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Steve Jobs is the legendary founder of Apple. He died in 2011, but his ideas live on. Jobs was a charismatic, talented and extravagant entrepreneur in his own way.

His success story is legendary. He was adopted at an early age. He dropped out of college six months after starting his studies. He rented cola bottles to eat. This man created Apple and the animation studio Pixar.

He became one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. He, like every successful person, had his own life principles and rules.

1 Follow your heart.

Our work takes a lot of time and the only way to be satisfied is to do what you really like. If you have not found such a job yet, do not stop looking.

People who have a passion for their work can change the world for the better. This is the main thing that will help you achieve success in your field.

2 . Change the space around you.

“I am not happy with the idea that I will be the richest man in the cemetery. Going to bed with the thought that we have done something amazing – that’s what pleases!

When Steve first came up with the concept of the Apple Store, he created something new and unique. Instead of just changing the look and rearranging the buttons, they came up with a really original idea. As a result, when users enter the Apple store, they are not only helped to get the right product, but also create an emotional connection between the visitor and the Apple brand.


3 Think differently.

New ideas don’t come from sitting still. Talk to people, observe the world, get out of the office cage, ask questions and try.

Jobs once said that creativity helps you look at things from a completely different angle. What he meant was that people with broad life experiences and interests can often spot things that others would miss.

4 Sell dreams, not products.

Your consumers dream of a better and happier life. Enrich their lives!

Steve Jobs is considered one of the best salespeople because he really understood his customer. He knew that things that were too complicated didn’t sell well and weren’t accepted. He has learned how to present any goods in such a way that users want to purchase them.

If you can help a potential user achieve their dream, then you can turn them into a repeat customer.

5 . Create products for yourself.

When we designed the Mac, we didn’t make it for someone abstract. We made it for ourselves.


6 Don’t be afraid to say "no"!

Say "no" to focus on the things that matter most.

Steve Jobs was sure that it is necessary to say "no" to a thousand things in order not to fall into the wrong path, not to waste your strength on too much.

7 Know how to delegate.

If you do everything alone, the process can take a very long time.

Let other leaders do 50% of the work routine, keep the other 50% for innovation.

8 Keep it simple. Strive for simplicity.

One of his mantras was focus and simplicity. Simplicity can be more complex than complexity.

It is necessary to work hard for the consciousness to produce simple things. Try to explain as simply as possible to yourself and others what your job is and the benefits of the product.

9 Strive for the perfect!

Be the benchmark for quality. Hire people who want to create the best things in the world.

Thanks to Steve Jobs, Apple products have become the benchmark not only for quality, but also for success.


Break the rules.

Those who see things differently are not happy with the established rules. Only those who think they can change the world do it!

Innovation distinguishes the leader from the followers.

11 Learn from mistakes.

When creating something new, mistakes are inevitable. They should be quickly recognized and eliminated, thus improving other developments.

12 Learn all the time.

Exchange thoughts and ideas with others inside and outside your company. Learn from consumers, competitors, partners.

Remember to learn from those who have been successful. Read their biographies, learn from their experience!

13 Ask for advice.

Let it be people from different areas, each will express even one, but useful thought.

We must not forget that if you are the main link, you will not always be given honest answers, because they will be afraid. Then you need to collect information from other sources.

You need to focus on those who will use your products and listen first of all to consumers.


14 Present ideas correctly.

Steve Jobs was the best who could present any thing from a favorable side. He created original and exciting presentations that sold a variety of goods and products.

He didn’t just talk about the benefits of the products, he also talked about his development and what inspires him.

15 You only live once.

“If today was my last day in life, would I not regret what I did?" And if for several days in a row I answer “Yes” to myself, then something urgently needs to be changed.

The influence of Steve Jobs on the modern world cannot be overestimated. The rules and principles that he followed may not be unique or new, but they will be useful for both entrepreneurs and people striving for success. I hope they are useful to you too!

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