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Services for pets: care = money


Services for pets are an excellent and profitable part-time job. And that’s why. A dog, cat or other animal is kept by 55,000,000 many families. Statistics say that over the past 3 years the number of pets has increased by 14%. Moreover, their number does not think to decrease. The best thing is that not only quantitative but also qualitative indicators are growing. People are becoming more and more responsible towards our smaller brothers. Thus, 87% of respondents consider their pets as family members. This means that they are ready to spend time and money for the benefit of their native animals.

The more pets become, the more people are needed to help care for them. Thus, we have a steadily growing audience. And demand, as you know, creates supply.

Services for pets: care = money

What animal services can a non-professional make money on?

ATTENTION! In our material, we are talking specifically about earnings for beginners. Those who love animals but have no professional experience or education. All options are very simple and doable. Firstly, we do not want the desire to earn money to harm the animals. Secondly, the law and public opinion keep a close eye on abuse.

So we leave veterinary services for pets to professionals. They have education, experience and many other advantages on their side. We don’t offer dog training either. Even if your Labrador sits, lies and serves at any time of the day or night. This does not mean at all that you will easily pull off such tricks with your neighbor’s Cane Corso. Don’t know what a Cane Corso looks like? Reason to think about your possibilities. Real cynologists are constantly learning, gaining experience and live by work. They also have a pretty tight community. An unprofessional coach will quickly be identified and branded for a long time.

So what can beginners do?

Services for pets: dog walking

This job will be in the top for "services for pets". recently 18.9 million dogs. It is logical that not all owners have time to give their four-legged friends a three-time exercise. Therefore, in large cities, entire walking agencies work. They hire people with the right education. They offer veterinary care. They give general training and obedience courses. And they promise weighty guarantees for customers. Including GPS route tracking. It seems impossible to compete with such organizations? It’s even possible! After all, services for pets from companies are very expensive. Not everyone can afford to give even a thousand a day for a month.

So if you offer yourself as a walker, remember the benefits of a private trader. First of all, this is the price for a walk. Look at the average cost of walking in your city. It may vary depending on the size and aggressiveness of the dog. For an hour walk, they usually charge from 250 to 750 🪙.

Such vacancies are easy to find on Avito, profi.ru or You Do (we already wrote about this service here ). In addition, many advertise their services on social networks. Set the right price and go for it! The main thing is to hold the leash firmly and do not forget to wash your paws.

Services for pets: care = money

Services for pets: overexposure

Not everyone can leave a dog with their parents when they go on vacation. Then people start looking for pet hotels. Here are just good zoo hotels objectively expensive. And they are busy on popular dates. New Year and May holidays, weekends on February 23 and March 8, the holiday season … If there is no reservation, it is difficult to get through.

Another minus of hotels for animals is the appearance. Look at their photos. Cats are put in enclosures that are not at all like a familiar apartment. The abundance of scratching posts, houses and other things do not save the situation. If the animal is accustomed to the house, he will not like the couch instead of the sofa. Some owners are specifically looking for overexposure in an apartment. So here are your benefits:

  • price
  • home furnishings
  • proximity to the customer

Yes, distance is a very important factor. Carrying a dog or cat across the city is very inconvenient. The animal receives additional stress. And his owner is an extra strain. So overexposure is usually sought in your area. If you sell these services, look at the offer map. It is available on Avito and not only. Real competitors live near you. Study their ads and try to make yours more attractive.

Overexposure for exotic animals is also in demand. It’s great if you can host a parrot, snake or guinea pig.

The price for such services for pets is from 150 to 1000 🪙 per day. For cats they ask less, for large and active dogs – more. And if there is really a lot of fuss with dogs, it is easy to shelter a cat for a while. Feed, tray and other things are brought by the owner. In fact, you get money for communication with the cat and minimal care. A very pleasant way to add a few thousand to the budget.

Services for pets: care = money

Services for pets: babysitter

Animals get sick just as much as people. A sick or recovering pet often needs special care. And constant surveillance. But explaining this to the boss is impossible. Therefore, the owners regularly go to work. And for the care they pay special nurses – zoo nannies. Veterinarians are best suited for their role. But, as we have already written in all points, it is expensive. Pros charge large sums for their services. And any responsible person can handle injections, temperature measurements and changing diapers.

The pet care is not limited. Sometimes the services for pets include a babysitter for puppies. Dog children, like human children, need attention. They are fed more often than adult dogs. And you have to wipe the puddles almost every five minutes. Helping the owners during a hard working week will come in handy!

Some dogs get nervous when they are alone at home. They destroy the apartment, howl and make puddles on the carpets. And caring owners call a companion for them. A zoonanny can walk with a pet and spend a couple of hours with him before the family arrives. The main difference from overexposure is that the zoonanny comes home to the customer. For their services, animal sitters ask from 150 to 500 🪙 per hour.

Services for pets: care = money

Animal rental for photo shoots

We write about this option primarily for owners of exotics. Exotic animals often pose for photographers. Tarantulas, snakes, lizards, rabbits, bright parrots just ask for the lens. However, for photo shoots, not only unusual animals are needed. Cute and popular dog breeds are also in demand. Many people want pictures with huskies, samoyeds, spitz, dobermans, bulldogs and other beauties.

Place a photo of your pet in thematic groups, place ads on the necessary sites. If you try, photographers and customers of the shooting will notice them. The price for this service is mostly negotiable. Income for an amateur photo session and professional photography can seriously diverge. Alternatively, try to write in a photo studio in your city. Perhaps they will like your pet. Would you dare to record your pet in the model?

Services for pets: care = money

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