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What is money for you?


What is money for you?

If you do not know what money means to you, for what purposes you need it, then you will not have money. Money for money’s sake is not the goal, it’s not right and it doesn’t work.

I have never told anyone, and I do not think that money should be the main goal of life.

Money – they should serve us, not we them. This is the tool with which you can take your life to a whole new level.

Money is freedom. When we have money, we become independent. We do what we consider necessary for ourselves, what we want to do (and I’m not talking about impunity and lawlessness, I think you understand)

Money is opportunity. This is the steering wheel in our hands that allows us to see the world in all its splendor, develop, travel, expand the boundaries of our worldview, and help others.

Who decided for us that we should live paycheck to paycheck and wait for pensions, ride the bus, eat cheap low-quality food and deny ourselves everything, trying to save up for a vacation trip with the whole family.

It’s very bad without money. I think everyone knows this as well as I do.

I know for sure that when a decent income appears, life changes for the better. You don’t have to be afraid that money can ruin you. This is possible only if, even without money, you are g … for life. Money only reveals those qualities that we already have.

Therefore, first determine for yourself what money is for you, and then take control of your life into your own hands and start doing something.

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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