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Information products: what information people buy


Info products: conduct offline or online trainings

How it works offline: you organize the training, set the place, date and duration of the event.

The training can last, for example, 3 days. During this time, you, as a coach, improve the participants in your performances, give tasks so that people can get not only emotions, but also leave the training with some initial result. The conference format is also a good option, but it is much more interesting to immerse yourself in an intensive course and work in a team.

Information products: what information people buy

You can conduct such trainings together with other trainers or limit yourself to your own program.

But in order to conduct live trainings, you have to try. Organization costs money, you need a place, rent, catering and other subtleties of organizing events. For example, you will need to calculate how many people your room will withstand and find a place where you and your students will be comfortable working.

Therefore, you can sell your offline trainings. For a beginner, this is the best option, since here you create a product, record it in the best possible way, and a person can carry it with him everywhere: listen on his phone, for example, or watch online in his personal account at any time.

Info products: sell turnkey consulting

That is, you offer the client to do something on a turnkey basis:

  • build a sales team
  • make a website
  • create a funnel
  • and even offer turnkey weight loss.
  • you can even offer such a service as a turnkey business.

That is, you create a product in which most of the things must be done for a person. Thus, a person receives a guaranteed result from you.

But at the same time, since you, in fact, do everything for a person and offer him a practically ready-made solution, you charge a lot of money for your services.

That is, basically, all turnkey products are really expensive sets of services. This type of information products is one of the most profitable and expensive.

Info products: video courses

This method for beginners is one of the most accessible and simple:

  • Write a plan
  • Find a studio or record at home
  • In some situations, you don’t even need a studio or shooting at home. After all, you can record a video course even while traveling.

Video courses are good because you have filmed them once and you do not need to re-record them. You can sell the same product an infinite number of times. Of course, if you take care of information security and your course is not leaked by some not very honest client.

You can sell courses online for people to download. After all, the Internet is already fast enough and there is no longer a need to burn them to DVD.

Sell ​​course records and make money from it, but keep in mind that they don’t cost that much. There are a huge number of video courses, so their cost goes up to 15,000 🪙.

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