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TOP 10 Rules to become RICH AND SUCCESSFUL


You will never become rich, and you will certainly never succeed. That’s what I would say to myself at the time.

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I never said such things out loud, but I always thought about it.

When I was younger, wealth didn’t seem real to me. Becoming rich and successful has always seemed something far away, something out of reach.

Getting rich seemed like a thing that only a select few had the right to claim. And for a long time it seemed that wealth and success were only for the lucky, for the special, for the connected.

And poor ole-I always felt unworthy. But if you grow up without a lot of money, then the same thing will happen to you.

But I destroyed this stupid false belief. And luckily for me, I was able to do it sooner.

However, unfortunately, many will never brush aside these superstitions. There will always be people who consider themselves unworthy.

Choose Your Reality

For stupid reasons, there will always be a lot of people who hold false ideas about money and what is possible for them. They will even hold onto their pity like it’s good for them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to be a jerk. I’m just stating a fact.

Unfortunately, there will always be people who feel they don’t deserve more. People who believe they can’t get rich or succeed and therefore they never will.

I take back my words, they will succeed in something. But that something will be their own self-fulfilling prophecy.

They are poor. No, they are poor.

But this article is not for such people. No, this article is encouraging for you. This article on how to be rich and successful is for the few who prefer to see. This is for those who are still in awe of everything else that could be.

Yes, this article is for you, the thirsty, the willing, the capable. This is for those who want to learn how to bring wealth into their reality.

If you want to be rich, wake up

TOP 10 Rules to become RICH AND SUCCESSFUL

First I had to wake up. For a long time I slept at the wheel of opportunity. I was programmed not to want money, to think badly about wealth, and to doubt success. Shame on you society!

So for years my eyes have been closed, they have been closed to the possibility.

But I had a wake-up call and it was launched just a few months after my first corporate J-O-Ba landed .

It is in this that J.O. B. I saw the bleak future that awaited me. In those early days, I watched my peers (and superiors). I watched them and their lives very carefully. And they all had one thing in common. They all lived uninspired lives, lives I didn’t want for myself.

Their lives showed me the limits of the path I was about to embark on. A path full of suffocating and pointless hard work.

Watching them gave me a glimpse into the future. And the prospect of such a future gave me goosebumps.

It was this vision of what could have been that got me thinking. The vision made me tense up and look for ways to avoid this kind of life. This prompted me to discover how I can create an inspired life.

It helped me understand what I want, and what I want is the choice of what I want – to be free.

Believe and you will find

In my search, I would learn a lot.

But the most important thing I learned was this…

To get what we want in life, we must first believe that we can.

If you do not believe, you will not seek, and if you do not seek, you will not find.

“But what does that have to do with getting rich?"


It’s all about getting rich. If you don’t believe, you cannot reach.

Without faith, all the secrets of success and getting money will not give you anything.

And if you want to have options, if you want to be free, it will take a lot of this green thing called money.

So now you know.

And now that you know, I can share other, sexier secrets to wealth and success with you, so here you go…

Here are 10 key rules you should follow to help you become richer and even more successful than you ever thought…

10 rules for becoming rich and successful

TOP 10 Rules to become RICH AND SUCCESSFUL

1 Be honest

At the beginning of my search, I began to read many books. And one of the first books on how to get rich was The Millionaire’s Thought by Thomas J.

Like me, Stanley, too, yearned to know the secret to riches and riches. So he interviewed hundreds of millionaires to unravel their secrets to getting rich. And the answer of most millionaires to the question of how they became rich and successful was this: …


Truly, if you want to get rich, it will be through people. Wealth is created through business, and business is always with and through people.

There is a popular business maxim that backs this up, and it goes like this: “People only do business with people they know, love, and trust.”

If you are dishonest and no one trusts you, it will be difficult for you to do business, make partnerships and make deals. Maybe even impossible.

So, the first rule to follow in order to become rich is to be a man of your word. To be honest.

2 Be Self-Disciplined

Self-discipline was the secret to success that stood out the most in all the success literature I read. After reading book after book about success, he proved himself faithfully over and over again.

Robert Kiyosaki once said, “Self-discipline is the #1 factor that separates the rich, the middle class, and the poor.”

And many other self-proclaimed men and women have also stated that without self-discipline, their accomplishments would be trivial.

I believe in it, and you should believe it too.

So, strive to become a more self-disciplined version of yourself and you will be surprised by the money and success that will start flowing towards you.

3 Be the Hardest Worker You Know.

TOP 10 Rules to become RICH AND SUCCESSFUL

The best of the best in the world of sports, business and entertainment claimed that the secret to their success was the result of their ability to work harder than most people. Vanity was the name of their game.

Study any highly successful person and you will find that this is true. If you studied Ray Lewis’s work ethic, you would notice that it was higher than that of his peers. If you had the chance to see the late Steve Jobs, or Elon Musk, or even Jeff Bezos, you would also notice that each of them had the ability to be relentless in their quest.

You’ve heard the saying… the more I worked, the more lucky I got.

The rich and successful always do what others don’t like. They work harder than their competitors, and thus set the stage for their well-deserved success.

4 Be Passionate About What You Do

You hear it all the time, follow your passion, follow your dreams. Most of the time, this feeling is shared as a path to finding happiness. However, some very successful people extol the importance of loving what you do in order to be successful.

For example, Warren Buffett once stated that people who find their passion in life are the happiest. He believed that when people find their passion or what they love to do, they usually do it very well. This means that in our competitive world, if you don’t love what you do, you put yourself at a disadvantage compared to those who do it.

The person who loves what he does has the best chance of doing what he loves more than you.

Steve Jobs also once stated that "The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

He also believed in the principle of passion.

These two Titans of success believed in the importance of passion for their work, and you should too.

5 Be Responsive

TOP 10 Rules to become RICH AND SUCCESSFUL

If what you love to do is create art, but there is little or no interest in your art in your market, then you must be willing to adapt. If you don’t, you won’t make any money. And if you don’t make money, you can’t become rich.

A good way to tailor your interests to the market is to stick to your true interests, but also keep your business or art flexible enough to accommodate the interests of others.

If you love making art but no one wants to buy it, then you should consider making art that people are willing to buy. It’s a sacrifice you have to pay, but it’s a necessary one if you want to stay in business and make money doing what you love.

So, follow your heart, but feel free to adapt what you offer until you reach your goal.

6 Be Prepared to Get Rid of Negative Influences

Every successful person has had to do this. At one time or another, they had to get rid of the negative influences in their lives.

They had to stop hanging out with their “good friends,” those cool people who always want to hang out, have fun, or do things that are counterproductive to success.

They were supposed to ignore or completely eliminate doubters from their lives. People who always doubt their dreams.

They even had to avoid some members of their own family. The family members who held them back suppressed their ambitions and encouraged them to relax.

This may seem cruel, but it’s true. No one has ever said that success and wealth come without sacrifice.

Therefore, if you are serious about getting rich or becoming more successful, at some point you will need to get rid of these negative influences in your life.

And once you do, you can fill that void with uplifting stories and positive voices like you can find right here on Aspiration.

7 Be An Active Contributor, Performance Is All That Matters

Ideas are good and good ideas are good, but execution is the name of the game. Without a doubt, you can have the best ideas in the world, but if you do not back them up with decisive and consistent action, they will remain just ideas.

Money, success, achievement – it all revolves around performance.

If we both happened to discover a cure for some incurable disease at the same time, but I’m taking my time with the idea while you jump in and take action and work to turn it into a living breathing solution that really cures people of their illnesses, to whom do you think the money will flow?

That’s right, the one who executed the best. You.

Execution my friend, the goddess of fortune loves those who do things, she loves those who do them.

8 Be Owner, Every Percentage Point Matters

If you ever get on the entrepreneurial path, you may find yourself needing capital to keep your business running long enough to turn it into your own ATM.

And if this happens, it is very important to remember that every time you borrow capital to support a business, you are slowly giving away your business. And with it, your hard-earned riches.

So the less you own your business, the less you’ll be talking when it takes off and everyone wants what you’re selling.

Too often, hardworking entrepreneurs sell their company and their rights to run it just to keep it alive. And then, just like that, without much warning, they are released from their own company.

So, hold on to every percentage of assets you create. You will become richer from this.

9 Be Prepared, Know When To Sell

All rides are meant to come to an end, and it’s best to get off while they’re still fun.

Most wealth is created by selling assets. And most people who become rich and successful were either lucky enough to sell at the right time or smart enough to sell when the time was right.

You can sell to cut your losses, or you can sell to get the most out of your efforts. In any case, the more attuned you are to the value of your assets, the more likely you are to sell them when it will do the most good for your bank account.

So pay attention to the value of your assets, the economy and your end goals, and sell when it feels good.

10 Buy cheap

One of my mentors once said the following…

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are afraid ” – Warren Buffett

Without a doubt, this is the main rule in order to get rich. Make it your mission to buy either the stock market or the real estate market when everyone else is running from it. Lean into a falling market.

You see, many investors, especially those who are afraid of losing their principle, sell their assets at the most inopportune moment when the markets are falling month after month for an extended period of time. But not you, faithful, fearless.

Therefore, if you seriously want to become rich, you must discipline yourself to dive in while others are saved. You have to understand that markets throughout history have trended up 75% of the time. So, heed this sage advice from the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett, and buy when the masses are leaving.

Main Rule – Be Fearless

If you really want to know how to become rich and successful, then you must pay very close attention to this.

Here’s the thing, courage and success are accomplices. They secretly work together to bring you the wealth you deserve.

Little risk, little gain. Risk a lot, gain a lot.

The fearful, the timid, the hesitant lose in the grand scheme of things.

Like the ancient Olympian gods and goddesses, success and wealth also require sacrifice.

So be prepared to sacrifice your comfort, go through uncertainty, and kill your fears.

Do this and you will become fearless.

Become fearless and the world will become your oyster.

Come And Take

Here you have it, friend.

Basic rules to follow if you really want to become successful and rich. Here’s a quick summary to make sure it all sticks.

  • Choose to be rich and successful
  • Wake up to a world of possibilities
  • Believe You Can Acquire Wealth and Success
  • to be honest
  • Be self-disciplined
  • Accept Hard Work
  • Follow Your Passion
  • Be Responsive
  • Get rid of negative influences
  • Take action and do it
  • Keep Full Ownership
  • Sell ​​High
  • Buy cheap
  • Be Fearless

Now you have a plan on how to become rich and successful. Now all you need to do is follow these rules, plan your attack and the world will be yours to take.

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