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Overview of investments in the game STEPN and strategies for earning money in it


Overview of investments in the game STEPN and strategies for earning money in it

I decided to write this article in order to help beginners figure it out, tell life hacks, and also earn some money on your thanks at the end of the article (attention, there are no referrals in the game, so everything depends on your thanks). So let’s go:

What is STEPAN?
– What is it eaten with and how is it arranged?
Where does the money come from in the game?
– What are GST and GMT tokens
– What sneakers to buy for a beginner
– Earning strategies and calculations for them
– Life hack
– STEPn pyramid?

What is STEPn (popularly "Stepan")

This is a mixture of a healthy lifestyle trend and hype investments. This is important, Precisely Hyipovs.

The project promises a return on investment in 40-60 days (but in fact it turns out twice as fast and depends on the rate: SOL – because it is in this altcoin that you put money into the game, and GST is a game coin that is also subject to market fluctuations )
– minimum entry $835 (cost of 1 shoe to play)

– the task is to run every day and get GST coins for it, exchanging them for levels or transferring them into real money (we will consider what to do more profitably below)

The main important obscure words in the game:

Energy is the most important indicator in the game, because it directly affects how much you earn from runs and increases the chance of chests with "treasures" falling out. Energy is restored 4 times a day in equal parts of 25% of the maximum. It is important to understand that you don’t need to run 4 times a day – for running you should have maximum energy, because the wear on sneakers appears from the fact of running, and not from the effort expended. To increase the amount of energy, you can only increase the number of sneakers you buy – there are no other options. The calculation is made as follows:

1 cross – 2 energy (only run)
2 cross – 2 energy (only run and there is no point)
3 cross – 4 energy (there is a chance to get chests)

further, the number of crosses directly affects the energy
, we will deal with this a little further, now it was necessary to understand that 2 crosses do not give you any advantages (i.e. the entrance to the game is either 835 dollars or 2505)

For each unit of energy, you will have to run 5 minutes longer.
IMPORTANT! energy is common to all sneakers, it is given to the account, and not to the sneakers. Those. if you have 6 pairs of shoes, then you will have to run the amount of Energy x 5 minutes, and not each cross separately.

Mint – all sneakers have a MINT parameter, and the smaller it is, the better. What it means – mint – is the number of copulations with another sneaker. In the game mechanics, in addition to jogging, there is a way to cross sneakers with each other – it costs money, the point is to make three out of two crosses. and the more each of the sneakers used for the mint already had copulations, the more expensive the mint is – the mint cost table:

Overview of investments in the game STEPN and strategies for earning money in it

*Prices are in GST – game currency

*Prices are in GST – game currency

According to the table, we can see that the cost of a mint for sneakers that have already passed more than 2 copulations becomes economically meaningless, because. the GST rate at the time of this writing is 3.3 USD, and it becomes cheaper to buy another sneaker than to mint it. In this table, we see the cost of a mint of “Standard" sneakers, but there are also several more types in the game, but we will talk about them later, while we understand the minimum investment. When you calculate the value of a mint, you have to factor in the loss in the price of the two crosses you mint.
at the time of writing, the minimum cost of a cross without a mint is 10.24 SOL (two of them are needed),
and the cost of a cross with 1 mint is 9.95 SOL
. Thus, the total cost of money in this procedure will be:
10.24 – 9.95 = 0.29 SOL x 2 = 0.58 SOL + 200GMT = 52 USDC + 668 USDC = 720 USDC
but both pairs must be at least level 5 to get to it 20 GST, i.e. 40 for two, respectively, + 134 USDC + 24 hours spent on leveling
Total Mint cost = 720 USDC + 134 USDC = 854 USDC

Going back to the beginning of the article, you can buy low market crosses for 834 USDC, but why do people do it then?
1 At the bottom of the market they sell all sorts of slag – cross-country shoes with poor performance
2 There is a 3% chance to get Ankomon-level sneakers, which you can easily immediately sell on the market from 40 SOL (3595 USDC) and immediately recoup all the money invested

The next important parameter in the STEPn game is the characteristics of the sneaker.

there are only 4 of them:


sorted out in order:
Efficiency – needed to get more GST coins when jogging

Luck – affects the chance of chests falling out, the formula is as follows: Energy x (Luck to the power of 0.25) u003d x
(example of calculating 5 energy x 16 luck to the power of 0.25) u003d 10

Overview of investments in the game STEPN and strategies for earning money in it

* to calculate the number to the power of 0.25, you need to turn the iPhone calculator over and write the number of luck, then click on the “X to the power of Y” button and 0.25. everything above 9.1 is obtained – there is a chance of a chest falling out

* to calculate the number to the power of 0.25, you need to turn the iPhone calculator over and write the number of luck, then click on the “X to the power of Y” button and 0.25. everything above 9.1 is obtained – there is a chance of a chest falling out

X about 10 to 20 = there is a 50% chance of getting a chest after a run
X about 35 = there is a chance of getting a chest of the second level after a run
talk about chests later, but you understand how to count. Just one note, no matter how you pump luck with 2 energies (i.e. 1 sneaker) – chests will not fall – this is a feature cut off by the developers so that they do not get rich by chance I didn’t want convenience – it doesn’t make sense now, don’t buy sneakers if this is the main parameter in them. Durability is an important parameter for determining actual profitability. Income is earned by Efficiency, Costs are reduced by Durability. But! Attention attention! Don’t buy or upgrade more durability than 14 – it doesn’t make sense. At stat 14, you’ve already reached maximum durability if you’re not going to pour millions into the game.

Where does the money come from in the game?

It is important to understand that when buying sneakers on the market, you are buying them not from developers, but from other players, and this market will fluctuate, the more new users, the less the GST token will cost and the less the new sneaker will cost in SOL equivalent, because the game STEPAN, like the entire crypto industry, is not subject to regulators and the market itself dictates the price, and there is a direct relationship between the value of GST – a game coin and the value of SOL (exchange trading coin)
Developers receive 6% from each sale, i.e. buying crosses for 10 SOL – 0.6 SOL goes to developers. This is a huge plus, because if sneakers were bought directly for the entire amount from the Developers, then it would be a pure pyramid. And so, unclean) but, in any case, there are signs, but due to the influx of new users and the lack of referral systems, there is a chance that this game will live for a long time, at the end of the article I will describe the tools for risk assessment and when it will be necessary to exit it.

Now about the money in the game (GST) – you run and drip coins for it. You spend them on all actions in the game or withdraw and sell.

What running shoes should a beginner buy?

What we pay attention to and what we don’t, I’ll tell you in accordance with the strategies, one strategy with an entrance to the minimum wage of 835 USDC, the second with an entrance to 2505 USDC, because the choice of crosses for buying depends on your strategy:

Strategy "Minimal"

the essence of the strategy is as follows – we buy sneakers that already have mints (it’s cheaper this way) with an already adequate level of 5-8 and with basic characteristics in terms of Efficiency and Durability in total 16+ points (such sneakers will be good for this strategy), in terms of luck and comfort – not Look, they don’t matter.
Next, we swing the sneakers to level 19 and begin to return the invested money. The total number of days spent is about 40. But, plus, you get an asset in the form of a sneaker, worth 16 SOL. Those. after 40 days you can sell everything and make x2.5. and leave the game as a happy person with money, or leave the asset and continue to run and earn.

Important! We do not repair sneakers until the durability drops to 50% – because. initially you need a reserve of money in order to increase levels, you are not interested in 100% strength of the cross, because you do not plan to sell it now from mint, but up to 50% strength – there are no penalties on revenue

*The calculation table will be after the “Lifehack” column so that everything is consistent

Strategy "Phuket"

(why such a name? because I’m so high – it has nothing to do with Thailand)
you will always have 1 main cross that you pump and there will be a second one that is needed for mint.

Choosing 1 shoe for this strategy:
Efficiency + Luck + Durability = more than 24 points in total in the database (this is a really good shoe that you will have to look for and possibly overpay 1 SOL above the bottom of the market, but in general, if you take a cross with the sum of points according to the data parameters in the base 20 – you still won’t lose anything much, just there will be a little less return when jogging.So, the strategy is based on getting chests, because in this situation it is possible that not only the second
sequence of actions:
1 Buy a sneaker suitable for the parameters and download it until you get the following characteristics:
Efficiency – 19
Luck – 17
Durability – 14
those. a total of 450 points, if you initially buy a cross with 24 points, then you will need to get another 26 – and this is level 7 (4 points for each level are given). What swings very fast and cheap enough (34 GST)
Mint should be 0
2 Buy a second low-price sneaker with 0 mint (it is desirable that it fits strategy 1, because it is these sneakers that will quickly go under the hammer for you), swing it to 5 level – the minimum possible for a minute
3 Do a minute.
at this moment, you will have the opportunity of 3% that your investment will immediately pay off, because in the capsule that appears, an "unkomon" cross can get into
4 Further, you get 3 sneakers and 4 energy and you start running in them every day, increasing the levels as well, up to 19, but already at this moment you will start to pour chests that will bring you some profit, which is difficult to predict, maybe everything is random, but we will try.
The chests contain, from what I saw:
– GST coins from 18 to 800
– Crystals
– Shoe capsules (same as obtained with mint)
– Nothing

For calculations, we will use the data that with every second run a chest will drop out, in which there will be a minimum amount of GST from those that accounted for according to statistics – i.e. 18, thus it will be considered that at the expense of chests, 9 coins will be added to each run (the number is small, realistic, and as close as possible to the truth, because the calculation is not on him, but on an accident that will give us something wonderful, and this is just a small addition, which will improve the picture of calculations as a nice bonus)

life hack

It is quite simple, and not using it is a mistake, because your financial picture will completely change from this. Energy is restored for everyone and always at the same time, this is in Moscow at: 4:00, 10:00, 16:00, 22:00
start jogging / walking 10 minutes before the appointed time and during your walk an additional. energy, you will have to run a quarter of the time more, but you will also get more profit, as well as additional energy according to the Phuket strategy, this is exactly what will create an increased chance for you to drop chests and will fall every second time


Now, let’s move on to the most important thing – numbers. After all, as they say in Volkov’s quotes: “Do not listen to those who talk a lot, because they talk a lot,” let’s back it up with calculations:

Strategy "Minimum"
investment calculation 840 USDC

Conclusion from the analysis table:
Conclusion No. 1. You can fully return everything invested + make an additional 529 USDC from the sale of the cross after 37 days. Of which the first 17 days you will pump levels.
Conclusion #2. If you follow the path of the shortest return of funds, then it is worth stopping at level 8 and devoting 25 days to returning investments, after which it is already decided to sell or not cross. It will take you 30 days turnkey.

Phuket strategy calculation
Investments around 2550 USDC

Conclusions from the analysis table:
1 After 30 days, it will be possible to make a plus of 3576 dollars + invested back 2550 if you sell the asset
2 If you are in a hurry to return the investment back to a safe wallet, then the shortest way is 28 days, having upgraded the sneakers to level 14
3 But, do not forget that in this strategy the main emphasis is on the wheel of fortune, because we are counting on something interesting from the chest, but this is not amenable to mathematical miscalculation.

Next, the important question

Is STEPn a pyramid?

– in my opinion is, of course, like all HYIPs.
1 If there are no buyers of a real product, then there is always an influx of money from new users.
2 91% of GST Tokens are in the hands of 10 people, which means that in fact they determine the price of the token, not the market

How do you know when to leave?

Overview of investments in the game STEPN and strategies for earning money in it

This is a graph of the influx of new users, purple is active users. The key here is precisely the new ones, if they start to decrease, then it’s probably worth selling everything quickly and living happily. But, at the moment, from March 15 to March 21, 10 thousand users have been added (30% for the last week is obtained) and with so many new users, of course, any pyramid will survive).

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