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I want career growth: how to catch your wave of success


If you know for sure, ” I want career growth ," but everyone around says that I was created for another job, stop listening to others. We write why it is important not to depend on the opinions of others and where to start in order to better know your natural skills, develop them and build a successful career doing what you love.

I want career growth is the last coherent thought that I managed to remember after waking up before opening my eyes. I’m 30 years old and I don’t have an apartment, a car, or even a buffer bank account. And today is my birthday. The father’s stern look “surfaced” in his imagination. He seemed to say with one eye: “You are a performer. Why do you waste time on something for which you have no abilities?” Really."

What are you spending your time on? Are you the master of fate or do you go with the flow? Whatever it was. Everything can be changed. The question is why and for how long the stage of change will last.

Change in rhythm with the world around you

I want career growth: how to catch your wave of success

I learned this from the Chinese Book of Changes. But for the Chinese, the time of change is considered a curse, and recently, for example, one historical period of instability is replaced by another. The Japanese, on the other hand, regularly experience the changeable constancy of such a natural phenomenon as an earthquake. Everything changes every day. In some African tribes, it is believed that as soon as you go to bed, you die. A new day is a new life. In accordance with this philosophy, you can not worry about the property and the lack of savings "for a rainy day."

If everything changes, then maybe I can too?

Can a performer become a leader? What do you think? Do people around you agree with your opinion? The influence of the environment, although it significantly affects the individual, but what if each individual person equally affects the environment? The combination of these interactions forms the space around you.

How to find out the limit of your abilities and why is it necessary?

Never trust the solution of financial and personal issues to specialists, if one day you decide for yourself ” I want career growth ” – you will have to make an effort and become an expert on yourself. Start by mastering this versatile skill. In this case, you will find a way to earn in any new socio-economic situation.

My dad told me from childhood that I was a performer. He spends half his life hiring people and managing them. I believed. Not only because dad is older, and what is it in general, dad. I believed because he really always achieved (and continues to) achieve high results. I will not indicate here the numerical indicators and the name of the company.

I can only say that he was engaged in oil products, and he was up to the task of launching a branch that trailed behind in sales, improve performance and come out on top. But as it turns out, even the pros make mistakes. In 2006, the human genome had not yet given us the answers we got in 2018. I haven’t read self-development books yet. But I already studied journalism and fantasized that I would work only in the opposition media and would never bend for the sake of freedom of speech. But I also understood, although I didn’t know anything about strategic planning then either, that such a career growth would lead me either to a wheelchair, or to a quick violent death, or to the fact that I would turn into one of the ever-tired with green-dusty persons, correspondent. I have worked with such people. They gave themselves completely to the task, but forgot to eat,

They seemed to be characters in books and stuck in the editorial office of the Soviet Union in immigration. Watching the rapid growth of interest in New Media by 2011, the emergence of the blogging environment and the development of technology and the Internet as a whole, I understood that I was fantasizing for myself some kind of picture of an unfortunate performer.

Is the brain space? Hey, space – I want career growth!

When I came to my father during the summer holidays, I heard from him “new introductions”. On the occasion of the meeting, a bathhouse was flooded, fragrant tea was brewed with herbs that dad himself had collected in the garden. I then asked, Did you grow and collect oregano and lavender according to the Lunar calendar? father chuckled, – According to the working calendar, Alena. Working…-

The father is already at retirement age, but continues to work, manages the company. At the same time, it is already customary to see him in this role. But completely unexpected for me was his decision to grow grapes and acquire subsistence farming.

There is a well-known phrase “one does not interfere with the other”. In fact, it does not contain any information, but in the case of a career or building business processes, it is. Changing the type of activity enriches and develops. Therefore, it is so important to find versatile activities for yourself.

This does not mean that it is worth agreeing to the position of "and the reader and the reaper and the player on the pipe." But it is useful to study several areas in order to quickly adapt to a changing world.

So, the father flooded the bath. At about 3:45 in the morning, after a long classic discussion about life, the father declared, Alain, the brain is space. Imagination is your best friend and worst enemy. More than once I met this phrase in other famous and strong people in their autobiographical books. Solzhenitsyn wrote about this, and Nick Vuychich and Jacque Fresco repeatedly stated this in their interviews.

Challenge yourself to find out what type of career is right for you

Use independent sources for this. Relatives, friends and other opinions are what will slow you down and lead you away from your main goal. Read specialized literature. For example, Donn Dunning’s book Your Type of Career.

After another couple of years, I began to be disappointed in my chosen profession, and only after another five years I thought if I have the genetic material of both my father and mother, does this mean that I have innate leadership abilities? And can I develop sleeping qualities in myself at an already conscious age?

So I got a personal task “I want career growth”. To achieve it, I decided to start not from the childish question “who do I want to be when you grow up”, but from the fact that I already have my own innate predispositions. The career journey had only just begun, but the first results were already unusual and exciting. I’m not the person I thought I was

And I learned a lot. starting from the fact that I am not an introvert, but an extrovert, and ending with the fact that I am a researcher and for me there are no such restrictions as a performer or leader.

Because I do not recognize authorities, and I can study several layers of one task at once. I also have a tendency to see the whole picture of the project, which gives me such an interesting range of career prospects that for a whole year I have been studying only the opportunities that I have and gradually “pulling up” the skills that will be useful in all, even the most diverse related areas of my direction ” researcher".

I want career growth: how to catch your wave of success

Father’s words were confirmed, both about the brain-cosmos, and about the boundless expanses of the imagination. Inspiring, isn’t it?

Everything is changing. But I still want career growth. And if everything changes, why not use this process as a springboard to a successful career? Accept yourself as you are. Look for your unique working style. But take your time. Understand what the soul, heart, hands, thoughts lie for, and only after that look for a sphere of activity.

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