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How to make a million – expert advice


Before earning a million, a person goes a long way with a lot of failures and ill-wishers. Unless you’re talking about winning the lottery.

But for many, this amount seems sky-high. And it does not matter in dollar or ruble terms. However, there are a number of methods and secrets that can help you get closer to your desired goal.

How to earn millions

Everyone is interested in how to make millions. Because we constantly encounter people who in one day earn the annual salary of an ordinary hard worker.

And some are sure that you need to be born into a rich family or have connections in order to reach such a large income. But the problem is that they do not know how to wait and do not have sufficient patience.

And as a result, such people think how to earn millions, but do not earn them.

Who makes millions

Only business or real estate owners can earn a large amount in a short time period. Talented or famous people also fall into this category. For example, singers, football players, actors. But the rest will have to seriously sweat.

And the most difficult thing is to start right and on time from the starting point.

Simple calculations show that if you earn 100,000 a month, you can reach the amount of 1,000,000 🪙 in 10 months. But first you need to change your internal state. And practice self-discipline.

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Expert Tips

In achieving any goal, you must look up to those who have already achieved success. Or completed all the tasks. And in the history of mankind there were people who earned huge fortunes with their own labor, comparable to the budgets of some countries.

In the process of research, I managed to discover several fairly effective and working methods that show how to make a million 🪙.

1 Save money

With any receipt of money, it is necessary to set aside a part. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around. Successful financial geniuses always save a percentage of their income. And this ultimately leads to the emergence of funds for investment in future projects.

But you need to save at least 10%, after which this number should be regularly increased. Thanks to this simple rule, a sufficiently reliable airbag can be provided.

2 Spending money wisely

You can not make rash purchases on emotions.

Look at the surrounding objects and things. Are there any of them that you bought for a lot of money? And how many of them do you need now?

If there is more than one, you know exactly what impulse buying is. But if your goal is a million, give them up. Or at least try not to do them as often.

3 Improve your financial literacy

Financial literacy should always be practiced.

Many now have not only secondary or secondary special education, but even several higher educations. But financial literacy is not taught even in schools. And this makes a person unprepared for the future life.

This is not surprising, because teachers and teachers themselves live on a modest salary. Therefore, it is necessary to read books and develop diversified. But to place special emphasis on the financial sector.

4 Find additional sources of income

If there is one permanent source of income, it is necessary to implement new ones. A job or business is always a risk. And large entrepreneurs have several sources of income.

And when one closes, there are always others that will make it possible to stay afloat.

5 Don’t Waste Your Time

This is the most important resource at your disposal. Because it doesn’t renew, and it’s of great value. Time should be spent only on useful things that will bring profit in the future.

Therefore, always analyze the upcoming tasks, and choose the best ways to solve them.

Earnings on the Internet

Most people are wary of networking. But the World Wide Web is a great way to make a million.

Even in the absence of special knowledge, in just a few months you can earn a tidy sum. The main sources of decent earnings on the Internet include:

  • sale of information and own expert opinion;
  • earnings on computer games;
  • social media;
  • sale of goods and services;
  • implementation of partnership programs;
  • website creation and development.

It should be noted right away that some web resources promise huge money on bets and online casinos. But only their owners and working staff earn on such sites.

Passive income

With a salary of 20,000 – 30,000 🪙, you can get 1,000,000 🪙. To do this, you need to find a stable source of income and register as an individual entrepreneur.

Under such a seemingly modest income, the bank is ready to issue a loan for a million 🪙 with affordable interest for several years.

Simple methods of creating passive income include:

  1. Renting your own property.
  2. Creation of a web resource on the Internet.
  3. Become a distributor for a reputable network marketing company.

And these are just some of the options. But there are other ways, which come depending on skills, personal preferences, desires.

But it will not be superfluous to consult with a person who has already achieved some high result. Because he will tell you exactly how to earn millions 🪙.

Other Methods

The number of sources of income is increasing every day, and with it the competition. That is why now only creative, creative and purposeful people manage to earn a large amount.

The real option to earn a million is your own business. You can start selling goods or services, the solution to the problem with the lack of initial capital is reselling or dropshipping. The purchase of a ready-made enterprise will cost a tidy sum, and the payback will be several years.

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