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What is investing in yourself and how does it work?


Investing is most often associated with investing in securities or a business, but don’t miss out on investing in yourself either. After all, very often we are hoarding or want to buy an apartment, but forget about ourselves. As you know, the biological clock is limited and the whole essence of our life is feelings and emotions. Investing in yourself means investing in your development. This will not only increase your income, but also change your life for the better.

There is a popular opinion that investing in yourself is about indulging yourself in pleasure and enjoying life. In fact, following these principles is not effective, because investors are trying to preserve and increase their capital. And for this it is necessary to soberly assess risks and calculate returns. This is the main difference between investments and ordinary expenses. A real investment in yourself is an investment in self-development. This is something no one can take away from you. And you need to optimize these investments so that they eventually become profitable.

5 ways to invest in yourself

Investment in health

Without health, there is no energy. Without energy, there is no power. Without strength, there is no result. Therefore, the first thing you need to invest in is health. Not only physical, but also psychological. Good health is one of the most reliable airbags in our lives. Investing in your health will surely bring “income" in the form of high productivity and good mood. Prevention is much cheaper than complicated treatment. Think about your physical form, take vitamins, eat right. This will create new forces for learning, working and investing. The balance of work and leisure is really important. Without this, you will not be able to achieve your goals.

Education and skills

Education is a great investment in yourself. Even elementary reading of books will broaden your horizons, as well as teach you how to express your thoughts correctly. Your mind is your greatest asset. Like any asset, it needs constant improvement. It is what you know will bring you success and financial well-being. A good education is a very useful resource for an investor. In addition, each completed course will increase your value in the labor market. The most important thing is not to forget to use these investments in practice. For example, you have a certificate of proficiency in English. It will start to pay off when you start working in a foreign market and get paid for it, but if this diploma is not used in practice in any way, then this is not an investment. Materials must not only be paid for and downloaded,

Productivity and planning

Any investment starts with a clear plan. The key to this investment can be the right investment in self-discipline and time management. If you are willing to make your own list of goals and develop a long-term plan, then the investment in time management will be calculated in hours that you spend on planning, but at the same time they will bring material income. Free planner apps can help with planning. They allow you to create a to-do list, work on joint projects, and set priorities. If you feel like you can’t do it yourself, you can look for a mentor or take online time management training.


Equally important and effective is to communicate with people as much as possible. Relationship building is one of the important parts of investing in yourself, because when we lose everything, we still have skills, knowledge and acquaintances. With the help of acquaintances, we can solve various kinds of problems. Also, reputation and connections can become an additional safety cushion. If you are known as a good specialist, you will be able to find a job faster. For example, it is easier for well-known businessmen to promote their projects and find partners easier. Mutual assistance and support help to cope with any crisis: both internal and external. It is very useful to establish both professional and personal connections in the field that interests you, and then you will be more likely to be offered interesting vacancies and projects. What do you need to invest in networking? Usually, you need to allocate time and some money to attend conferences and exhibitions. After all, it is there that you can listen to the speeches of experts, participate in master classes, communicate with colleagues and exchange contacts with interesting people.

Style and appearance

Our appearance is also of great importance. A neat appearance helps to establish contacts. In meetings with partners, you need to impress. A well-balanced image helps to gain confidence, and regular self-care disciplines. And this is also an investment that can bring dividends.

How to choose a direction for investing in yourself?

It often happens that people do not understand what they should first of all pay attention to, which direction for investment to choose. In order to solve this problem, you need to run diagnostics. This can be done with the help of a specialist or on your own. Perhaps you already know what is your favorite and most interesting thing that you would like to develop and with which you would like to make money. Unfortunately, this is not always what a person is doing at the moment. It takes courage and flexibility to do what you like and what you love. As a result, a person achieves excellent results in this.

Investing in yourself may not bring you instant income, but it can make life easier or increase your value in the labor market. It is not always the money that you have invested in securities or a business that will bring you more benefit than a deliberate investment in yourself, which will turn out to be more effective. You can never lose her.

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