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5 famous people who succeeded despite all obstacles


1 Walt Disney

We all know the famous and talented animator – Walt Disney. He has come a long way to achieve his dream of creating comics and cartoons. Many times American magazines refused him with his drawings, sometimes he almost starved. Also unsuccessful was his decision to open his first animation studio, Laugh-O-Gram, in Kansas City, as it later went bankrupt. Walt experienced many nervous breakdowns and depressions due to his failures. And one day, while spending his time on the train, he created a new character, who later fell in love with all the audience – Mickey Mouse. Thanks to this mouse, Disney became a successful person, began to create and created many wonderful cartoons, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Dumbo, Pinocchio, Bambi, Cinderella and others. Walt was so eager to realize his dream,

"The biggest problem? Okay, I would say that this was my biggest problem in my life: money. It takes a lot of money to realize these dreams. From the very beginning it was a problem: getting money to open Disneyland. It took about seventeen million. And we had everything mortgaged, including my personal insurance."

If not for his dedication and desire to fulfill his dreams, then we would not have seen all these wonderful masterpieces.

5 famous people who succeeded despite all obstacles

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2 JK Rowling

We know her as a very talented writer who published a series of books about Harry Potter. But before that, she experienced a hundred failures. The creation of her first book came at a difficult time, as she was out of work, with a young daughter in her arms and without a loving husband. The first Harry Potter book was not published immediately. She suffered twelve rejections from different publishers, and only after that Bloomsbury decided to publish her creation. But even after that, no one still believed in her: they said that she would not live on children’s books. And they were wrong, because it was Harry Potter who brought her success and fame. Thanks to her perseverance and faith in herself, she got out of all the failures and became a successful woman. True, even after success, she had crises:

“Halfway through writing the fourth book, I discovered a serious plot error… This book has some of my darkest moments… I rewrote one chapter thirteen times, although no one who read it will be able to notice or understand exactly how much pain it caused me ."

5 famous people who succeeded despite all obstacles

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3 Michael Jordan

This man, the greatest basketball player, also went through obstacles to play one of his favorite sports. As a child, he was very fond of baseball and even dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player, but later he fell in love with basketball. He tried to get into the high school basketball team, but the coach did not take him, despite his good ability in the game, since Michael was short in stature, and did not have a powerful physique. Of course, young Jordan was upset by this news, but she also followed him with motivation. He began to train a lot, thanks to which he finally got into the team and began to play at number 23. Now his height is 1.98 m.

“I have missed over 9,000 shots in my career. Lost in 300 matches. Twenty-six times I’ve been trusted with the decisive shot and missed. I failed again and again. That is why I have been successful."

Through all his failures, he came out as a professional. Michael showed us a good lesson – don’t give up!

5 famous people who succeeded despite all obstacles

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4 Jim Carrey

Jim grew up in poverty, his family had problems with finances. Because of this, he moved many times and even lived in a camper van for a while until his father found a job. He and his sisters and brother also worked as cleaners after school to help the family. Even as a child, Kerry loved to joke, grimace and parody, and this became his salvation from poverty. He tried to look at the world positively. And then one day his father brought him to the Yak-Yak comedy club, where, unfortunately, his performance was not successful. Only after some time he decided to perform again and this time he was expected to succeed. After that, he began to perform everywhere and did not part with television. Jim never showed his feelings, but he tried to show that everything is easy for him:

"When things are really bad, all that’s left is to laugh."

5 famous people who succeeded despite all obstacles

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5 Steven Spielberg

One of the great filmmakers of our time loved to fantasize since childhood. He watched a movie with great interest and imagined that now these heroes are somewhere nearby. But when he found out that these were just fantasies and that he would not see anyone in reality from this wonderful film, he was very upset. Once, for his birthday, his parents gave him a camera and then he realized that he could shoot whatever he wanted. Spielberg began to invent his ideal world. Stephen applies to film school twice and is denied admission twice, but he does not stop doing his favorite thing and makes a short film "Emblyn". He is spotted at Universal Studios and offered a job, which he accepts, dropping out of school. Now he is one of the most successful people who gave us such masterpieces, like Jaws or Jurassic Park. If it were not for his fantasies and love for his work, then none of this would have happened now. As Steven says:

“You are always learning something. Each film is a new experience, a new country, different rules, different people and other technical difficulties. This is one of the great joys of filmmaking. It’s never boring because you don’t know anything. All your life you remain a student.”

5 famous people who succeeded despite all obstacles

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