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Laws of money


Consider the 10 laws of money:

Law 1 – money loves an account.

From now on, start counting money. And it will be clear to you: how much you earn and how much you spend per month. I keep track of my funds in a mobile application.

Law 2 – Money is an agreement.

As you agree with the client or with the boss, so you will be paid. And there is no justice in this, because money is an agreement. You offer your services at your price, but the client pays you his price, justifying it with one reason or another. And you already agree on a different price for services, different from the original one. The more you ask for money for a service, work, the more you take on obligations and responsibilities.

3 Law – Money comes under tasks.

Therefore, it is necessary to write your financial plan. Your goals are the foundation of attracting money into your life. You get exactly what your goals are worth. It is necessary to raise the level of your norms, needs and standards of your life. Energy comes under goals. Therefore, it is important to know your goals. Goals are like a nuclear reactor that powers our lives. In order to have money, you need goals.

4 Law of money – Give to receive.

If you don’t have money, the best thing to do is to start giving away money. And then it will return to you a hundredfold. If you pinch somewhere, then the flow of money into your life stops. So you started to consume a lot. True happiness is about giving, about creation.

Law 5 – Money loves those who love it.

If you have a bad attitude towards money and call it disrespectfully – “loot", then the money will not go to you. How do you feel about the little things? It’s not about money, but in relation to them, start respecting money and they will love you.

Law 6 – The easiest way to make money is where it is.

If you want to get money, fit into the place where the money is constantly spinning. This place – Stock exchanges – is a lot of money, so you need to invest in the stock markets. Money loves money.

Law 7 – Money loves silence.

Where big money is made, there must be silence. No one will shout and call you to where there is money. Understand, if you are actively invited to invest, think about whether it is worth investing here.

8 Law – Parkinson’s Law – that is: how much money you earn, so much you spend.

Earn little, spend little; earn a lot, spend a lot. Therefore, you must consciously manage your finances, otherwise there will never be money, no matter how much you earn. Earn 50 thousand, spend 55 thousand, earn 1 million c.u. spend 1.5 million c.u. At this stage, loans appear. We climb into our own pocket of the future and make it worse. You need to consciously limit your monthly expenses, form your own budget and clearly live according to the budget. Surplus money to save on accounts and invest – make yourself capital! Therefore, it does not matter how much you earn (200-300 thousand USD per month), it is important how much you have left at the end of the month. If at the end of the month you have 0 USD, congratulations – you are poor!

9 Law of money – Forget about debts, credits.

Debt and credit is Enemy #1 of your success. Do not confuse with investments. In the 21st century, slavery has not gone away, a person who has debts becomes a slave. Answer this question for yourself: Who are you? A free citizen of his country or a slave who depends on creditors, banks. If you have debts, start systematically closing them and not making new ones.

10 Law of money – Success leaves traces.

Money is just paper. This is not the meaning of life. MONEY becomes the meaning of life THEN when it is not there. Wealthy people have succeeded because of their habits, strategies. They do something that you don’t. And your task is to understand: how do they act, how do they think? Where do they invest and you need to start taking similar steps, that is, constantly learning and constantly investing. And most importantly, live within your means. You cannot succeed by doing something that does not lead to success.

Post source: zen.yandex.ru

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