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Successful Startup: Inspired by Cinema


Watching a movie is not only entertainment, but also useful. Good films always have something to teach. Moral concepts come to mind first. The screen shows love, friendship, compassion. But if you wish, you can also learn practical skills there. For example, in business. And you don’t have to watch The Wolf of Wall Street to see it. In many films, against the backdrop of epic events, a real personal business flourished. After all, a successful startup is not a formula, but a combination. Circumstances, demand, abilities, talent and advertising. And examples to learn from are everywhere. The main thing is to be able to see them.

We offer you to look at your favorite films and evaluate the characters from a new angle.

1 “Gone with the Wind"

Successful startup: Clark Gable has embodied on the screen an incredibly pragmatic man. And became a crowd favorite. Still would! His hero Rhett Butler is an entrepreneur of all times and peoples. Many generations of viewers admired his enthusiasm. At a turning point in American history, he managed to transcend the stereotypes of the high society to which he belonged. And while the others were ruined, he was earning millions. He worked hard and took great risks. One of the first went to California in search of gold. Whatever you say, the gold rush is not an undertaking for the faint of heart. But Rhett was remembered by the audience as a smart businessman. During the war, he was engaged in smuggling. After the defeat of the southerners, he managed to save capital and avoid problems with the law. And then bring your family into secular society. Isn’t that a skill?

Why it worked: First, a successful person is also a successful startup. The story of Rhett Butler echoes the stories of many rich people today. He flew out of the academy because he did not recognize the framework. He went early to where, according to rumors, it was possible to make good money. He occupied an actual, but still free niche. Familiar? We are a true innovator! Secondly, the hero was not afraid to take risks. Not everyone will dare to rise in a business fraught with great danger. And courage and flexibility always justify themselves.

What we are learning:  Be open to everything new. Don’t get stuck in one place. If yesterday the plan worked, but today it doesn’t, to hell with the old plan. The one who is ready at any moment to abandon an unsuccessful strategy succeeds. Who will step on the throat of pride and will not be afraid of condemnation from the outside. And, of course, who does not take risks does not drink champagne. We are not asking you to put your life on the line. And in no case do we offer dubious deals. But sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone.Successful Startup: Inspired by Cinema

2 Forrest Gump

Successful Startup:  Surprisingly, the film describes how a person with an intellectual disability has succeeded. His financial rise began with the purchase of a shrimp boat. Moreover, our hero did not understand either shrimp or the courts. At first, the work was at a loss. However, a strong storm changed everything. Competitors’ ships crashed and a sudden monopoly saved the day. The startup was successful overnight. Further more. Forrest left and left the business to his partner. He was not taken aback and made his friend a wealthy shareholder. And the joke that he invested in “some apple company” was remembered as a great advertisement for Apple. Not a bad result for a person who was not wanted to be taken to school?

Why it worked: Forrest’s story reminds us of the power of luck. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how smart or talented you are. You can calculate everything to the smallest detail and burn out. And you can act at random and collect mountains of gold. The second, of course, rarely happens. But in any success there is a serious share of luck.

What we’re learning: It’s impossible to learn  how to be lucky. Don’t be discouraged if something doesn’t work out. Don’t give up. At any moment, the wind of change can blow in your direction! It is also important to choose the right environment. A partner who will invest in Apple shares at the start is worth its weight in gold. Look for such people. With them you will overcome all the troubles and come out in a plus.Successful Startup: Inspired by Cinema

3 “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix”

Successful startup:  What do you remember about the fifth part of this famous film series? Definitely an exciting adventure of the main characters. But it was here that the promotion of the business of the Weasley brothers began. Before that, the mischievous twins were constantly inventing some dirty tricks. And they sold their creations at school. It is difficult to say whether the guys had a serious business plan. But the idea went to their friends with a bang. A successful startup was born from the trade in funny little things. And the disruption of the ministerial exams was an excellent PR campaign. And attention was attracted, and the product was shown, and the investor was received. It is not surprising that with this approach, the brothers immediately opened the store “All kinds of magic wreckers” right after school. Mischief managed!

Why it worked: The conditions were perfect. Small jokes on classmates were always in use. But they reached the peak of popularity when they were … banned. In Hogwarts’ dark times, fun has become a hot commodity. And the Weasley brothers answered the demand with their offer. By the way, very good. After all, they invented everything themselves, and the items were exclusive. Again, the title of monopolist helped a lot. Nobody else could sell potions for practical jokes inside the school. Everyone wins.

What we are learning:  Keep abreast of events. When starting any business, consider the circumstances. Perhaps it’s better to wait now. Or, conversely, accelerate with the entry into the market. And sometimes you have to take a risk and go against the rules in order to succeed. Well, if luck smiled – strike while the iron is hot.

Successful Startup: Inspired by Cinema

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