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How to make money without money?


Different people think about how to make money without money . Among them are both students and pensioners, both start-up entrepreneurs and already established businessmen. Some learn and want to earn with a minimum of effort. Others do not like to take risks, so they look for safe options. Still others invest in several business ideas at once. At the same time, they want to make sure that the startup will bring profit without losing finances in the early stages.

Pros and cons of business without investments

It would seem that the best business idea is the one that can be developed without large investments. On the one hand, this is true. A novice investor risks only his time and nerves. If the idea "shoots", it will bring him money in a couple of months. If not, he will gain experience. On the other hand, many do not take into account several important factors.

  1. The less money to start a business, the more time it will take. If you’re starting from scratch and don’t have a budget, you’ll have to do a lot on your own. Combining your business with your main job will be very difficult: there will be no one to delegate tasks to. What can be done? First, find the least energy-consuming niche.
  2. Secondly, give yourself time to prepare the site for work. For example, if you decide to blog on YouTube, consider how many videos you need to get started. Shoot videos in your free time until you have at least 50 or 60 of them. Thirdly, prepare a financial pillow if you want to leave your main job. This will allow you not to feel discomfort if the business does not generate income at first.
  3. You can start with no money, but you need a budget to scale. There are several ways to raise money for a project: relatives and friends, grants, investors, crowdfunding. If you refer to them before starting work, this can be a good way to test the idea for strength. If you come to them already with a ready springboard, this can make it easier to get finance. There is another option: do not contact investors, but reinvest the profits. This is a convenient but time consuming method.

How can you earn a lot of money without investment?

How to make money without money?

write a book

A great offline way for those who have long wanted to travel or live where there is no connection. Each of us has a book, just not everyone has understood it yet. We are sure you have something to share too. It can be family recipes, travel stories, advice for people who are going through the same life experience as you once did. Perhaps you are a science fiction writer, and you will describe the world, which will be filmed several times. Or you are a candidate of chemical sciences, and you can talk about complex things in simple language. Or maybe you are a housewife with two children, and your book will help other parents.

You can go several ways. First, work with a publisher. It will print, promote and sell your book. In this case, you will receive a percentage of sales: this is approximately 10-20%. So, for example, with a fee of 10% and the sale of 1000 books for 500 🪙, you can earn 50,000 🪙.

There is another option: online platforms for authors. There are higher percentages, and also a minimum of your participation. Experienced authors can self-publish their books, but this will require start-up capital.

Open an advertising agency

Suitable for energetic and sociable people with a wide circle of acquaintances. If you know good specialists: copywriters, designers, targetologists, etc., assemble a team. Your main task is to find the first customers. With the first of them, you will work for a portfolio, but after a few months, word of mouth will start working. Feel free to offer your services to friends and acquaintances.

In today’s world, every project needs advertising. Offer services individually and as a package, do what others do not. Marketing education or experience in this field will be an advantage. Choose the type of agency that suits you best.

It can be a creative agency that creates the visual design of the brand: photos, logos, printing, etc. Another option is a media agency. Its specialists are engaged in media planning, consulting, creation and placement of advertising in the media, tracking its effectiveness. Advertising design firms design signage, rent billboard space, and create other types of indoor and outdoor advertising.

Create your media

This is the actual answer to the question of how you can earn money online without investment. It can be your website, blog, video blog or a full-fledged media. The mechanics are very similar everywhere. For example, a site is monetized using:

  • affiliate programs;
  • advertising through search engines (Google AdSense);
  • sponsored content;
  • sale of advertising space on the site;
  • posting other people’s articles on your site.

We wrote more about making money on the Internet business in this article. If you create your own media, you can also earn money on special projects with advertising. For example, you go to the gym and talk about training, while advertising the gym itself, sportswear or nutrition. In addition, you can earn on local ratings. Run a competition like Photographer of the Year and this activity will attract sponsors.

If you have your own blog, promote it. Now the competition is high, but if you give useful content, there is a chance to get into the top. Choose a topic that you understand and have experience with. Do you think that everything on this topic has already been said? Then submit information as interesting as anyone else!

How to make money without money?


This is another way to monetize your knowledge. If you have long been dissatisfied with the education system, change it. If you are looking for a way to make money without a job, then this is it. This is not about academic hours at school, but about new effective approaches. Become a tutor, teach people languages ​​or share rare but useful skills. If you are really good at something, it will be easy for you. Search for clients through special platforms for tutors, teach them online or offline.

If you teach languages, create a conversation club, arrange joint film screenings with film analysis. Combine useful and pleasant: education and tourism. Arrange themed tours where you share your knowledge about photography, marketing or something else.

How to make money without money?

Sell ​​photos, drawings and videos

The method is not easy and, frankly, not without investment. It is suitable for artists, photographers and cameramen who love their job. To work, you need a good camera, lens and computer. There are several ways to make money.

  1. Start with photo stocks. Microstocks such as fotolia, istockphoto, shutterstock, pond5, etc. are suitable for beginners. They sell your work cheaply, but perhaps often. After gaining experience, try yourself on Stocksy and Offset. This is one of the macro stocks, where one photo or drawing is redeemed for $1,000 or more. This way of earning has a number of difficulties: you need a high technical and artistic quality of work. If you are a photographer and shoot portraits, you will constantly have to ask models to sign releases. A model release is the official consent of models to the use of photos with them. Often commercial models claim a share of the profits.
  2. Sell ​​reports to magazines. Modern, even foreign publications pay little. For a good report for the current edition, you will receive 10,000 🪙, for a foreign one, a little more. Consider this option if you want to recoup your travels.
  3. Make money on NFTs. So, for example, photographer Daniil Korzhanov took landscapes for a long time. He recently posted a collection of 30 frames as an NFT. It was bought completely in half an hour for 22 thousand dollars! Incredible, isn’t it? Yes, you need your work to be really beautiful. Of course, it is desirable to be at least a little known. But just think that you can earn tens of thousands of extra dollars per hour!

Host events

Similar to a business idea with a marketing agency: it is also desirable to have work experience or education as a marketer, manager or actor / presenter. You will need to register your agency and put together a portfolio with good photos and videos from the events. It is better to start before the start of the season in order to get everything right. By the beginning of the holidays, for example, in October-November, you can set up ads on Instagram. At first, avoid additional expenses, but then at least make a simple website and rent an office. At first, the rent can be shared with other specialists: hosts and photographers often need to communicate somewhere with clients.

In this niche, intellectual assets are valued: unique, fresh ideas. The material component will become important in later stages: sound and lighting equipment, costumes, etc. will be required.


Any topic that is difficult to find information on will do. Marketing strategies, traveling to distant places, creating your own style. Or, for example, caring for exotic animals, profitable real estate strategies, choosing a quality car.

Another question: how to sell your services? This, again, is done with the help of social networks, a website, word of mouth and freelance exchanges. The most effective way is to create your own brand. In fact, this idea is suitable for those who do not want to open their business from scratch, but to earn additional income.

Become a moderator

If you don’t want to create your own blog, moderate the ones made by others. From the moment when millions of people began to use the Internet, it became necessary to control user messages, comments, etc. Moderators protect blogs from spam, flooding, obscene language, insults, etc.

You can run several sites in parallel and make good money on it. The authors offer moderators from 5,000 to 30,000 🪙 per month, while you can work on 5-6 blogs at the same time. The final income is on average about 80,000 per month. That’s not all: you can double or triple your profits. So, for example, CMM – a specialist takes 2-3 projects, but performs more tasks. At the same time, he already receives 120-140 thousand per month.

How to make money without money?


Information was of great value both before and now. The info business is a type of business based on the sale of educational materials. Main advantages: minimal start-up capital, possibility of automation, high income. In addition, for any topic, you can find an audience. The main disadvantage: high competition and the need to have a large number of skills. It should also be noted that recently many do not trust the infobusiness. Some entrepreneurs deceived their audience, others gave useless information. That’s how it got a bad reputation.

If you still decide to start moving in this direction, choose a niche. Among the most popular now are the sphere of sales, business automation, production innovations. Build a personal brand: prove to the audience that you are an expert. You should have full social networks, a website, a portfolio and information about achievements. Think about what the information product will be. What benefit will it provide? How do you provide information. It could be:

  • electronic book;
  • audio or video course;
  • webinar or autowebinar;
  • training or seminar;
  • individual consultation;
  • online school;
  • outdoor team building.

Run a test version of the product without attachments, get feedback and get rid of shortcomings. After that, start selling: set up e-mail newsletters and other advertising. It may require a small financial investment.


Each of us sometimes thinks about how you can earn money quickly without investment. Now we have more opportunities to do this, and without leaving home. Any business on a small scale can be opened with minimal or no financial investment. But remember that you will have to sacrifice something else, and most often this irreplaceable resource is your time.

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