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Which hand to take money?


Despite the fact that on our channel we mainly write about travel, it just so happened that in almost every article we touch on the topic of money of a particular country. Therefore, now I would like to answer the questions of interest to many.

In order for money to always flow, it must be handled correctly: with respect, but at the same time, without turning into a “slave". In addition, there are some “monetary rules” that are useful to know and follow: where to keep money, which hand to take, how and when to lend or return borrowed money.

Which hand to take money?

We answer the question – Which hand to take money to be carried?

How to take money correctly in order to turn a stream of money into a stream – you need to learn this without violating the laws of the Universe when handling money. You should start with the assimilation of a few simple postulates and taboos.

How and with what hand should you take money?

According to beliefs, money should be taken with the left hand: the hand coming from the heart. This peculiar action is a symbol of gratitude and appreciation of the one who takes them. No wonder there is a saying that the left hand itches – for money.

If the person giving money does not inspire confidence, then it is advisable to first put it on a wooden surface. The tree absorbs all negative energy and cleanses them. If this is not possible, then when you come home, the bills should be immediately placed in a suitable place, leaving them there for a day.

What is the hand that takes the money?

Answer: left

Which hand is giving money?

Answer: right

Which hand to take money?

Which hand to take and which to give money?

Errors when transferring money:

They are passed with the right hand, meaning common sense and that there is no regret about giving back. All thoughts are pure and without coercion, so that the money does not leave its owner.

  • In no case should money be transferred from hand to hand, so as not to mix other people’s financial energies and not bring trouble. If it is not possible to place them on the surface, then the bills must be bent or rolled up when returning.
  • Anger or regret when parting with money can be a big mistake. The negative message when giving money leads to the difficulty of their early return.
  • You should not take and give money with the same hand. According to popular belief, in this way we block the energy flow. And he, instead of passing through the whole body and assimilated, dissipates in space.

Folk omens about money

  • Any monetary transactions are best done on Wednesday – the day that belongs to the god of trade, Mercury.
  • On Monday, Tuesday and Sunday, it is not recommended to lend in order to avoid financial losses, and on Friday you should not repay the debt so that there is money in the house. Otherwise, the whole year will be pursued by monetary losses.
  • All monetary manipulations should be done before lunch in order to avoid conflicts and family troubles in the house. If you still need to borrow urgently, then you can bypass this sign. In this case, the required amount is thrown on the floor, and the taker must raise them by bending over.
  • You can’t constantly count money in a piggy bank. But the money in the purse loves the account, especially in the sun; monetary energy in this action is set in motion and profit comes to the house.
  • When you are thanked for the work done and are awarded a monetary reward, in no case answer the word “thank you” with “nothing.” With such a formulation, you refuse gratitude, that is, the Good Gift of the Universe itself. This gift also includes material wealth.
  • Find a form of response to gratitude that will be fraught with two meanings at once: reciprocal gratitude and a desire to repeat the situation. For example: "thank you, I’m always happy to help you."

See you soon!

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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