantages of this site are obvious even to a beginner: a huge selection of orders, prompt withdrawal of funds, user-friendly interface, responsive technical support cannot but rejoice. The minimum withdrawal threshold is 120🪙 You can withdraw money to an electronic wallet. Today it is one of the best sites for making money on writing articles.

Sloganist is another text content exchange that provides part-time work on the Internet. Payment above average, low competition and loyalty to performers are the main advantages of this resource. To take the job, you need to fill out a special form. Only then can you start looking for orders for writing articles. Authors are not charged a commission. Withdrawal of funds is carried out once every 7 days. You can also apply for an urgent withdrawal of funds.

Part-time work on the Internet on sites – additional options

Another resource worth noting is Turbotext. This site is no less popular among copywriters. To get here, you must pass a special literacy test and pass a test task. If the moderators rate your abilities as excellent, you will receive a basic level. If the test fails, the task can be retaken. Withdrawal of funds is carried out if there are 50 🪙 on the account.

Text.ru is one of the most reliable and proven exchanges. Cooperation between performers and customers on text.ru is quite fruitful for both parties. Working on the copywriting exchange is truly reliable and convenient. Here you can find various tasks for writing unique content. You can check written content for uniqueness and literacy using an online program. The cost of texts starts from 20 🪙 per 1000 characters. You can receive a cash reward for work in 3 days. Moreover, the kalym should be at least 100🪙

Each of the described copywriting exchanges has its pros and cons. When choosing a worthy site, try to listen to your own feelings, and not pay attention to other people’s value judgments. Writing articles is a proven way to make money online. If you manage to write texts, clearly and competently formulating your thoughts, this type of income is created for you.

Today, work on improving the exchanges presented in our review does not stop. Using the support service, you can contact the moderators and quickly solve the problems that have arisen. Any conflicts that have arisen in the course of work between customers and contractors are effectively and efficiently considered by arbitration. The rights of customers and performers are protected equally.

Phone work

Part-time work on the Internet: for students + at home + online

Almost every one of us has a mobile phone, but did you know that it can be a good way to earn money? This kind of part-time work on the Internet is suitable for everyone without exception. Even if it will be small money (from 100-700 🪙 per month), but it takes a little time to work (5-10 minutes a day). All that is required of you is to download the desired application to your smartphone in a couple of clicks and get paid, and then you can delete the application.

AppCent is a service for downloading applications and receiving money for other simple tasks. For one application, you can get from 1 to 30 🪙. For kalym, you need to: install the service, select a task, open the necessary application and receive money to the account.

You can also recommend the AdvertApp service, where there are many orders. The essence of kalym is simple and has been described above. Of course, you won’t be able to earn a lot, but it’s definitely enough for small expenses.

These applications are safe for the phone and really allow you to earn money, more than 1 million users have been verified.

Part-time work on clicks and views on the Internet

Part-time work on the Internet: for students + at home + online

Today, surfing is one of the easiest ways to earn money online. The tasks are elementary: viewing advertising materials, websites, reading letters, clicking, etc. Let’s consider several similar sites.

Seo-fast is a resource for making money on views and clicks. The site presents a lot of tasks, among which it is worth noting filling out tests, surfing, viewing banners. The main advantages of the site: fast payments to e-wallets and a referral program.

Socpublic is a site that allows you to earn money by viewing Internet sites and commercials. There are ways to earn money here, such as writing reviews, registering on sites, approving content in the form of likes, etc. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1 kopeck. Kalym is also possible on the referral program, which is perhaps one of the best on this website.

Profitcentr.com is a fairly popular platform with over 1 million members. Because the service offers a stable price for downloading files, reading letters and other simple tasks. Advantages of the site: fast payouts, 2-level referral program, various withdrawal methods with no minimum withdrawal threshold.

You won’t be able to get a lot of money on clicks and views on the Internet, no more than 100 🪙 per day. However, this method is suitable as a side job.

Part-time work for students

Part-time work on the Internet: for students + at home + online

There are online platforms for students. The essence of the work is simple – to write term papers, theses and other student papers.

Working on captcha input

Part-time work on the Internet: for students + at home + online

There are many sites that allow you to earn extra money on the Internet by entering captcha. Surely you have repeatedly entered special characters from various pictures into the field. This is the captcha, which is used to distinguish a real person from a bot. There are other types of captcha in the form of 6-8 pictures with bridges, etc. Such tasks are simple and you should not expect a large monetary reward. We will describe several popular resources for entering captcha.

Socialink.ru – the service has been operating for more than 8 years. Captcha is the easiest way to make money online. Because in addition to tasks for entering captcha, there are many others: surfing, reposts, subscriptions in social networks, likes and others. You can earn up to 100 🪙 daily.

2captcha.com is an English captcha solving site that is great for making extra money. This service pays money in dollars. You can withdraw money on WebMoney. An important nuance – captcha is entered only in English.

Working on watching ads

Part-time work on the Internet: for students + at home + online

The optimal work on the Internet at home is to view ads and receive monetary rewards for such actions. You don’t really need to do anything, just register and install the extension for your browser. When you view video ads on different sites, you will be charged based on the number of views. For a thousand ad impressions, you can earn from 40 to 70 🪙.

SurfEarner.com is a popular service for viewing commercials on the Internet. For each view of banners money is charged. SurfEaarner banner located at the top of the screen does not interfere with browsing resources. Each user is assigned a rating according to the amount of earnings. To start earning, you need to follow these steps: register on the site, install a special extension on your browser, browse websites and earn money. Funds are transferred to Webmoney, Yandex Money, etc.

P2P is a service with a working scheme, like the previous site. Withdrawal is possible to e-wallets and bank cards. The minimum withdrawal amount is 30 🪙. The income can be from 50 to several thousand 🪙 per month.

Working on comments and reviews

Part-time work on the Internet: for students + at home + online

Today, it is possible to work on the Internet on reviews and comments. However, there are special services that allow you to earn up to 2-3 thousand rubles without cheating by commenting. per month. For such work, you need to write honest reviews about various goods, services, hotels, etc. Let’s dwell on such sites in more detail.

Otzovik.com is an online platform where you can find reviews about everything. Earnings depend on the reviews you write. Each user receives a rating for completing tasks. The higher it is, the higher the monetary reward, respectively. The minimum length of a review is 500 characters. An important nuance: useful reviews are needed, then they will have more views and higher payment for such work. The minimum withdrawal amount is 200 🪙. Recommendation: to get more views, you should leave a lot of reviews.

Qcomment.ru is a site of social promotion and comments. There are many orders on various topics. In addition to the basic direction of earnings, here you can get a dowry on video views, likes and reposts. You can earn up to 50 🪙 for one task. It is possible to withdraw funds from 100 🪙. Because participants with a high rating can earn good money. The higher the rank, the more expensive tasks you will receive.

IMPORTANT: Write only useful and truthful reviews and comments. Do not take orders where you need to advertise products (services) about which you have doubts or suspect that this is a scam.

Fraudulent ways of working part-time: how to recognize

Part-time work on the Internet: for students + at home + online

Some job offers on the Internet can be considered fraudulent. This is determined by the following factors:

  • The employer requires to pay for something: creating a portfolio, tuition fees, etc.
  • Do not fall for the tricks of scammers who offer you to easily and simply become rich in a couple of days. Most likely, they want to make money on you.
  • Instead of real kalym, they offer to participate in the construction of a financial pyramid. This includes the scheme of earning money in the casino and sites under the guise of online games with the withdrawal of funds.
  • Under the guise of real earnings, it is proposed to pay for participation in some project. There are many such scams on the web.
  • If you are offered a job on very tempting conditions, but at the same time they are asked to pay a deposit. 99.9% of the time it’s a scam.
  • The offer of cooperation contains a scheme in which the work will not be paid, no matter how spectacular the project would look.
  • If you work directly with customers, do not forget to take an advance payment (for example, 30% of the cost of work).

All vacancies offering to earn extra money on the Internetmust be subjected to rigorous verification. Read reviews and comments about the proposed earnings on third-party, independent resources.

Summing up

We looked at the most popular ways to earn money from home without investment. We are sure you will choose the most suitable option for you. At first, you may have some difficulties. But with the acquisition of invaluable experience, you will comprehend the nuances of this work and be able to earn some good money. We wish you good luck.

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