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The Secret of a Successful Business Is Explosive Sales Growth


I have been in business for over 10 years. At first it grew, but lately it has stalled. I don’t like it, because I dreamed that I would become very rich, but this has not happened yet and is not expected in the future. Moreover, I begin to worry about the fact that the business may soon end and it becomes scary.


Against this background, I thought about the fact that there are businesses that exist for a long time, and there are businesses that close almost immediately after opening. Why is this happening? Maybe there is some secret of a successful business that some people know and therefore their business has been around for a long time? I read a lot of things, but did not really find anything. Maybe noomarketing has an answer?

Alexander Nechiporov


Business is a very difficult task, the success of which depends on a very large number of factors, and luck is not the last among them. Many businesses that have become quite successful have become so simply because they appeared at the right time in the right place. So to some extent, the secret of a successful business, or rather one of the secrets, is to appear at the right time in the right place and start competently using startup marketing.

Having appeared in the right place at the right time, they quickly tied up the majority of consumers and won a certain prestige among them, and as a result became monopolists. Of course, they appeared for a reason, but after an assessment of the business idea that underlay the startup was carried out. Today it is very difficult and expensive to move them from this position, so few people try to compete with them and as a result they continue to be successful.

The secret of a successful business is simple

As for noomarketing, the answer is simple – the secret of a successful business is that a successful business is engaged in the development and promotion of some idea. With this approach, the main thing is not profits or sales volumes, the main thing is not the product that you sell, but the main thing is to promote the idea and have a product that matches this idea better than others. It is this secret that underlies the success of most successful businesses today.

The essence of this approach is that an idea is generated, a product is created for it, and this idea is gradually introduced into people, precisely gradually, and not abruptly. On the part of the operator of this idea, certain activities are carried out that leave this idea active in those in whom it is introduced and gradually introduce it into those in whom it is not introduced. You can implement all this, for example, if you order an inexpensive landing page.

By the way, noomarketing is built on idea development algorithms. This means that through noomarketing you can do what the companies that know this successful business do. Apparently, these companies have their own analogues of noomarketing, which allows them to achieve success. This is indicated at least by the fact that they achieve success constantly, almost every new product of theirs is a successful product.

This cannot be done by accident, there must be specific technologies and high-quality internal marketing. This is also indicated by their approach to business. None of them demonstrate the product initially. Initially, only the idea is demonstrated and potential consumers are pumped to it. When the number of pumped consumers reaches the desired level, then they begin to produce goods.

Your market is a guarantee of business success

The Secret of a Successful Business Is Explosive Sales Growth

You need to understand that the secret of a successful business in modern conditions is the presence of consumers who are pumped exactly by your idea. Consumers, pumped by your idea, are your own sales market, where you can get monopoly super profits. At the same time, due to the use of trademarks, under your idea, none of the competitors will be able to release their product and thereby take away your consumer.

Own market is profitable. Of course, you can also work on a common market around a common idea. By the way, many people continue to work in the common market around a common idea in the old fashioned way, but trademarks do not work there, so the competition is very high. There is also no monopoly on consumers, so earnings are almost zero. Even the business control system will not help to correct the situation .

Having your own market is, of course, not as simple as operating in a foreign market, but it is the most far-sighted strategy. When you work in the general market, you can do minimal marketing, but when you work in your own market, active marketing is already needed there. However, the difficulties are offset by the amount of earnings. In the general market, you can earn only at the beginning, when this market is formed.

Then, when the market is formed and many competitors have entered it, you work almost to zero. In your own market, you can actually decide how much you want to earn, and competitors will not be able to enter it, and this is the most important thing. Your market is securely protected, like a fortress. The common market is a field that is open from all sides and new competitors can always enter it. That’s the whole secret of a successful business in modern conditions. So order a leggram of the market, build your market and you will definitely get rich.

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