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Wise for money – how to make money faster


Wise for money.

Wishing to gain wealth and attract good luck, use mudras. Because they will help you achieve your goal. To do this, you must follow the instructions and do everything in the given order. And then you will find success and prosperity.

It is worth remembering that there are different wise ones for money . Use them depending on your needs. Often they are divided into mudras:

  1. out of poverty;
  2. for a breakthrough;
  3. for a constant flow of money;
  4. urgent appearance of money;
  5. helping to pay off debts.

The above mudras help to solve a number of issues. And below we will consider in detail how to use them to correct your situation and achieve success.

How to get out of poverty?

If you have been experiencing financial problems for a long time, pay attention to mudras to attract money. First, it is worth closing the door to the past, which will allow you to change the future.

To do this, bend the third, fourth and fifth fingers on both hands. At the same time, close your hands to each other. The thumb and forefinger should be connected, while the first, in relation to all the others, should form an angle of 90 degrees.

You need to perform this simple task twice a day, relaxing. Taking a slow breath in and out, and focusing on the main goal. This action should be repeated continuously for three days, giving the exercise at least 10 minutes.

How to get off the ground?

The absence of financial problems does not always indicate satisfaction with your income. If you want to increase it, you should use mudras for balancing. They allow you to quickly accumulate the desired amount.

Put your hands in front of your chest, turning them palms to each other and connect the first, third and fifth fingers. Relax and focus on the energy in your hands. The exercise must be repeated for seven days in a row, immediately after waking up.

According to some reports, these mudras for prosperity help even in cases where damage has been directed at you. They remove all blockages, and then attract good luck and finances.

How to protect yourself from poverty?

With a stable income, everyone secretly fears poverty. None of us is immune from sudden dismissal, bankruptcy and other troubles. The technique below will help protect your money and secure an endless source of funding.

Place your hands in front of your chest, palms facing you. The little fingers should be adjacent to each other. Middle and index, on both hands close with thumbs. Focus on what you want.

Exercise must be performed twice a day, in the morning immediately after waking up, and in the evening immediately before going to bed. Practitioners claim that just three minutes allotted for this technique is enough to protect from poverty and attract wealth.

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How to find money for education?

If you want to urgently receive money for education, courses, theater visits and everything that can help spiritual development, use special exercises.

Place your arms vertically in front of you, palms facing each other. Close the base of the palms, then bend the index, ring and middle fingers on both hands, pressing them together with your nails. Little fingers adjoin each other with pads at an angle. Large ones should be squeezed by the side of the pads so that they look at you with their nails.

It is enough to use this technique for 3-5 days, three times a day (morning, afternoon and evening).

What to do if you urgently need money?

In emergency situations, when it is urgently necessary to find a certain amount of money, you can use a mudra indicating a money source. It is also worth remembering that it will not always work, therefore this technique should be used in extreme cases.

Place your hands in front of you with your fingers pointing towards each other. In this case, for men, the left palm should be directed to the floor, and the right one should look up. But girls are the opposite. Close the pads of the fourth and fifth fingers. The thumb and forefinger should form a ring, bend the middle one a little. Focus on the solar plexus and imagine the amount of money needed.

It is necessary to use this technique 5-7 times within one day. Start from the moment you wake up. But long-term use is not recommended. Because this kind of wise money and success is calculated on a one-time help.

How to protect your finances from thieves?

Many are afraid that they may be robbed or they will spend a large amount of money on low-quality goods or become a victim of a deceiver. This technique will help to avoid such a risk and make thieves look at your money with disgust.

Place your hands opposite the solar plexus, point your palms towards each other. Interlace your fingers without joining your palms. Cross your thumbs, while remembering that for men, the finger of the left hand should be on top, for women – the right one. Close your eyes and imagine that you are forming an energy shield that can protect your valuables.

You can use this exercise once a day in the evening. If there is a reason to worry, then you can do it twice, with a break of four hours. This mudra can be performed for a week, taking a break after a week. With such a frequency, you can protect your valuables as much as you wish.

What is the result?

These simple mudras for a successful life can attract success and prosperity into your life. And they will allow you to get rid of experiences and find everything that you previously dreamed of.

The main thing to remember is that they act in full compliance with all instructions. In everything, you should remember the measure, because by overdoing it, you can deprive yourself of good luck and be disappointed in such a simple method that can change your life and attract material well-being, which you lack so much.

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