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What is cashback: the main answers to your questions


The main thing is to notice the trend in time, as the hypothetical woman Zina, who buys knitting materials on Aliexpress, has already done. Baba Zina, still hypothetical, saved all her life. She saved money on shopping bags, turned off the lights in the kitchen, and received awards from top management for the lowest production costs.

And now Baba Zina saves money on online shopping, because she found out in time that there is a cashback on Aliexpress. If you suddenly lagged behind our progressive pensioner – do not despair. We will tell you what cashback is, what it is eaten with and how to get it.

What is cashback: the main answers to your questions

Everything you were embarrassed to ask about cashback

Cashback, translated from English, the word "cash back" means "return my hard-earned money." In simple terms, this is the return of part of the money spent on the purchase of goods.

Yes, you are right, according to the description it looks like an invention of a man in a drunken delirium.

Questions arise in my head about what would-be businessman will pay for what you buy goods from him and how legal it is. You and I are such people that it is more difficult to believe in someone else’s generosity than in the desire to deceive.

But cashback is the thing that actually saves both you and the seller money. Let’s explain this with an example.

What is cashback: the main answers to your questions

Imagine a typical businessman Ivan Petrovich.

Ivan Petrovich sells knitting kits to old women, like the woman Zina, whom we met at the beginning of the article. He wants the target audience to know about his products, and for this he turns to advertising agencies.

Advertising agencies take a conditional one hundred thousand 🪙 for their services, create promotional materials, and after a conditional two weeks, a conditional thousand clients come to Ivan Petrovich’s website.

Let’s say each person from this thousand made an order. Ivan Petrovich received the money and was satisfied. The next month, he paid the same advertising agency a hundred thousand 🪙. But only five hundred people came to buy.

The fact is that the same businessman as Ivan Petrovich also decided to sell knitting kits. He turned to an advertising agency that already charges ninety thousand 🪙 for services. Because of this, the second businessman’s knitting kits are sold for a hundred 🪙 cheaper.

Obviously, people will choose his sets over Ivan Petrovich’s, even if they don’t leave lint and smell good.

Now imagine how Ivan Petrovich will react to the proposal to spend only forty thousand on advertising. Twenty – to a cashback site that will attract customers, and the remaining twenty – to customers. Yes, he will say “take all fifty!".

This is how cashback works.

Everyone wins here: sellers, buyers, modern dictionaries that add new words every three months. And this saves money for everyone, except for advertising agencies that make money on Ivan Petrovich.

Where to get cashback and how to do it

In 2019, getting cashback is a task that even a five-year-old child can handle. Everyone promises it. Large chain stores, tiny shawarma stalls, special cashback services, and all modern banks. Cashback has captured the whole world and is not going to let it go.

The main role in its lightning-fast development is played, of course, by cashback services. These are special sites that enter into partnerships with large sellers and charge money for attracting buyers to them. And buyers get their money back.

This process looks like this: first, the familiar woman Zina goes to the best cashback site. Then she looks at the list of partner stores, finds “Knitting kits by Ivan Petrovich” there. After that, she follows the link to his website.

Then she buys everything she needs and returns to the cashback service site. Meanwhile, Ivan Petrovich’s store automatically confirms that Baba Zina has switched from the desired cashback service. And then a percentage of her purchase goes to her cash account.

The size of such a cashback depends on the partner store, and basks in the range from five to thirty percent. More often, of course, five, but during the holidays there are all kinds of promotions, discounts, bonuses and other things that are pleasant for the buyer.

Therefore, do not be lazy to take the time to compile the top best cashback sites and choose the best offer.

Cashback interest in banks

On the wave of cashback success, Russian banks also decided to sweep. You have probably already noticed how often this phenomenon is talked about in advertising. Everything went into business: five percent for the purchase of fertilizers for one bank. Ten for purchases at Pyaterochka from another.

Cashback in 2019 is almost the main tool for winning the loyalty of the audience that your business needs. And businessmen are happy to use it. And we, the customers, don’t mind. It’s a win-win situation no matter how you look at it.

Sometimes, of course, banks go to tricks. For example, they return a percentage of purchases in “thank you” bonuses. Or in the form of coupons for partner products. Therefore, you need to carefully study the conditions for obtaining a cashback, and always read between the lines. Advice from Baba Zina, by the way. You yourself already know that in vain she does not advise.

On this, perhaps, it is worth finishing the introductory combat briefing of the young cashback connoisseur.

But if you want to learn about popular cashback services, their pros, cons, and how to choose a service and not burn out, don’t go far. We will cover this in more detail in the next article.

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