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The creative class is the new aristocracy of the future


A creative economy and a creative class is a reality that has already arrived. Each type of economy presupposes the presence of a base class, an elite. Accordingly, if there is a creative economy, then there must be an elite, which is its base. So far, this elite does not have a common collective name, because it did not feel like a single entity, but over time, this elite will certainly receive a self-name. Processes in this direction are already underway.

One of the options for how the elite of the creative economy can call themselves is the creative class. This name is not accidental, because it reflects the essence, indicating that people belong to the creators of creativity. Through such a name, one can reflect the fact that this layer of people is better than others able to create really new ideas. At the same time, probably for the first time in the history of mankind, the elite will have power not over people, but over a finer substance, over ideas.

The idea is really a very subtle substance, with which not every person can work. This is due to the fact that the idea cannot be seen, cannot be smelled, cannot be touched, cannot be tasted, because a person does not have anything that he could do. In order to deal with an idea, it must be dressed up in the substance that a person can interact with, in other words, the idea must be materialized, but not everyone can do this, but not because there are no abilities, but because there are no tools .

So far, the creative class uses intuition rather than technology, and therefore this class is still small in number, because not everyone’s intuition is tuned to the “right wave". Over time, you will have to use technology, because intuition is not the most reliable thing, but not everyone will be able to use technology, but only those who will have access to it. This is where the new elite will finally form, and it will be that part of humanity that will have access to the tools for working with ideas.

Anyone can be a creative

The creative class has not yet been fully formed. While the formation of the creative class is underway, admission is free. Anyone can become a creative who will be engaged in the generation of ideas and will do it better than others. At the same time, the barrier to entry there is now very low, in other words, in order to become a creative, you just need to start doing it.

At one time, after the collapse of the USSR, anyone who carried at least something became rich, because everything was in short supply. However, then the bar was gradually raised, and it became more and more difficult to become rich, because more and more mind and strength were required until it got to the point that it became almost impossible to get rich on old “topics”, only those who owned technologies and created new ones got rich "themes".

Thus, over time, to become a creative, you will also have to master technology. One such technology already exists – it is noomarketing. So far, it is still available to everyone, but over time, the cost of access to it will increase, which means that not everyone will be able to get it.

Active placement of barriers to entry into the creative class will begin when the number of its representatives reaches a critical number. This will happen when the number of creatives reaches the number that is able to cope with the infrastructure of the creative economy, which includes all the lower sectors of the economy: agricultural, mining, industrial, information.

Now you can actually get this infrastructure for free, but then, when all of it is under the control of one creative or another, it will no longer be possible to get it. If someone wants to become a real creative, he will have to build the appropriate infrastructure, for which money will be needed, and money can only be earned in the creative economy, and this, apparently, is already a vicious circle and it will be virtually impossible to break out of it.

Creative class as the aristocracy of the future

The creative class is the new aristocracy of the future

The elite of the creative economy will sooner or later be formed. When this happens, the new elite will begin to put up very serious barriers to entry into their circles and it will become impossible to get into the representatives of the creative class, even if you are better than others in generating and implementing ideas. So if there is a desire to become one of the ideocrats, it is better to start doing it now, because then it will be too late.

This is due to the fact that when the creative class has a significant part of the capital, they will simply take all the power into their own hands and will keep it until a new sector of the economy comes to the fore, until the next type of economy begins to take shape. that will replace the creative economy.

So it is quite obvious that the representatives of the creative class are the future, it is they who will move humanity forward, which will completely depend on them. This is due to the fact that only societies that have a creative class can be competitive on a global scale.

… only the creative class is able to create a profitable product

Strong dependence on representatives of the creative class is due to the fact that only the creative class is able to create a profitable product. All other segments of the economy can only create what can be creative. A product without creativity will not be of value. A similar situation but on a different level exists now. For example, take sand. It basically has no value.

But when it is mixed with cement, it becomes a mortar, which is already valuable, but only within the industrial economy. Sand acquires value in the process of industrialization, in the process of mixing with cement. A similar situation will be in the creative economy. In a creative economy, only a product in which creativity is integrated, a product that contains creativity, will have value. A product that is not integrated with creativity will not have significant value, and you will not earn much from it.

In connection with the above, in the new economy, only those states and companies that have representatives of the creative class will be competitive, because only such states and companies will be able to offer the world a product that is valuable within the creative economy.

Accordingly, states and companies that want to be successful in the new conditions must ensure that they have a creative class. If there are no creatives in the state or company, they will become easy prey for more successful competitors. There is one more feature. It consists in the fact that one must not only be able to create a creative product, but also promote and sell it.

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