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TOP-5 most reliable investment options in 2020 and investment pitfalls


Do you know the joke about how one old Jew went to one barber for 15 years and got a haircut from another? Investments and investments are not so constant, we will analyze the most reliable options and pitfalls. I will boldly share five options and at the same time consider the pitfalls of investing.

TOP-5 most reliable investment options in 2020 and investment pitfalls

1.Investments in gold. My approach may shock you, but it works. What classic options do you know? Let’s list them: depersonalized metal accounts, metal indices or contracts on the derivatives market? These methods are used by the majority and at the same time burn out. The other day we discussed this option with an investor and shared our opinion with him that it is better to negotiate with a pawnshop and buy a kilogram of gold in the form of scrap. The investment idea is that by buying an asset in the form of live gold, you are already in the black, as you pay off with a 50% discount, as for the pawnshop itself or your intermediary, it will also receive 15-20% without risking at all, here is the economy. Your personal gold reserve has been formed.

2.Purchase of real estate. There are also many nuances here. The ideal deal is to buy real estate, knowing that it will be bought from you. The myth is that it takes a lot of money. For this type of investment, one or one and a half million conventional units are enough. With this money, you can start studying objects. There are many cities in our country and each city has a large selection of real estate. There are special programs under which the state buys out housing, repairs and leases purchased and repaired objects to departmental structures or low-income citizens for social rent. Such property is usually transferred into ownership by law. We can start working in this direction, as the social housing market is constantly growing. It will be a little more difficult with commercial real estate, it is better to consider this topic another time and in more detail.

TOP-5 most reliable investment options in 2020 and investment pitfalls

3 Stock market. Buy stocks, bonds, mutual funds. Let’s start with the last one. Mutual funds, in essence, are the same stocks and bonds, only in an already formed portfolio, which will not bring a guaranteed return, but you will pay a commission. The rest are stocks and bonds. Stocks are a delicate matter. Of course, you can buy shares, but the thing may not work out. In general, something similar to a lottery – they show three lottery winners and say that this grandmother earned money from trading and left for America, otherwise the circulation was sold in 2 At the same time, few people remember 000,000 tickets. Bonds remained the exclusion method. Although many investors believe that bonds are difficult and that the yield is not great. I will answer that this is a sure thing. Payments of income from 9 to 24% per annum once a quarter.

4.Bank deposits. Well, I don’t understand how they actually differ from bonds in terms of complexity. Now bonds can be bought with a smartphone, but only during exchange hours. Deposits are available 24/7. Sometimes it’s not easy to figure out the rates. Each bank has a lot of programs, loyalty systems and few people delve into it, read documents and regulations. A conversation with a bank manager often ends like this: WHAT DOES YOU HAVE THE MOST PROFITABLE? Then a clarification about the loss of interest upon withdrawal and the most unpleasant question about interest payments. If all three functions are directly important for an investor or contributor, then the rate is 1.3-2.5%, but if you sacrifice conveniences, we get 4-5%.

TOP-5 most reliable investment options in 2020 and investment pitfalls

5 Purchase of currency. In the USSR, a terrible phrase is speculation, immediately an article and even currency. Currency prices skyrocketed. Currency is an investment risk. IMHO. I think the currency should be bought if you plan to go on vacation to a country where you can spend it. Here is your first risk reduction. Dollars and euros are easy to spend, pounds sterling can also wait for the borders to open. At least stay with yours. Fores also makes it possible to buy and sell, but the risk of gambling is too great, because you can be given 100 or even 1000 borrowed capital on top of your capital, and then a movement of 1% of the currency pair will leave you without money. This is a 99.9999% failure even for experienced traders. You can also buy on the futures market with lower risks and minimal commission contracts for major pairs, here you can take up to 5-7 borrowed capital for your capital. The main advantage of working on the stock market and exchanges is a small commission. In exchangers, they take significant commissions from you and this stops you from frequent transactions.

So we have considered reliable options for investing and investing, and even walked through some of the high-risk ones. He described his vision and the pitfalls of investing. If you have any questions, please email [email protected] and I will answer your questions. In my opinion, the best option is to start with bonds, as well as keep saving in bonds, and when you have accumulated a significant amount, enter a new investment vehicle. Bonds have a good and fixed yield, high liquidity, and you can even start with a small amount.

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