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How to make money for students


How can students earn? After all, every student dreams of a good salary, but a busy study schedule does not allow them to work full-time. Getting decent money for a 4-5 hour shift is quite realistic, because the development of the Internet and e-commerce contributed to the opening of new vacancies.

They do not require work experience, only the desires and aspirations of young professionals. We tell you how to earn money for students, and where to look for vacancies with flexible schedules and career prospects.

Working offline

Tinkoff Internet Bank suits even full -time employees without work experience with a minimum wage of 20 thousand 🪙. Offers the following vacancies at home: representative, call center and sales department operator, customer service specialist.

Yandex (Yandex.Lavka, Yandex.Food), Delivery Club, Samokat and SberMarket are constantly looking for couriers. SberMarket also provides vacancies for a picker with the opportunity to choose a job. In delivery services, you can work 4-5 hours on weekdays or weekends. Payment reaches 3,000 rubles. per shift (with 2 orders per hour).

Salons-shops MTS, Svyaznoy, Beeline and Tele2 offer a position of a specialist with training from the company. The average salary is ≈ 20-25 thousand 🪙.

Fast food chains KFC, McDonald’s and Burger King offer positions as chef, cashier, operator or courier. For example, the rate at McDonald’s is 171 🪙 per hour (regions) + bonus. Before employment, you will need to undergo training.

Work in trade and IT companies

Vacancies on the Ozon, Wildberries marketplaces: warehouse worker, order picker, walking courier, order pickup point specialist. Schedule 2/2, income 15-30 thousand🪙

Real estate agencies require employees for training with the prospect of career growth. Piecework payment. The schedule is tighter than in other options, but a beginner’s salary per month can reach 60-70 thousand.

Part-time employment is offered by: ZARA clothing stores; Gloria Jeans; New Yorker; H&M; Child’s world; free; reserved; Bershka; Stradivarius; house; Sinsay. Education and trainings are provided, you can get 15-25 thousand per month🪙

ICL Service, like other IT companies, offers paid training for a month and an internship (3 months). The candidate needs an average level of English and a desire to work in the IT field. To join the team, you must pass an entrance interview.

Job search: HH.ru; superjob; Trudvsem; Zarplata.ru.

The specifics of the mystery shopper

This is an ideal income for students: free schedule, no requirements for experience and possession of special skills. A mystery shopper checks supermarkets, shops and service businesses. The main task is to evaluate the quality of service and identify shortcomings.

In such vacancies, age and gender are not important, but the employer takes into account the conditions for the audit. Popular objects for checks: cafes, restaurants, banks, car dealerships, hotels and clothing stores.

In the process of work, it is important to be attentive and “picky" to the little things. After visiting the institution, the buyer fills out a questionnaire, where he indicates in detail the time of service, the manner of communication, the quality of the service performed. You need a smartphone to work.

Salary: in the regions 1 check costs 200-400🪙, while the employer returns the money spent on purchases. With 3 checks per day for a month, you can earn 18-22 thousand.🪙

Where to look: HH.ru; Avito; superjob; Jooble.

Work on the Internet

How to make money for students

The advantage of this way of earning is the absence of income limits. Depending on the chosen niche, you can get 100-200 thousand 🪙 per month. At the beginning of the journey, it is worth spending a lot of time on training, finding customers and increasing the rating.


  • tutoring;
  • writing term papers, theses;
  • copywriting (rewriting);
  • targeting;
  • SMM marketing;
  • blogging;
  • own business;
  • e-sports;
  • Web development;
  • dropshipping;
  • earnings on photos.

Niches do not require long training, materials for development and advanced training are freely available. The schedule is free, there is no maximum income threshold.

Attention! Many areas require registration of the status of self-employed or individual entrepreneur. The self-employed have favorable conditions for paying tax (4-6%), the possibility of deviating from payment in case of suspension of activities. But you can not attract additional labor and resell other people’s goods or services.

Uniqueization and creation of copyright texts

How can students make money online? Write interesting texts using the rewriting method, where a new work is created by presenting an existing one, but in other words. In copywriting, the author relies only on his knowledge, experience and studied samples.

In business, literacy and a good literary style are important. However, the first type of earnings is easier, but the rate is also lower (for beginners 10-30 🪙 for 1000 characters). The second type requires time and creativity to create a unique author’s text.

Platforms for work: eTXT; Text.ru; advego; Copylancer; Turbotext; Miratext; TextDreamer; WEBLANCER; contentmonster; Kwork.ru; freelancehunt.

Attention! The eTXT exchange requires an active self-employed status. You can apply for it in the "My Tax" application.

Money is withdrawn to WebMoney, UMoney, QIWI electronic wallets, current accounts and cards of Visa and MasterCard payment systems. Commission from 1%, depends on the chosen platform; withdrawal period ̶ 1-7 days.

Writing term papers and theses

The requirements here are minimal: writing skills, knowledge of the search for specialized literature and a complete understanding of the topic. You need to know how to prepare valuable material, make it unique and bypass anti-plagiarism, taking into account the requirements of the curator.

Average prices and terms for papers: report (10-20 pages; 1 day) ̶ 200-300🪙, term papers (2-3 days) ̶ 1 000-2 500🪙, thesis (1-2 weeks) ̶ 10 000-25 000🪙

You can find a job on a freelance site, where the client places an order, and the performers respond to the request. Collaboration is anonymous, communication takes place in a chat on the sites. The client’s money is reserved by the site, the author receives them after the expiration of the guarantee of the work or upon its early acceptance. Also, cooperation is offered by student assistance companies, where the manager takes orders and independently searches for a contractor.

Search for customers: VKontakte groups; eTXT.ru; Avito; Author24; Studlance; home work; work5; Vsesdal.

Hobby Monetization: Selling Photos

How to make money for students

How can students make money online? A good side job will be the sale of copyright photographs and images in photobanks. The minimum payout amount is ̶ 30$ (on many sites ̶ 3 000🪙). On international sites, one photo brings ≈30-40 🪙. 500 sold images ≈17-18 thousand 🪙.

Before selling photographic material, it is recommended to study the work in the photo bank. Highlight popular topics (for example, products, landscapes, travel or illustrations). The promotion and formalities of the sale lie with the organizers of the site.

A camera and a mobile phone are suitable for creating material. Having chosen the subject of the work, take as many shots as possible. The more high-quality images will be uploaded to photostocks (there are no restrictions on uploading), the more significant the income will be.

Платформы: Shutterstock; Depositphoto; iStockphoto; Dreamstime; Fotolia; Freepik; 123RF; Bigstock; Creative market; Adobe Stock.

Dropshipping: selling without investments

Own business requires investments, but you can sell goods without a warehouse, employees and renting a room.

Dropshipping ̶ intermediary work for the sale of goods from the supplier’s warehouse. The intermediary does not need a budget for purchases. He is looking for customers, advertising the goods, and then transfers the completed orders to the manufacturer.

Logistics processes between the supplier and the buyer are the prerogative of the intermediary. He must check the fulfillment of the requirements by the parties, control the quality of the product, even if he has never seen it.

A popular form of dropshipping is the sale of goods from China. The intermediary cooperates with other Chinese intermediaries and makes bulk purchases. Representatives of the other party send orders to the specified addresses, and the dropshipping participant receives income from the margin. Goods are shipped from Taobao, 1688 marketplaces.

Important! A reliable Chinese supplier must be sought through reviews of other intermediaries.

Business for beginners: earn money doing what you love

How to make money for students

How can students make money? Start your own small business. Platforms for promotion: Wildberries, Ozon, KazanExpress marketplaces; Avito, Yula and pages in social networks.

Ideas for your own business:

  • tailoring, underwear;
  • manicure services;
  • production of confectionery;
  • visiting make-up artist, hairdresser;
  • photographer, photo and video processing;
  • tamada, musician;
  • production of photobooks;
  • hand-made goods: jewelry, bags, accessories;
  • loader services;
  • construction work (repair of premises).

Hobbies, hobbies can become a profitable side job or main job. Just before sales, you should study consumer demand and supply on trading floors.

Attention! Depending on the status used (self-employed or individual entrepreneur), certain requirements are imposed on the business organizer. For example, the self-employed cannot hire workers and resell other people’s goods or services.

How to start selling through Wildberries

The audience of the site is growing due to the opening of new pickup points and regular discounts. A high share of sales on the platform is made up of electronics, goods for children, sports equipment and food.

The registration procedure as a partner takes 10 minutes. You can find out about the arrangement of the site, logistics and conditions between the parties in the process of forming a partnership. After providing the necessary documents, the first batch of the product is sent to the central or regional warehouses. Acceptance is made within 3 days.

Certificates, declarations of conformity for goods are not required, as well as trademark registration. Therefore, you can start by selling a small batch, promoting the product on social networks.

For students dreaming of their own business, this is a good chance to start. You can sell goods from a wholesale purchase, and find suppliers in the Sadovod trade center (the largest wholesale center in Moscow).

Monetization on YouTube and TikTok platforms

Blogging is a profitable niche where there is no maximum income level. At TikTok, ad integrations are the source of revenue. For cooperation, it is not the number of subscribers that matters, but the statistics of views and comments. The more activity, the more profitable promotional offers.

To promote an account on TikTok, you need to get into trends. The author needs to shoot creative videos on popular topics. They can be found in the application. To keep and increase the audience, content has to be uploaded regularly.

YouTube has affiliate programs that pay creators for views. Monetization is connected to channels from 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of viewing all content. The minimum withdrawal amount is ̶ 100$.

In addition, the author receives income from direct advertising and sponsorship (monthly subscription for viewers). For regular payments, you need to keep the channel active and not violate YouTube requirements.

Earnings on the channel in Yandex.Zen

How can students make money online? Open your channel in Yandex.Zen. A blog can be on any topic: cooking, travel tips, studying abroad. The topic of learning languages, the secrets of investing and news reviews attract the attention of readers.

The author makes a profit for visitor clicks on ads placed in the course of the article. To earn income, you need to enable monetization.

Channel monetization conditions:

  • the total number of views of all publications per week exceeds 10 thousand minutes;
  • content of the required volume: the time of reading the article is more than 40 seconds, the duration of the video is at least 2 minutes.
  • the published material does not violate the requirements of the platform.

For greater coverage, consider several topics, be guided by seasonality, relevance and discuss sensational issues. Simplicity and creativity will also go into the hands of the author. Blogging is easy to combine with study (takes 3-4 hours a day).

Targeting: a promising marketing mechanism

Targetologist is a highly paid, promising specialization. For modern companies, targeted advertising is the main promotion tool, the average salary of a specialist is 50-70 thousand 🪙.

The goal of a targetologist is to set up advertising on social networks so that only the target audience sees it. For example, a nail salon will be promoted only among girls and women aged 18-55.

The target audience is found after a deep analysis of the business. Knowledge of psychology also helps to develop a strategy and experiment with an advertising campaign.

Search for vacancies: groups in social networks, Superjob, HH.ru.

Important! There will be more customers if you personally offer your services. Write to bloggers, owners of online stores about your offer, attaching a portfolio of successful work.

Where to take free courses: Interra; Geek Brains; Udemy; SMM.school; cybermarketing; TargetHunter (YouTube).

How to make money creating websites

Creating one-page websites is a great income for students. The average monthly income is 15-20 thousand 🪙, the time spent on one site is 10-15 days. To simplify the work, it is better to use special constructors: Wix, Tilda, Ukit, Weebly, Google Sites. They allow you to develop business cards and corporate websites in 2-3 days. Webmasters charge 3000-7000 🪙 for one project.

Experts who are familiar with working in the WordPress CMS are highly valued. You can find different templates for it or make an individual design for the site at the request of the customer. For the development of pages in WordPress, they pay 5-15 thousand 🪙 (1 job).

When creating a site from scratch, a team of specialists is required: developers, web designer, content manager. Such global projects cost 100-200 thousand🪙, for corporations – up to 1 million🪙

Free courses: GeekBrains (with certificate); itProger; Hexlet; Yandex. Workshop; Udemy; Open education.

The subtleties of the profession of a web designer

How to make money for students

Specialists in this niche create the aesthetics of the page, determine the appearance of the site. The prerogative of web designers: convenience for clients, catchy visual, harmonious color scheme, accessibility of information. They need to make the site recognizable, individual.

It is important to master UX / UI design, web analytics and work with interfaces. Free courses: MotoCMS; wayup; HTML Academy; coursera. It is also important to study Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Figma programs.

With the skills of a designer, you can work on the world’s freelance sites Fiverr, Upwork, Toptal, Freelancer. Average earnings per month ̶ 30-40 thousand 🪙. Russian freelance sites: FL.ru; weblancer; freelancehunt; Workzilla. Average monthly income ̶ 20-25 thousand 🪙.

Useful YouTube channels for web designers: Gigantic; design course; Mike Locke; Sketch Together; flux; Bang Bang Education; nobu design; CG Speak; Skillbox Design.

How to make money selling groups in social networks

Communities on VKontakte, Instagram accounts can bring money for students. This page will require high activity, a large number of subscribers (at least 5000) and the absence of empty, fake accounts among them.

The price of the community is estimated at 0.3 rubles per 1 subscriber. And so, a group with 5 thousand readers will cost 1500 🪙. An Instagram page will cost more if the statistics confirm the good activity of the audience. Average price ≈2000 🪙.

You need to submit an advertisement for the sale in the Buy-Sell communities, on the Wmmail.ru mailer, or agree with users or other groups on mutual PR. It will take 1-2 months to promote a new account for sale (through promotion in Wmmail and Seosprint ̶ 1-2 weeks). Therefore, the monthly earnings of beginners are 5000-7000 🪙.

After the transaction with the buyer, login data is transferred to him, a change in the phone number and mail will be required to link the community.

Esports or how to make money playing games

The dream of making money by playing your favorite video games has become a reality. The video game industry is growing daily, investors (global clothing brands, corporations) work closely with it. Players earn on tournaments, receive interest from a work contract and for cooperation with advertisers.

One of the most popular methods of generating income is streaming on Twitch.tv and YouTube platforms. This is the conduct of live broadcasts of video games, where viewers watch the player and his game. The first impression can be deceiving, because niche professionals earn 1-2 million per month.

Student earnings for beginners vary between 35-40 thousand in young organizations or with independent streaming, in game companies ̶ 250-350 thousand 🪙. You can work alone or as part of a team. When playing outside of the organization, it’s easier to start with YouTube.

Important! Professional gamers become after serious dedication and hard work.

In conclusion, we remind you: when choosing vacancies on Avito, make sure the employer is honest. Do not send passport data, card details until you are convinced of the reliability of the person. It is better to choose offers through well-known online recruitment companies (hh.ru, SuperJob).

We hope that we have answered the question: ” How can students make money on the Internet ?” By offering reliable, interesting options for part-time work. Remember that the amount of income depends on the effort and diligence invested, and 100 thousand 🪙 ̶ is a very real income even with part-time employment.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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