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ॐ Mantra of success and good luck in all areas of life.


Absolutely all people strive to achieve success. For some, success is luck, for some it is a good promising job, and for some it is a happy, full-fledged and healthy family. Far from always we can achieve success using only our own personal strength, we often have to resort to the help of various magical rites. Recently, the popularity of oriental prayers has increased, and many people are interested in a universal mantra for good luck and success in everything.


Consider the most effective mantras that will allow you to fill your life with luck, success and prosperity.


Ganesha is a deity in the Hindu tradition, acting as a symbol of wisdom and prosperity. Hindus revere Ganesha very much, because this god has tremendous power and can save a person from absolutely any problems and troubles in the shortest possible time.

In appearance, Ganesha is a human body with the head of an elephant.

ॐ Mantra of success and good luck in all areas of life.

Mantra-appeal to Ganesha will help you easily achieve your goal if you are not able to solve the situation on your own. Its regular pronunciation allows you to eliminate negative mental images from the subconscious, which were laid directly by the person himself or his environment.

The Ganesha mantra belongs to the category of universal, it will help you solve any problem.

Her text is as follows:

"Om Ganesha Om Ganapatae Om Namaha!"

Say the magic words daily in the morning and evening for 30 days. Then it is allowed to reduce the number of repetitions and reduce them to several times a week.

The mantra will also be relevant for all new beginnings or, conversely, the successful completion of old, obsolete cases. Ganesha will help you to correctly orient yourself in a life situation, prompt the right decision and direct you on the right path.

Listen to the mantra for good luck and success in everything online:


If you need an effective luck mantra, pay attention to this technique. Hindus revere Lakshmi as the goddess of prosperity and prosperity. Well-being in this context refers not only to the financial sphere, but also to life in general. By applying this method, you will attract good luck in all areas of your life.

Translated from Hindi to the current word "Lakshmi" is translated as "goal".

Goddess Lakshmi helps a person find his right path in life, and is also responsible for the goals that we set for ourselves and contributes to their achievement.

By turning to Lakshmi for help, you can become successful, but it is important to clearly know what you are counting on. It is necessary to set specific goals for yourself, and if they exist, the mantra will certainly contribute to the implementation of the plan.

Hindus, on the other hand, firmly believe in the power of Lakshmi and even today put her traces on the thresholds of their houses (in this way they attract the deity to their home). And the pronunciation of a special mantra further enhances the effect.

Start the reading process on Friday – this condition is mandatory. But you can ignore the phase of the moon, because in this case it does not play a significant role.

Turn your face to the east and say the following sacred words:

 "Om Mahalakshmi Vidmahe Vishnupriyate Mahi Tanno Lakshmi Sadhana!"

You need to read the mantra 108 times. After pronouncing the magic words, light 4 candles. You can take candles of any color, most importantly, do not use aromatic ones.

Each candle has its own meaning, symbolizes profit, luck, wealth and spirituality.

Hindus believe that by using this technique, you can once and for all forget about what a lack of finance is. You may not become a millionaire, but you will be able to secure a successful and prosperous life for yourself.

The mantra-appeal to the goddess Lakshmi is divinely beautiful, see for yourself by watching the following video:

Mantras are a universal tool with which you can achieve almost any goal. To address the deities with the help of mantras, there is no need to use any devices, it is important to read them in any position that is comfortable for you and at any time of the day or night.


A mantra is a sacred song in which a particular deity is addressed. It is filled with a huge amount of positive energy and has a positive effect, first of all, on the state of the central nervous system of the person who practices it.

Mantras to attract good luck and finance are recommended to listen to or sing many times. Thanks to this, you will be able to tune your body to the desired wave and begin to attract only positive into your life, you can cleanse your body and mind of negative vibrations.

Also, in the process of reading mantras, the correct pronunciation of sound vibrations will play a huge role. Only by adhering to all these rules, you can achieve the desired success.


In most cases, if a person regularly recites mantras for fourteen days, his voice begins to change – it becomes softer, reminiscent of the rustling of tree leaves. This indicates that you were able to get the desired result.

Many people believe that it is more effective to pronounce mantras not out loud, but to oneself – supposedly in this case their effect is enhanced.

Do not be lazy to systematically read mantras for a large number of repetitions in one approach. In this case, one should concentrate as much as possible on the sacred text. Renounce the surrounding reality, throw aside all the problems that worry you, get rid of bad thoughts.

ॐ Mantra of success and good luck in all areas of life.

The reading of mantras should be performed only in a positive mood. It is also important to achieve complete calmness and inner peace and be completely alone during this sacred action.

The most important requirement will be the presence of pure thoughts and maximum concentration on your desires. Also, the effect of sacred songs will be greatly enhanced if you read them from memory, and not from a piece of paper. And, of course, faith in 100% results is very important.

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