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Honest earnings on the Internet: TOP ways


How to find an honest income on the Internet? After all, some users refuse to earn money on the Internet. Because they believe that such activities are associated with fraud. But in reality this is far from the case.

An honest income is possible. Today, you can provide for yourself by working online, and even more worthy than with official employment. We present to your attention several ways to honestly earn money on the Internet. Read carefully, try and live with dignity.

But before you start, pay attention to the course on money thinking from Ilya Sitnov.

The main ways to make money honestly

There are several popular online platforms where you can convert all your talents into real money. All these are sites repeatedly checked by numerous users, where the risks of non-payment are almost zero. Therefore, if you want to get started today, we recommend this material for reading.

Passing surveys

The essence of this work is to honestly answer questions that mainly relate to consumer products. Manufacturers are interested in the opinion of consumers, pursuing their own selfish goals. To start earning honestly, just go through a simple registration. There are a lot of fields to fill out.

The answers to the questions of the questionnaires are used in a generalized form. For one questionnaire, you can earn from 40 to 110 🪙 But it usually takes about 20-30 minutes to fill out. It is best to register on several sites: one resource will bring no more than 4-10 surveys per month.

There are several sites for making money on surveys.

Survey Harbor is a service that specializes in both marketing and social research. For the survey, 40-50 virtual points (points) are awarded.

YouThink is one of the most popular projects that offers both small surveys and large surveys. The cost of one survey is 30-140🪙

The questionnaire is a comfortable Russian-speaking platform. The cost of one questionnaire varies 20-90🪙

Myiyo is a foreign project with a large number of users. Easy honest earnings are calculated in euros.

Mr Survey is a well-known service that specializes in marketing research. Each survey earns the answerer from 50 to 90🪙

Surveys.su is another interesting project that allows you to honestly earn money online by completing surveys. Surveys are paid from 60 to 150🪙

My Opinion is a survey site where users receive about 100 bonuses for one survey. Bonuses can be exchanged for coupons and purchase some goods.

Iberia System is a very promising project where you can earn about 30-70 by filling out a small questionnaire🪙 Sometimes there are more voluminous offers.

Article writing

Honest earnings on the Internet: TOP ways

Want to learn how to literally print money? No problems with grammar and spelling? In this case, we will tell you where to find honest earnings on the Internet. The main advantage of such work is that you do not have to invest your money. All that is needed is the ability to write texts correctly.

Any work should begin with careful preparation, this also applies to copywriting. If you have no experience in writing texts, take copywriting courses from famous masters and read the relevant literature: V. Orlov "Your own copywriter", S. Bernadsky "Selling texts", E. Slobodyanyuk "Treasure for a copywriter", etc. All this will allow you to improve your level and start earning honestly by writing articles.

A copywriter must have the following skills:

  • impressive vocabulary;
  • the ability to communicate with the customer and ask him questions on the assignment in order to satisfy all his expectations;
  • knowledge of SEO principles;
  • understanding of the main tasks that should be reflected in the text;
  • ability to understand a new topic;
  • ability to write advertisements.

Without these qualities, it will not be easy to develop a large customer base.

Copywriting exchanges

A copywriting exchange is a platform where customers and copywriters meet. She acts as an intermediary. The existence of such sites is fully justified, since there are a lot of resources on the Internet that require text content to be promoted.


One of the oldest exchanges on the web is TextSale. Any newcomer will be able to take an order to work or sell content. There are good conditions for earning here. Withdrawal of funds starts from 200🪙 Commission fee –– 10%.


Advego is one of the most popular exchanges for honest earnings. Own programs for checking the originality of content, as well as many orders put this online platform in the lead. Funds are withdrawn in any convenient currency. Withdrawal is possible from $5.


This online platform is closed for free access, but it is worth choosing this platform for a number of reasons. First of all, there is a copywriting school here, so everyone can try their hand in this area. After registration, you need to pass a test: write the text according to the TOR. Access to the exchange will open upon approval by the admins of your work. You can withdraw funds through a number of well-known payment systems. Withdrawals start from 150🪙


Etxt.ru is one of the most popular exchanges on the Internet. A large number of users, a lot of tasks, a private channel for communication. Prices start from 20 rubles per 1000 characters. Commission for orders is 5%. You can withdraw funds using any of the proposed payment systems.


The exchange stands out among many competitive Internet sites. Here you can find various tasks for writing unique content. You can check written articles for originality if you use a special service. You can withdraw funds within 3 days. The size of the commission is from 8 to 10%. Moreover, the minimum amount is 100🪙 For 1000 characters. you can get from 25 to 150🪙


Another well-known exchange, which today has become publicly available. A wide selection of topics, an intuitive interface, an article store, prompt withdrawal of funds are just a small part of the advantages of this online platform. Fairly earned funds are withdrawn quite quickly. Withdrawal amount starts from 120🪙


This exchange is in great demand among copywriters and text content customers. To get here, you need to pass a literacy test, as well as pass a test task. If the moderators rate your writing skills as an A, you are assigned a basic level. If you have not passed the test, then within 3 months you need to complete mini tasks. Minimum withdrawal amount –– 50🪙

Each of the described Internet platforms is good in its own way. When choosing an exchange, listen to your own feelings and do not pay attention to other people’s evaluative opinions.

How much can you honestly earn?

Honest earnings on the Internet: TOP ways

A copywriter can earn from 3 to 100 thousand 🪙 per month, depending on the amount of work and rating (if he works on the stock exchange). As a rule, honest earnings on the Internet can be divided into the following stages:

  1. First level. Your price tag on the copyright exchange starts from 15🪙 for 1000 characters. Of course, while your earnings will not be large, since you have a low rating, however, it is possible to get 7-8 thousand per month.
  2. Middle level. Having mastered a little in this area, you learn to independently select keywords (high-frequency search queries) and use all kinds of literacy check services. Don’t forget to submit your best work to the Portfolio, which reflects your skill level. The cost of works is 100-150🪙 for 1000 characters. You can get from 25 to 40 thousand per month🪙
  3. High level. About 12% of copywriters reach the level of high earnings, as the competition is on the alert here. Payment for 1000 characters. can vary from 150 to 500 🪙, and you can raise up to 140 thousand per month 🪙 Remember: every successful copywriter values ​​his time and does not stand still to get a good and honest income.

Work in social networks

Today, almost everyone has an account on a social network. We don’t realize it ourselves, but we do simple things every day: like photos, add friends, repost, watch videos, leave comments. However, social networks are not only a platform for communication, but also a business platform. Here you can honestly earn money.

There are many sites that are focused on easy honest earnings in social networks.

CashBox is an online platform where you can receive money not only for performing the simplest tasks, but also for other actions.

Likesrock is another well-known service with many different tasks.

Qcomment is a popular online platform that occupies a leading position in its field. Moreover, you can leave comments not only under publications in social networks, but also on third-party resources.

Vkserfing is a well-known service. There are many tasks for every taste. Minimum withdrawal amount –– 50🪙

Vkstorm is a Russian-language service that is focused on Vkontakte and allows anyone to earn money.

Vktarget is a fairly reputable online platform where you can find tasks for every taste. In one action, you can get from 200 to 2 kopecks🪙 The minimum withdrawal amount is 15🪙

V-like is an online platform where there are many tasks for every taste, you just need to go through a simple registration and get started.

financial games

Honest earnings on the Internet: TOP ways

If you like to play online, pay attention to financial games. By completing simple tasks, you can get a good reward. The player earns bonuses, which can then be exchanged for cash, or left to upgrade the profile. Over time, it will begin to bring good profits.

The number of such Internet sites is in the hundreds. Many of them require financial investments, but there are risks here, so you should not get carried away too much. We list the most popular gaming sites that allow you to get easy honest earnings :

  1. Ferma Sosedi is a fairly popular game where players can produce various agricultural products.
  2. Golden Mines is a game in which dwarves extract ore from a mine and make a profit. Active players receive bonuses.
  3. Money Birds is another famous game. You buy birds that lay eggs and sell them.
  4. Rich-birds is one of the oldest games in which the player buys bird eggs and earns from it.
  5. GoldenTea is a simple game that has a lot of fans. Players grow tea for sale. Earned virtual funds can be exchanged for real money and withdrawn from your account.
  6. Taxi Money is a popular game in which the player acts as a taxi driver. The points you get can be spent on pumping the car, or take money.

All online gambling sites have referral programs from which you can also earn.

Enter captcha

There are services that pay real money for captcha recognition. That is, you see letters, numbers and drive in the result. Such work is of the same type and requires increased concentration. But usually for entering a thousand captchas you can get only 30-50 🪙 The amount of earnings depends on your typing speed and the pricing policy of the resource. Devoting 2-3 hours a day to decrypting captchas, you can get up to 2-4 thousand monthly🪙

The most popular and honest sites for making money on the Internet are:

  1. 2Captcha is an English-language platform with zero withdrawal fees. Earned funds can be withdrawn both to the card and to EPS wallets.
  2. Kolotibablo is a site where payment for captcha decryption is made in dollars. The minimum withdrawal is 50 cents.
  3. Megatypers is a popular service that is focused on entering various captchas.
  4. Rucaptcha is a well-known Russian-language Internet site. During the day, one captcha costs 2-5 coops, at night – a little more.

Earn on reviews

We all use services and buy products, and then form our own opinion about them. You can leave your opinion on a specialized Internet platform and get paid for it. In addition, many review sites pay not only for reviews, but also for their views. Such resources carefully monitor the quality of content. They need unique photos and real experience of using the product.

Among the popular review sites, several should be highlighted.

Irecommend is a pretty promising resource. The small cost of viewing is leveled by a lot of visits. Funds are added continuously.

KakProsto is a reference site where you can leave not only reviews, but also recommendation texts. For an article, the author receives 50🪙 and 500 bonuses for monthly posting of 20 articles.

Otzovik is a well-known service. For a thousand views you can get 500 🪙 To earn on views, you need to post a review once a month.

Spasibovsem is a popular site that provides many options. Bonuses for reviews, high cost per view and the ability to review the same product again. But this is not all the advantages of the service.

Vseotzyvy is a great resource with decent prices. But the cost of posting a review depends on the popularity of the product. Payment is made by bonuses, which can then be exchanged for real money.

Reviews PRO is a promising online platform that offers attractive conditions. For a review they pay within 1-4🪙 But for every 1000 views you can earn up to 300🪙


Honest earnings on the Internet: TOP ways

Freelancing is any kind of online work. But today, some freelancers are individual entrepreneurs or self-employed persons. Because it allows you to openly advertise your services.

The range of work that freelancers perform is very diverse:

  1. Programming. This includes the creation of websites, databases and other IT products.
  2. Resource maintenance. This refers to content management, SEO promotion and other activities.
  3. Graphic and web design. The designer is working on the site interface, gifs and images.
  4. Internet Marketing. This includes any activity related to the promotion of business on the Internet.
  5. Infobusiness. This is the sale of various books, educational materials and other information products.
  6. Consulting. Providing consulting assistance in various fields: medicine, psychology, law.
  7. Education. This category includes any form of distance learning, from tutoring to online courses.
  8. Translation activity. Translation services are in high demand.
  9. Handmade. Tailoring, knitting, or making candy bouquets all generate income.
  10. Qualified services. In this case, we are talking about accounting and legal services.

Freelancers with experience rarely look for work on the side, as they have an established client base. There are various forums and highly specialized, honest sites for making money on the Internet, where specialists communicate. There are also freelance exchanges where you can find many jobs – from the simplest to the professional ones.

Consider several popular freelance exchanges.

FL is a promising Internet platform. You can take both bulk projects and one-time orders.

Ispolnu is an online platform with a fixed cost for tasks. You can offer or, conversely, order services for an amount that is a multiple of 300 or 500🪙

Kwork is a popular resource for freelancing. Third party payments are prohibited. The service is estimated at 500 rubles. Minimum withdrawal ––16🪙

Moguza is a service with a rating system. The cost of tasks varies in a wide range: from hundreds to 5 thousand.🪙

Freelance is one of the reputable sites where you can find many jobs.

Pchel.net is a well-known online platform where even a beginner can make good money. The resource requests prepayment from customers.

YouDo is a resource with an intuitive interface and many tasks that do not require special training.

Earnings on photo stocks

Do you know how to work with graphic editors or take beautiful photos? Try your hand at photo stocks. Because it’s really not that hard. Some sites accept authors based on test results. We bring to your attention the most popular Internet sites:

  1. Lori is a well-known photo stock that has been operating since 2006. Payments are made to PayPal or a bank account.
  2. Adobe Stock is a popular online platform that is connected to all known graphic services. You can start working right away. Payments are made on PayPal.
  3. Getty Images is another resource that many photo buyers love. The application for entry here is considered for a long time.
  4. Dreamstime is a service where both amateurs and professionals can honestly earn money. Simple registration, but each file is carefully checked.

YouTube channel

Each of us daily views videos on the network, and this opens up great opportunities for honest earnings. Moreover, the more popular the channel on YouTube, the more income it brings to its owner. To achieve this, it is important to think over a strategy for its promotion.

If you have your own YouTube channel, you can earn in the following ways:

  1. Direct advertising. Because you can include commercials or advertise any products.
  2. Sponsorship. Because grateful subscribers can sponsor a channel.
  3. Partnership. This option is suitable for channel owners who have at least 1 thousand subscribers. Because you can earn money on commercials and referrals to advertisers’ resources.
  4. Streams. Because you can earn on video broadcasts online.

Tips for beginners

The Internet provides many opportunities for honest earnings. You can adopt a few simple ways, or master a particular profession. Everyone can leave reviews, solve captchas and like photos, but it won’t work out well. Try copywriting, programming, or web design—they pay a lot more for that.

We wish you success! We are sure that you will discover a lot of new and interesting things for yourself, and most importantly – make sure that honest earnings are real.

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