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10 successful money exercises


Some believe in the exercises, others are skeptical. But, the fact that it works, I can say 100% from my own experience.

So, give yourself an hour of time in silence, away from prying eyes. Get a notepad and pen ready.

Exercise 1

Make a list of “I need money for…." and write down all your desires, dreams, debts, daily needs, etc. Next to each position, put the required amount. Calculate the total. Of course, your dreams and desires must be real and achievable.

Source: Yandex.Pictures

Source: Yandex.Pictures

Exercise 2

Large unchangeable banknote in a wallet. This exercise has been known for a long time, but not everyone practices it, but many do not stand it, and spend the money they have set aside. Why is it important to keep it anyway?

When our subconscious mind understands that there is money, unnecessary spending and concern about lack automatically go away.

For advanced. I advise you to carry a monthly salary with you as an irreplaceable amount. Try it, evaluate the result.

This exercise trains the brain very well, helping the subconscious to understand that there is enough money. They are available, and they will be enough for some unforeseen incidental expenses.

Exercise 3

money affirmations.

Affirmations help eliminate negative attitudes that go far from the Soviet past. The latter are a serious obstacle to wealth and financial stability.

Affirmations for money and wealth are positive affirmations that help our subconscious go into abundance mode.

10 successful money exercises



Here are examples of affirmations that I use myself:

1 I am a magnet for money.

2 Money sticks to me.

3 I attract wealth and abundance with all my actions.

4 I like to earn a lot.

5 I deserve happiness and wealth.

6 Every month my income grows exponentially.

7 I have a positive increasing cash flow.

8 I am surrounded by successful and happy people.

9 My mind produces successful ideas.

10 I create wealth with play.

11 Every day of my life is filled with meaning.

12 I love money.

13 Money comes into my life easily.

14 I earn big money.

15 For everything that comes to me, I am grateful to the Universe.

You can come up with your own affirmations, the main thing is not to use the “not” particle and use them in the present tense.

Exercise 4


Not everyone succeeds in saving 10% of their income and accumulating a mythical “airbag”.

I suggest trying to play "money box". Get a piggy bank in your online bank, or even better – a real one with real banknotes. Set aside as much as you can, but, every day! Let it be even the smallest amounts, the main thing is not to waste, but to add regularly!

Thus, a money funnel or a money magnet will start, as you wish.

Works flawlessly! Check it out!

10 successful money exercises

Source: Yandex.images

Exercise 5

Another list.

“What will I spend one million conditional units on? ” Well, or a million dollars, if there are already a million conventional units.

Many people just want money, but they don’t even know where to spend it. Therefore, make a list of expenses that your million will be spent on. Prepare your subconscious for this, let it be ready for such expenses in advance.

Write with pleasure, playfully. Dream about what kind of drive you get from these purchases. Visualize the process. Everything will come true, 100%.

Exercise 6

"Internal debtor".

Very interesting, and at the same time difficult exercise.

Many do not have enough money to paychecks due to overwhelming credit or debt burdens. And debts and loans are already a psychological problem, in a certain sense.

A person wants to appear not to be who he is at a given moment in time. Throw dust in your eyes. Get everything here and now, without straining. Sometimes he is inadequate in his business and falls into cash gaps and debts. These are external causes.

But, most often, such an “internal debtor” sits in us. He feels like he owes everything. He must lend money to a friend, help pick up a neighbor’s child from school without having time for it, and so on. Must, must, must. This is the guilt that plagues many of us.

And it is better to work out these moments with psychologists, but!

I suggest that you do the following exercise yourself. Write down all your debts that you currently have. Then remember old debts, even the smallest ones. Those that you did not return for some reason. Remember everything to the smallest detail, even from childhood.

Opposite current debts, put the terms of their return. Try to repay old debts if you can. Sometimes this is not possible. In this case, donate this amount to charity.

Exercise 7


Keeping a regular record of income and expenses is an excellent tool for streamlining cash flows. Try to develop the habit of journaling regularly. First, you can use a regular notebook, then using Excel spreadsheets, but the very advanced ones can download special applications on their phones to keep track of their finances.

The advantages of this exercise:

  • You will see “extra” expenses and will be able to optimize them;
  • Understand how much money you need to support life in general;

Exercise 8


Meditations, like affirmations, help our subconscious mind switch in the right direction, namely wealth and financial success.

There are many options on YouTube. Practice and see the effect.

10 successful money exercises

Exercise 9


The wealth mantra is a powerful tool for improving financial well-being.

In India, mantras are used to attract cash flow, love and good luck.

A practicing person repeats them many times, creating a vibrational background that opens closed energy flows.

If it suits you, practice. Again, YouTube is here to help.

Exercise 10

Reducing the importance

The more importance you give to money, the more it moves away from you. Life is not only money, but also other values. Learn to feel happy in the moment, for this increase your energy, do your favorite things, smile more often.

Vadim Zeland writes a lot about importance and pendulums leading us to the wrong place. If you are interested in this theory, I recommend his book “Reality Transurfing”.

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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