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Story – How the 3 piggy bank system helped me!


My story :

I knew about the “3 piggy banks" system for a long time, but I began to apply it in my life about two years ago. At that time I was unemployed and could not find a job for myself. There was practically no money, but I earned by simply clicking on advertisements on various mailers, and I also did small tasks on the Internet – such as leaving a comment or something like that. Of course, he earned ridiculous money – 2-3 dollars a day. But at the time, it was better than nothing.

One day, wandering through various sites, I stumbled upon the described systems again. The author wrote that this system is the basis for wealth. If you are haunted by failures in business or you earn little, then you just need to start applying this system in your life. And this will be the key to your well-being.

Since my financial situation was simply terrible, I decided to try it on myself in such a radical way, hoping that something would change for the better.

At that time, my income, as I already wrote, was small. On clicks, I earned about 60-70 dollars a month. At the end of the month, I took 6-7 dollars, depending on earnings, and put them in piggy banks.

In the first months, of course, nothing special happened to earnings. But I have new ideas on how to make more money. And I began to translate these ideas into reality.

The first thing I decided to try was to create my own website.

I studied various information on this topic and created my first website. Here it is by the way, if anyone is interested – my first site about interviews with forex traders and advisers. Further, I began to fill it with various articles, and when the first visitors appeared, I added advertising banners to the site. Incomes began to rise. During all this time (about one and a half to two years) I tried a lot of ideas, some of them worked, others did not – but most importantly, income increased.

I began to earn 8-10 times more than I earned before.

Also, a lot of amazing things happened in life. I participated in various competitions on the Internet and won first place or at least was in the top three and received valuable prizes. And many other interesting things have happened to me and continue to happen!

I am sure that this happens only because I began to apply the system in my life.

Then, at some point, I thought – if this system worked so well in my life, then I definitely need to share this system with other people, so that others would have changes in money matters in their lives.

If you don’t earn much and you’re constantly plagued by money problems, start applying the 3-piggy bank system in your life for a year and you’ll see the change yourself.

And then, when your business with money gets better, just share these rules with at least one person so that others can get rid of problems with a lack of money.

For other people to read and make sure this system works

Practical task

1 First task: Take a sheet of paper and write at the very top "Report Point"

And then, give honest answers to the following questions:

How much do I earn now? Monthly income –

How much money do I have in my bank account?

How much money I put aside (put aside) for an airbag

How much money I gave (gave) to charity over the past year –

How much money I invested (invested) –

How many educational books “about money” did you read in the last year –

How many educational courses did YOU take last year?

How many educational seminars did YOU attend last year –

Now you can see the real picture of your life.

If you put in front of each question, at least – 1. That is already not bad.

If there are zeros, then this is an indicator and the answer to the question – why do you have problems with money.

Save this sheet, and in a year see what has changed and (if you start using the “3 piggy bank” system, then the result will definitely please you in a year) In a year, give answers to these same questions again.

2 Second task: Go to the nearest Kiyosaki bookstore and buy yourself a book on finance, or you can download some books for free.

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