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Online Learning Courses: Top 10 Coolest Online Courses


We offer you a selection of “online learning courses" – 10 educational resources for remote learning. And many of them are free. Find your source of knowledge and learn your favorite craft from anywhere in the world.

This article provides a brief overview of the following resources:

  1. Moscow State University – Open courses within the framework of the program "University without borders";
  2. INTUIT – National Open Internet University;
  3. UNIVERSARIUM – an open educational platform;
  4. LECTORIUM is an educational project that collects a large video archive of Russian-language lectures and online courses;
  5. Twirpx – in its structure, the resource is similar to a torrent;
  6. ACADEMIC EARTH: Information from the world’s best educational sources: MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale University and more.
  7. EDX – lectures from around the world on business and management;
  8. TED is a platform for performances, through TED representatives of absolutely all possible fields share their ideas with the world: doctors, politicians, artists, engineers, teachers and representatives of many other professions;
  9. Coursera – analytics, programming and other relevant specialties.
  10. University Of The People – Free online university with paid exams.

Don’t close the doors of your perception. Tune your receivers to the wave of learning. And get ready for overload. Because five years ago, online learning courses were imperfect. And today it has formed in due measure. But what does this mean for us?

We are seeing a rapid influx of new technical tools for learning and work. And they are constantly updated, getting better.

The Brave New World of Online Learning

We don’t have time for the “five-year plan” at the university. Because while you are studying, your profession disappears or completely changes. This happened, for example, with journalism. And this can happen with any other profession. After all, no one is immune from change.

But you can get a new profession or “upgrade” your knowledge of a well-known craft. And you can do it without taking off your pajama pants. Imagine, right from home! Convenient, isn’t it? 

How to find a craft that won’t disappear in a couple of years

The Internet brings down a lot of offers to users. Among them are free courses, intensives or games. As well as distance learning from leading universities. and all these products are designed to keep the labor market from collapsing. Well, to keep the factories running.

We went through all the top offers of the Network and selected the best ones. And now we share with you.

Online Learning Courses: 5 Resources in Current Language

Online Learning Courses: Top 10 Coolest Online Courses1 MGU – Open courses within the framework of the program "University without Borders".

On the MSU website you will find general educational materials on a variety of topics.

  • astronomy,
  • biophysics,
  • mathematics,
  • biology,
  • geology,
  • philology,

Now more than 30 courses are open on the University Without Borders website. The training format is video lectures, seminars, test tasks. And, of course, the final certification.

2 INTUIT – National Open Internet University 

It is considered one of the largest universities on the Web. At the same time, he really gives higher education. And the second higher, if you need it.

You have to pay for INTUIT. But there are more than 500 open courses on the university’s website. And you can listen and watch them for free. In addition, they cover different areas.

  • informatics,
  • physics,
  • mathematics,
  • economy,
  • philosophy.

By the way, after listening and viewing these courses, a free electronic certificate is issued.

3.UNIVERSARIUM – an open educational platform

It hosts not only online courses in various sciences. The Universarium offers a platform for videos from various teachers and even HR employees. In these videos, they give advice on how to competently find the right job. Or about how to quickly retrain.

The format of training is video lectures, homework. And without tests and certifications, too, will not do. There is even group work. Because single training is not always the most effective.

4.LEKTORIUM is an educational project that collects a large video archive of Russian-language lectures and online courses

The scope of online courses is extensive. Here are collected materials on rare and topical disciplines. It makes no sense to list the entire list of courses. Because almost all available areas of activity are represented there. And we advise you to just study it yourself.

In its structure, it is similar to a torrent. Because here you can also download rare educational literature for points. The starting number of points is provided after registration. Additional points can be earned by sharing your archives. Or buy with money.

Online Learning Courses: 5 Resources in different languages

Online Learning Courses: Top 10 Coolest Online Courses1 ACADEMIC EARTH

Can be an incentive to overcome the language barrier. Especially for those who need information from the world’s best educational sources. For example from:

  • MIT, Harvard,
  • Princeton
  • Stanford,
  • Yale University, etc.

Lectures from all over the world. And also in English. Most Popular Online Courses

  • Computer Science,
  • business and management,
  • statistics and work with data,
  • humanitarian sciences,
  • English language.
3 University Of The People

Free online university with paid exams. But payment is due at the end of each course. Tuition fees vary depending on where you live. But here you need to try to become a student. At least show that you understand what language you are studying. So learn English. And make sure you have at least a high school education with a positive grade. By the way, the university provides an opportunity to win a grant for free education.


A platform for performances that are broadcast on the network. And they are stored here. Through TED, representatives of all possible fields share their ideas with the world. For example:

  • doctors,
  • politicians,
  • painters,
  • engineers,
  • teachers
  • and representatives of many other professions.

The language of communication is English. But you can always pick up subtitles. TED is not an online university. And there are no online courses in their purest form. But no one is stopping you from learning from lecturers. It’s also a good resource for finding inspiration. Because almost everyone who goes on stage is an interesting person. And their ideas often go beyond the standard approach to the problems and tasks they are talking about.

5 Coursera

On the resource website, you can not only listen to online courses. But also communicate with other students, as well as take tests and exams. The 5 most popular areas of the project aimed at deep learning (IT).

  1.  Python for Everyone and Applied Data Science with Python (University of Michigan),
  2. Data Science (Johns Hopkins University),
  3. From Excel to MySQL: Business Analytics and Statistics with R (Duke University),
  4. Data Structures and Algorithms (University of California),
  5. value chain management and management (University of Illinois).

The effectiveness of online learning courses

When the storm subsides, the most unexpected “seafood” comes ashore from the bottom.

What did the spontaneous fashion for online education leave behind?

What does it all mean for you?

You can not only learn with the help of open areas. But also successfully create your own. There are various tools on the web. It is not only similar to academic education. Learn to make money online. And we’ll tell you where. For example, in this article you will find useful tips about making money. And a list of references to start.

Have you ever taken online courses and what can you say about it?

We appreciate your experience, please share your vision of online learning in the comments!

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