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Who is an investor?


The word “investment" is heard and read all the time, they fight for investments, attract investors and be afraid to alienate or scare them, they create conditions for them and invite them in every possible way. A person who is far from markets and finance has a natural question: what is an investor? Why is he so important, and how can one be in the category of such sought-after people? And if the investor is so important and needed, then why are these places still not filled with dexterous and competent people?

In fact, everything is not so difficult and scary. To the question: what is an investor, there is a very simple answer. This is a person or firm, that is, a natural or legal person who has the means to invest somewhere in order to make a profit.

An investment is an investment of funds, and an investor is one who has these funds and is ready to invest. It is not difficult to become an investor, but for this you need to realize where and why you are investing your funds, and where to get these funds.

For example, an investor can be considered a person who has accumulated money and decided to invest it in the construction of a house in order to later receive an apartment in this house or take his funds back along with some profit. Or get an apartment there more expensive than it is possible for the money invested by him … Imagine it is possible if the investment agreement provided for your benefits in the form of a part of the profit of the construction company, and the amount of the part of the profit due to you will be added to the money that you have already invested.

What is an investor in a large economy – about the same, only the amounts are larger, the goals are more complex, and the results are of a different scale a share of the income from this business. But it should be remembered that the investor takes part in the risk. The right to receive income also provides for the possibility of incurring some losses if something goes wrong in business. The investor takes part in the risks. Invest in the long term, for example, by investing in the purchase of a precious metal, because this metal will always remain in value, but these investments are more like savings and will not bring income soon. There is an opportunity to invest in currencies, and this is already more interesting.

Who is an investor?

What is a foreign exchange investor? – a person who has invested money in currencies, hoping to save or increase them due to currency fluctuations. You don’t have to hold your head. Investing in the foreign exchange market makes sense because currencies are highly volatile – that is, their prices change, they can be quickly sold or bought, using your money for profit, and not holding it without any turnover. Of course, having some emergency reserve, you can invest part of the funds in operations on the foreign exchange market in order to constantly have some income. And be sure to remember the risk!

The modern foreign exchange market is very dynamic due to the ability to conduct transactions directly via the Internet. Here, the speed of transactions is extremely high and the risks are minimal, because the loss on one operation is quickly compensated by the profit on the other. This is a great advantage of the foreign exchange market – the ability to make a profit by participating in operations remotely, quickly and make a profit in real time.

Now on the Internet there are platforms for completely legal currency transactions with minimal risk and stable profitability, where you can earn income from investing your free funds in your own operations. To participate, it is enough to familiarize yourself with the simple conditions for entering the exchange and start using a special program that shows the situation on the currency market at any time.

There is an opportunity to experience for yourself what an investor is and benefit from it!

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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