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4 simple spells for success in all matters


Only a small part of people achieve tops, money. This is because we are taught from childhood what is important and much of what is not useful in life. But they do not teach to think, as successful, prosperous people think.

But it is with this that everything begins, so to speak, thought gives rise to being.

The secret of real magicians

4 simple spells for success in all matters

Scientists have long proved that thought is quite material, then what we think about, how we think, is what we have. In this regard, the film "Secret" is a very useful guide.

I will reveal a secret, a magician or a practitioner, or whatever you like – a person who plays with his thoughts, imagination. She or he attracts into life what he desires.

Guided by this simple truth, we can say that every little magician. This is actually true. The main thing is to believe in yourself, because magic is hidden not in witchcraft words, but in the people themselves who create it.

So why not take advantage of this and attract success into your life? At least try and see if it works.

Simple spells for success in all matters

4 simple spells for success in all matters

So that all matters are decided in your favor

There is one simple spell that helps turn everything to your advantage. The main thing is to use it in time.

In order for things to be decided in your favor, you need to burn the bird’s feather over the flame of a candle and say the words of the spell:

I conjure fire and air. May all the deeds on earth be of benefit to me. Earth and heaven are witnesses, so be it!

To fulfill the intended

You will need a candle and a glass of water. Light the battle, gaze into the fire, and say:

The fire of power is a conductor, it burns for the fulfillment of the plan.

Then take a glass of water and continue to cast the spell:

Water of magic is a mirror, bring your plan to life.

Then you need to look into a glass of water for some time, imagine how the plan came true . How it will be, you already got it, what you got from it, and so on.

When you feel that everything is enough, you need to pour water under the fruit tree. This is ideal. You can pour it into a flower, for example, preferably into a blooming one.

When everything is done, forget about what was done and what was asked. This is a very important part of the spell. That’s where the whole focus lies.

4 simple spells for success in all matters

For success in business

For this spell you will need woolen threads, yellow and blue. They need to be picked up and said:

Let what is envisioned come true, as I conjure it will be, everything will happen for the better.

Tie a knot on these threads and continue the spell:

Word and deed are tightly connected like this knot. As it is said, it will come to pass, it will end for my benefit.

These threads will become an excellent talisman, it is enough just to carry it with you. Moreover, this talisman can become the basis for many other spells that will bring to life what you ask for.

For success in endeavors

A slightly eccentric spell, yet very powerful. For which you need feathers. You can pull them out of your pillow, but I didn’t tell you that.

He needs to get up before sunrise. When the first rays of the sun touch the ground, you need to go out into the air with these feathers. Put them in your open palm and blow them so that the feathers fly. Spell Words:

On the 4 cardinal points, the paths of the road are open to me, for which I will undertake everything turns out. All the winds have become favorable to me, the roads are now easy and fast. As said and done, so be it.

4 simple spells for success in all matters

That’s actually the whole focus. The main thing is to believe in yourself, then you yourself will be surprised at how everything turns out. Good luck with your spell!

Please put your fingers up so that I understand that you liked this material. And if he gains a lot of views and rereads, then I will do something else in this spirit, since there are a lot of ideas.

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