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How to make money on crypto: tips + ways


Knowledge about how to make money on crypto is becoming more and more relevant. Schoolchildren, teenagers and even adults are gradually mastering virtual currency and earning methods on it.

At first glance, it seems that such methods are too complicated and unreliable, but upon closer acquaintance, it turns out that this is an ideal option for improving your financial situation.

What does crypto earning mean?

Earnings on the crypt are inextricably linked with risks, this is the first thing that is important to remember when starting such a home business. Dozens of schemes and manipulations have been created that increase profits.

All methods are evaluated on three points:

  • by the level of labor costs that are required to generate income;
  • but at the level of income, some receive average amounts, others withdraw up to a hundred thousand or more on this;
  • by risk, each scheme has minimal or significant risks that the user will have to weigh on their own.

Important! Anyone who first encounters this and thinks about how to make money on a crypt, initially believes that this is something virtual. The big self-deception is that such people believe that it is possible to make money on cryptocurrency without effort, and without doing anything.

The crypt opens up new opportunities, but even here you will have to familiarize yourself with the information, remember a lot of schemes and tricks, and learn the intricacies of the whole process. Then the path to a high stable income is guaranteed to open.

The main points of earning on cryptocurrencies

Before you begin to master this type of work, you will have to go through four stages:

  1. Decide on a way to earn money: with or without investments. It is important to consider here that it is impossible to earn a lot of crypto without financial investments. Prioritization will help determine the next steps.
  2. Choice of the main cryptocurrency. There are many options for the crypt, before you start, you should familiarize yourself with each of them and understand what is closer. It makes sense to subscribe to newspublics and groups related to the desired currency. This will help keep your finger on the pulse and keep track of changes in time.
  3. The next point is the creation of a cryptocurrency wallet and its security. It is advisable to use all available options for restricting access to it. Fraudsters regularly work out new schemes for hacking and stealing crypto, you should be careful.
  4. Earnings on the crypt are inextricably linked with constant learning. If you do not delve into the subtleties, do not expand your horizons, then you will quickly find an income ceiling that you will not be able to jump over.

These are the main points that are associated with income on cryptocurrency.

Top 10 ways to make money with cryptocurrencies

How to make money on crypto: tips + ways

The crypto market is customer-oriented and has high income levels. If the risks are not scary, you should read the information on how you can make money on the crypt.


A common option available to everyone.

Important! Financial investments will be required, because mining devices are not cheap. The more powerful and better the equipment, the higher the income will be.

Mining means the processing of transfers between all users involved in the process. For this, each miner receives a reward, which in the future is easy to withdraw to your electronic wallet or invest in a business.

Mining is attractive to beginners, all the work is done by the computer, and the money drops to its owner. But the illusion of simplicity has long been debunked. A few years ago, iron with average data was enough to found a farm, now the situation has changed.

Powerful machinery is required to handle all the mechanisms and calculation. Not without serious investments. Manufacturers of office equipment do not stand still and create special units for cryptocurrency mining. They are designed for mining and other schemes related to this area. However, the price tag for such toys is significantly different from the usual computers and laptops.


In simple terms, a trader is one who makes money on stock exchanges on fluctuations in the rate of cryptocurrencies. At first glance, the scheme seems banal:

  • at the time of the start of growth, you will need to buy a currency;
  • sell at the end of growth.

If all actions are performed accurately and on a regular basis, you can replenish your own capital. Even one transaction brings the owner up to 20% of it. Considering that the cryptocurrency is not sold at the lowest prices, it is easy to earn decent funds in a day.

Important! This method is not suitable for beginners. Trading is inextricably linked with high risks, until a person understands all the basics of cryptocurrency and the machinations associated with it, he will not be able to correctly assess the situation. In this scenario, the probability of burning out is higher than reaching at least some income.

The crypto market is complicated, and trading is a profession. If there is no true interest in the process, and there are no plans in the future, it makes no sense to start mastering this area. It will be a simple waste of time that should be put on the right track.

Before starting trading, network users undergo training, learn how to use the available tools, and train their analytical skills.

After all, the main advantage of trading is at stake – profitability. Those who have mastered it with perseverance end up with success, profit and the opportunity to teach beginners on their own, receiving additional benefits in return.


It is worth mentioning right away that earnings on arbitration have an average level of risk. This system is more loyal to beginners without experience, it makes sense to try yourself in this direction.

A large number of exchanges have been created on the crypto market, the exchange rate is different on each of them. This gives users the opportunity to buy crypto on one of them and sell on the other. Each side remains in the black in this scenario.

The main advantage is that you don’t have to wait long to get the first good income, it’s easy to make a profit even in a short period.

Attention! The speed of earnings is directly related to the ability to invest and the availability of knowledge and skills. It is impossible for a beginner who first entered the stock exchange to start earning from the very first day. Professionals master new directions in the crypto market easily, take into account the material and apply their flexible skills in practice.

It is worth being prepared for the fact that the course will constantly change. Also, the owners of exchanges regularly make adjustments to the process of depositing and withdrawing funds. Sometimes transfers hang in the system for a day or two, which causes losses to the arbitration worker.

Crypto mutual fund

Mutual funds, or simply "mutual funds", are a great opportunity to invest in order to create passive income. All assets eventually begin to work for the owner, bringing him a profit.

Cryptoeconomics does not stand still, competitors to mutual funds have already begun to appear, but this does not stop fans of this method from remaining its adherents.
Management companies are responsible for the purchase and assembly of combined currency portfolios, in accordance with the exchange rate. The user only needs to purchase this index.

Income depends on the growth or fall of the index.

The main advantage is that serious financial investments are not required, a couple of thousand are enough to start the process.

Management on trust

The name of the method reflects its essence – the user will need to entrust their funds into the wrong hands.

But not to the first person you meet, but to crypto funds or crypto brokers. The decisions about what to buy and what to sell fall entirely on their shoulders. On this they earn, receiving their percentage of sales.
Each fund has its own conditions for cooperation, the most famous scheme is 50/50.

Attention! Large financial investments will be required, up to several hundred thousand 🪙. The method is convenient, because you don’t have to think on your own how and where to invest, assess risks and future profits.

Funds and brokers are interested in making a profit, so they work clearly and smoothly. You can not be afraid for all the invested funds and your cryptocurrency.

ICO method

ICO is translated as "Initial coin offering", but this meaning is not entirely correct. It is considered correct to call the process “emission of tokens" (tokens are units of information storage).
The creator of this method adapted the IPO to work with various types of cryptocurrencies, and he succeeded.

The process of working with the ICO method involves the creation of a new cryptocurrency, which is tailored for a specific project. Creating it just like that does not make sense, it is an extra waste of your time, effort and money.
Investors invest in the currency that seems promising to them, and in the future these investments pay off.

You can earn on this method with knowledge and experience in the crypto market. A deal with serious investments is meaningless for a beginner who will waste the funds, failing to properly dispose of them. If your own skills are not enough, it makes sense to involve a third-party partner. For a certain percentage of the income, he will be happy to help you correctly build the principle of working with ICO.

The obvious disadvantage of this method is that it is impossible to predict the honesty of a particular company in advance. Will they really release everything that they announced before. Does it make sense to invest in them for the future.
Often there are situations when a team of people, having received money already at the start, relaxes and their grandiose idea gets a low level of implementation.

Method called Bounty

In simple words, Bounty is an independent promotion and support of various projects. For this, users receive rewards in the form of tokens.
After the end of the ICO, all tokens have a certain value and are easy to sell on the crypto market, then exchanging them for real money.

The method is popular with students and schoolchildren, due to the fact that investments are not required. It is enough to have a lot of free time and initiative.

Promotion varies:

  • likes on specialized sites and forums;
  • reposts and distribution;
  • the ability to translate information about the project into your native language or any foreign language that the user is fluent in;
  • advertising on your page or blog if they are promoted and have a large audience.

Each of the methods has its own price, actively supporting the project, it is easy to earn money for minimal expenses.

Deposits on the crypto exchange

Looking for options on how to make money on a crypt, many people immediately remember about deposits. This method has low risks, which means it is almost impossible to lose.
The principle of operation is similar to deposit accounts in banking organizations, but the percentage is different: up to 3-4% per month.

The work steps look like this:

  • the user transfers the cryptocurrency to his special account;
  • the exchange announces the possibility of increasing capital at a certain percentage;
  • the exchange gives part of the profits to those who participated in the process.

It is impossible to earn too much money on a deposit, there is also a high risk of closing the exchange or lack of offers. But this method will bring more funds than a deposit account in a bank.

Creating your own currency

It is worth mentioning right away that this method is associated with a high risk. There are no guarantees that the new currency will pay off and start generating income.
The source code of the cryptocurrency is not classified, it is open to all interested enthusiasts.
Each user has the right to create their own version. Another thing is that you will need to convince others of the benefits of your brainchild and why they will use it in the future.

The creator of a crypt may become a millionaire in the future, but on the other hand, the high costs of creating a flock for your own coin risk not paying off.

Cryptocurrency portfolio

A method with a low percentage of risk and no requirement for spending a lot of time on the process. It will not be possible to get the first profit in a matter of days, but the physical costs of creating a portfolio are minimal.

The process looks like this:

  • the user acquires a highly liquid currency that is in demand;
  • postpones it for the long term (about 6-12 months);
  • sells the currency at a higher price.

Attention! You will need to have at least a small understanding of how the crypto market works. It does not make sense to acquire the first currency that comes across – there is a high risk of being left with nothing. If your own knowledge is not enough, it is worth delving into the topic or attracting more knowledgeable users.

To start, large financial investments are not required, if you know how to make money on the crypt, then all costs will easily pay off. For many, the difficulty lies in the fact that the temptation to sell the currency ahead of time is high. Courses are constantly jumping, sometimes they reach a high level. Assessing the situation, users abandon the idea of ​​creating a portfolio and sell their currency at the current rate.

But the income from transactions a year later will be higher than the currency reset at the moment.
Assets grow in the long term, you will need to use all your endurance to follow the rules of the crypto market.

Is it possible to earn on cryptocurrency without investments

How to make money on crypto: tips + ways

Experienced users say they know how to earn crypto without a minimum investment. This question is of interest to many progressive people who are not afraid to try new things and go into remote forms of profit.

It makes sense to consider earning methods without financial investments in the process.

Bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin faucets are specialized sites that host various tasks. For the fulfillment of the tasks set, they are paid not with the usual rubles or dollars, but with bitcoins. In the future, they are saved, withdrawn to electronic wallets or invested in other ways of earning money on exchanges.

The main disadvantages of this method:

  • monotony, you will have to perform dozens of repetitive actions every day;
  • low income, site owners are often generous and pay a small amount of bitcoins for each task.

There are no requirements for performers, but some highly specialized tasks are inaccessible to the bulk of users. Faucets are available to all network users, often beginners start with them – this is how they earn the first virtual currency, which they later use for more profitable ways to earn money.

It is easy to earn income from 2000 Satoshi (about $1) per day. Therefore, few people consider faucets as the main source of income, it is rather a free resource for getting to know the crypto market.

Getting bonuses from ICO

When a new token is issued, users are offered to purchase it at a fixed price. To attract the audience, Bounty programs are launched, those wishing to distribute and advertise tokens are attracted.

For participation in the process, everyone is rewarded in the form of tokens or other cryptocurrencies.

You can find offers for such earnings on forums dedicated to bitcoin or the crypto market in general. There are announcements about upcoming launches and events. It is impossible to consider this as the main income, the profit is too small. There is a possibility that the value of the coin will rise to a large level and everyone involved will be enriched, but in practice this happens infrequently and you can wait months for a successful event.

PTS games

This is a new and easily accessible format of entertainment and leisure. Users are encouraged to regularly play certain games, reach specific levels, view pop-up ads. For reaching a certain point, rewards are paid in the form of cryptocurrency or tokens.

There are specialized projects on the gaming market that are geared towards blockchain.

The benefits of this type of income:

  • games are available to everyone, even a beginner can play;
  • ease of achieving goals;
  • sometimes you have to play for a long time, but these entertainments are paid out.

But you should immediately make a reservation that the method is not suitable for those who do not like various games and applications and do not want to spend time on this. You won’t be able to earn big money here either, you will need to spend many days and hours before a significant amount accumulates.
Sometimes there are interruptions with the withdrawal and exchange of currency.

There are no major developers in the games market, and all applications are characterized by poor graphics and gameplay. Such shortcomings will have to be turned a blind eye.

A certain conclusion suggests itself: it is possible to earn on cryptocurrency without investments, but these funds will be insignificant. It will not work to make capital in such an occupation. Really worthwhile earning schemes always involve certain financial influences.

Tips for those who want to make money on cryptocurrency

How to make money on crypto: tips + ways

These practical tips will help protect you from unnecessary risk:

  1. Cancellation of direct exchange. Sometimes individuals offer users a direct exchange of cryptocurrency on favorable terms. The offer is tempting in that you do not have to pay a commission to exchanges and other intermediaries. In practice, such proposals are sharpened for one goal – obtaining the maximum benefit for the private trader.
  2. Site reputation. Before you settle on an exchange or other site specializing in cryptocurrency, it is recommended to find out all the available information. Read reviews, read contracts and agreements. It is in the last paragraphs that contains significant information about what rights and obligations each of the parties has.
  3. Benefits are calculated taking into account commissions. Often, users are disappointed, getting less than they thought. Intermediaries take a part of transactions, it is important to calculate the net profit taking into account this factor.

Making money on cryptocurrency is not difficult if you approach the issue correctly. Even beginners can easily join the process, having enthusiasm and a desire to learn new things. You should not immediately get into unreasonably risky transactions, otherwise the first experience will be deplorable and discourage the desire to do this in the future. Users who have figured out the basics and have funds in reserve for competent investments soon become crypto experts.

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