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How to Raise Money Yourself: 4 Variable Golden Formulas for Success


The truth is that only you know how to attract money yourself. And everyone is silent about it. Still would. Over the past three years, a lot of courses and videos on attracting financial wealth have appeared on the Internet. People are willing to pay big money to learn how to raise money. Paradox. And one of the ways to make money, by the way. But this article is about how to find your own way of earning. Without the help of teachers, courses and trainings.

Friends, the truth is that there is no quick money, except high interest loans. And there is no freebie. There is only you, your powers of observation and imagination. And how you use them depends on the openness of your mind and the willingness to remove all the boundaries of thinking, and then move on to action.

Why Observation is Necessary

You need observation and attention in order to notice profitable offers in time and “not fit in" with dubious enterprises.

For example, if you are offered to invest in some project that should bring profit from day to day, this is a divorce. To master the art of how to attract money yourself requires patience. And categorically it is not recommended to rush.

If you are looking for ideas for making money on the Internet, you come across videos and articles with titles like this: “A million a day”, “Earning without investments and deceit”, “Become a millionaire without registration and SMS” … well, in general, you understand – these are the key phrases-hooks that are caught by the non-endangered goof mammoth on the Internet.

And now, about the main thing. What is the secret – how to attract money yourself?

Hard work, self-discipline and the ability to balance your working day is the main secret of making money on the Internet.

If you want to master the art of working for results, we recommend that you do not invest in projects at the initial stage. At least until you have a financial cushion. 

The more money you invest, the greater the risk of losing it. It doesn’t have to be your last savings for you. Investing is the third level of awareness on the path to financial knowledge. Don’t rush to get there. Understand where you are now.

Note: In a short time, money is lost. In long periods of time – accumulate.

The formula for making money successfully is based on four pillars

  1. Favourite buisness
  2. Demanded trade,
  3. Professionalism
  4. Time

Do what you love, which is in demand in the market. Do what you do professionally. And do it for as long as possible.

As one successful seller of homemade wine in the Crimean city of Balaklava said: “Do it beautifully – it will be beautiful.”

Why does this formula work? Let’s go over the points.

1 Favorite thing

How to attract money yourself if you are doing work without pleasure and desire to grow with a project or a team?

If you are looking for a business that you do not like, do not expect great results. Even if you do not quit this business at the first difficulties, it will take a lot of vital energy from you. Find what you love and don’t be afraid to be a pro at it. But, there is one condition. And this is the next element of the formula.

2 Demanded profession

Study the labor market. Not all, of course. Otherwise, you will never find a job. To understand how to attract money yourself, you need to independently find a niche in demand by the market and master it. Even lying on the couch is a profession. But not on my own, of course. Some Western furniture stores for bedrooms hire employees who spend the whole day in beds, showing the customers of the store how sweetly they sleep on a sleeping set of this or that model.

But in order to master this profession, you will probably have to move to another country, and first you need to find funds for this and successfully pass an interview. Everything is possible if you want. The main thing is that this segment of the market is not “blown away” by the time you have the opportunity to appear for an interview at a furniture company where sleeping employees are required.

Approach realistically to the search for a profession and try to analyze whether it will be relevant at least in five years.

3 Professionalism

When you understand what you want to do, become the best. Just do your best for it. Develop all the necessary skills and do not stop if you encounter difficulties along the way. Don’t feel sorry for yourself and work honestly. Everything is simple. If you are not working, then the formula for success is how to attract money yourself too.

4 Time

Time is your ally and your enemy. Don’t forget to notice the difference. For example, if you have been doing one thing for 10 years, but your salary does not increase, as well as there are no promotions, you are doing something wrong. Maybe doing this craft is not really your desire, or maybe you are just looking in the wrong direction. Look at your career growth from different perspectives.

If you decide to change the field of activity – look for related areas. To make the transition smoother. And to spend less time trying to get completely new knowledge in a new field from scratch.

Note: If you master the habit of developing in different areas, then your career will get off the ground. The wider your horizons, the more active your brain works. So, you will find the best solution on how to attract money yourself. The best possible.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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