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Bitcoin: how to earn and withdraw money


If you do not have enough financial resources to invest in cryptocurrencies, there is an easier way to earn money – bitcoin faucets.

What are bitcoin faucets and why do they pay

There are sites on the Internet that distribute cryptocurrencies to users for clicking, solving captchas, viewing ads, or other simple actions.

Bitcoin faucets are websites that give out cryptocurrency in exchange for your time and email address. Of course, no one is throwing whole values ​​here. We are talking about parts – Satoshi.

For reference: One bitcoin contains one hundred million Satoshi.

To start making money on faucets, you don’t have to think a lot or perform some effortful actions – just enter the captcha, press the button and you will be “dripped" coins.

Bitcoin faucets make money from ads, so you get paid anyway. Just do not forget to get an electronic bitcoin wallet for withdrawing money.

In order to withdraw money from an electronic format, you will need an exchanger.

But in this case, you will need to lose a certain amount, which is a commission for transferring money from cryptocurrency to rubles. 

In order not to pay a commission, you can make sure that the money continues to be in circulation on the cryptocurrency exchange. Choose a platform and play. 

But do not forget that a large amount of bitcoins accidentally earned can be easily lost – it is not difficult to earn a cryptocurrency, it is difficult not to lose, but to increase it in subsequent transactions (link to the article on investing in cryptocurrencies).

If you still adhere to the “earned-withdrawn” strategy, check the best exchange option through monitoring services.

Bitcoin: how to earn and withdraw money

Attention: This type of earnings does not imply investment. If you are offered to pay for anything, look for another service.

Bitcoin faucets with good karma on the Internet

Bonus Bitcoin

Bitcoin: how to earn and withdraw money

To register, enter your password and confirm your e-mail. When the account is activated, you will have opportunities to earn money. You can track progress in the user’s personal account. To earn Satoshi, you need to click on the red button in the center of the screen every 15 minutes.

The inconvenience of this way of earning is the monotony of the process and the “falling leaves” of advertising, which will fall out in pop-up windows and in all other possible ways from all sides. But if you don’t have the ability to think, this is a good way to do at least something to make money.

Your red button is Claim Nool and Pow. After you click on it, you will receive the amount in Satoshi. At one point, you can earn 55 satoshi, for example.

But there is still a slight development in this way of earning. For example, at midnight you can get a bonus of 5% on income that you received 3 days before.

Bitcoin faucets – how to withdraw money

Service CoinPot

To withdraw money to the real world, you must have at least 10,000 coins in your account. In RuNet, the site coinpot.co is blocked, but we are sure that you can guess how to access it.

The advantage of this resource is that it does not require additional registration. This site is affiliated with Bonus Bitcoin and you can use your login details here.

Another convenient moment is that after you log in to CoinPot, the accounts of both sites are synchronized. It remains only to withdraw the earned coins using the Withdraw bitcoin button.

Last steps:

  • Specify the desired withdrawal amount
  • Your wallet address
  • Confirm that the data is correct
  • Wait for the transaction to complete

All bitcoin faucets are similar in terms of earning money, withdrawing money, and differ only in user-friendliness and the number of coins. Soon we will publish a report on our experience of earning on Bonus Bitcoin.

Post source: kakzarabotat.net

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